Downloading Torrents can cause Serious Security Threats!

Downloading a torrent via your real IP address can easily lead to your personal data being leaked to harmful third parties.

Hide your IP
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Secure Browsing

Keep your browser information and personal data private from any third parties.

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Encrypted Data

There is no better way to guarantee safety for your data and you then by having all of it encrypted with RUSVPN.

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Fully Anonymous

Download, stream and visit websites calmly knowing that RUSVPN has your back.

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With a digital shield like RUSVPN, you can easily change your IP information and download any files you want from torrents without worrying about the consequences!

Use a VPN to hide your online activity, it`s as simple, as push the button.

Get Free access

How to use RUSVPN to access any website in 4 steps

  • Purchase

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    Purchase a subscription to RUSVPN

  • Download

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    Download and install the application on your device.

  • Connect

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    Connect to one of our servers.

  • Visit

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    Visit any website without restrictions

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Encrypt Your Traffic

Don't give third parties such as hackers and government agencies the chance to get any of your data. Stay fully secured with RUSVPN.

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An Instant Kill Switch

RUSVPN has a kill switch feature which instantly cuts off all connections to the global web if there are any serious threats. Your data has never been safer thanks to RUSVPN!

Internet Freedom Is Possible With RUSVPN

RUSVPN is the best provider of secure web channels that allows you to easily, and most importantly, calmly deal with whatever you need on the internet. Your P2p connections will never be safer than with RUSVPN.

The Internet's core purpose is to be a global information and file sharing network. Do not let certain new regulations take that freedom away from you. Download RUSVPN and download and send whatever, whenever!