VPN service for Poland - your surveillance protection and a tool to access the unlimited Internet

Are you afraid you're being watched online all the time? Are you worried that your data might be stolen when a hacker tries to break in? Do you want to access content that is restricted or forbidden in your country? All this is possible by connecting the RUSVPN service with a Polish IP address that allows you to encrypt your traffic and bypass Internet blockages.

  • 338+ VPN servers
  • 45+ Countries
  • 5 continents

Find out why customers love the RUSVPN

Reliable, Unlimited and Secure Servers

Our encrypted servers add an unbreakable layer of protection as you go about your online activities, without any limits

Rapid Servers

Connect to state-of-the-art servers engineered for an optimal combination of performance and speed

Masking Server

If you live in a country with any restrictions on the Internet, our service is for you! Use the IP addresses of our servers located all over the world.

Multiple Protocols

You name it, we have it. Our servers support all security protocols (PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, etc.)

DNS and IP leak prevention

All our DNS servers are running at high speed and your DNS traffic will be protected with end-to-end encryption

High-Speed Streaming Servers

Watching online content without buffering isn’t a dream anymore. Our servers offer insane streaming speed.

Why connect a Polish VPN server?

VPN capabilities:

  • Replace your real IP address with the Polish IP address that is the one that corresponds to the connection server - if you need to get to the Polish site and you are in the UK, then you connect through the Polish VPN server and in the network you will be displayed as a Polish user;
  • a robust traffic encryption system so that no one can track your data or infiltrate your computer;
  • bypassing regional restrictions and locks.

Connect RUSVPN by selecting the Polish server address for VPN. You will get plenty of benefits to protect your PC and surf safely online. From anywhere in the world you can connect to the Internet as if you were in Warsaw, Poznan, Lublin, Krakov or Gdansk.



3 easy steps to configure RUSVPN:

  • Purchase

    Purchase a RUSVPN subscription

  • Install

    Install RUSVPN application or use our credentials to configure the connection

  • Сonnect

    Choose a server, connect, and enjoy with privacy, speed and freedom!


How to use VPN in Poland?

In a country with strict restrictions or censorship rules for visiting web resources, each user faces a problem with how to download movies or music, watch TV series, visit social networks or mail service, etc.

How do I connect to a Polish VPN?

When you connect and enter the Internet via VPN, your real IP changes - the address of the server connection will be displayed. For example, you are in China now, but you want to go to a Polish site, which is prohibited in the country. The principle is as follows:

  • enable VPN;
  • select a connection server corresponding to the target country of the web resource - in this case, a VPN with a Polish IP address;
  • wait for the connection;
  • to freely access the resource of interest.

Will the Internet speed drop through the Polish VPN?

No, it will not. RUSVPN technologies allow the user to keep Internet’s speed at the level declared from his provider, provide unlimited access to sites and guarantee full security and protection of user privacy.