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How To: Setup VPN on Windows 8

If you are looking on how to set up windows 8 vpn client, then this article is what you have been looking for! The setup process on windows 8 for a vpn is fairly simple, and will take no longer then a few minutes if following PPTP protocol. Having windows 8 vpn is a necessity if your cyber security if of any interest to you. The vpn setup windows 8.1 process is exactly the same if you have updated your windows. There are many reasons as to why your cyber security should be of the utmost interest to you, but we will get to that once you read about what you actually came here for! This step-by-step manual will get your VPN up and running on your PC in no time!

Windows 8 Vpn Setup – Windows 8.1 Vpn Setup step-by-step manual

  1. Make sure your network connection is active and that you can properly connect to the internet to set up setup vpn windows 8.1.
  2. Select your search bar and search for VPN.
  3. Once the results load, click on Manage Virtual Private Networks
  4. When the drop down menu appears, click on +Add a VPN Connection
  5. Insert your VPN server address, which your vpn network security provider should have informed you about.
  6. Open VPN and access the internet for safe browsing!

To make sure your vpn is working properly, check your IP address by simply googling “what is my IP”! Before checking, clarify that you are aware of what your original IP address is, since your server IP address and name can vary once you connect to the global web via VPN! We recommend you write down your original IP down somewhere so that in the long run there are no misunderstandings between a VPN IP and your own personal IP.

Now that we have resolved on how to connect to your VPN server in Windows 8, you should understand why it is important to have a VPN connected to your devices. Microsoft, android, and IOS devices, and even on your routers – a VPN is needed on them all for maximum security! No matter how top notch you may think your security settings are, nothing protects you better from cyber threats then a reliable VPN service. Bests VPN websites protecting you in the cyber world, it also helps you get through to websites that may or may not be blocked in your region. A great example can be Chinese residence who want to use google as their search engine, but cannot due to Chinese laws prohibiting the use of google in China! Another great reason can be for all of you out there who like to gamble on online casinos! Most online casinos are banned in Western countries, and users do not have access to them. That is easy to bypass with a VPN client,

Why Download a VPN client

Most users tend to have VPN extensions on their browsers, and not on their devices. The difference is radical when it comes to your own cyber security! Besides most VPN clients being extremely cheap, they protect your WHOLE device from third party threats, not just your browsers. Your logins, passwords, names, files- all of it, under total VPN lockdown! As humanity moves further into the 21st century, cyber security has grown from being a prioriy of governments and corporations, to being a priority to individuals who actually care about their personal information!

Do not wait till your information gets compromised, think ahead! Use a VPN client before you have any extremely unpleasant third party guests steal your personal information!