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3 easy steps to setup your free VPN for Firefox

1. Download
Download RusVPN extension from Firefox Add-ons
2. Start
It will be automatically added to your browser panel, just click it
3. Connect
Choose a server and connect to VPN
Enjoy your internet freedom with our extension:

Anonymous browsing - cloak your real IP address and physical location
Access Any website, and bypass government censorships
Switch your locations with a click of a button

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It's a really cool application! With the help of RusVPN, I can access the Internet completely anonymously, my IP-address is safely hidden and provides complete freedom online without any restrictions.
Robert Woods
RusVPN protects all my actions on the Internet, so I’m not afraid to make purchases online, use my passwords, and specify my bank cards information. My personal data is protected!
Ashlee Fields
I often travel abroad and have some confidential conversations via messages with partners. Thanks to RusVPN, I can be 100% sure that all the information I transmit is protected, wherever I am in the world.
Jack Bennett
Excellent application with a fast connection. The IP address is truly hidden, so at any time, I can download information from websites that are prohibited in my region. It is especially convenient to use the mobile application, it works quickly and without any problems.
David Lynch
RusVPN helped me regain lost contacts and get around the ban after access to popular social networks was blocked. Thank RusVPN I was able to connect with many of my friends and subscribers. Using the application is easy and convenient. I recommend it to everyone.
Ronald Lester