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How to permanently delete a Yahoo account

Why should I delete my Yahoo account?

There are many good reasons to close your Yahoo account. For one thing, Yahoo isn’t really Yahoo anymore ever since it was sold to Verizon back in 2017. It is now part of the Verizon Media Group and has a complete management team. More worryingly, it was disclosed only a couple years ago that, back in 2014, Yahoo suffered one of the largest data breaches in history which compromised more than 500 million accounts. Not only that but in 2013 they also suffered another breach that impacted ALL of its users (3 billion users). It makes sense to lose trust in them after that and want to preserve your data by deleting your yahoo account.

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delete a Yahoo account

The consequences of deleting your Yahoo account

Are you finally ready to deactivate your yahoo account? First, they are a few things that you should: this will also delete your yahoo mail account, as well as all your user data. The same goes for your Flickr account and the photos you have on there.

One other thing to be careful about is that people will then free to signup with your old email address and use it to send emails. So you should make sure that all your contacts know that you are deleting this address.

This will also cancel any paid subscription or service. It might, therefore, be a good idea to cancel them beforehand and remove any credit card you have on that account.

How to delete my Yahoo email account

Fortunately, the company doesn’t make it excessively complicated to delete your yahoo account. Indeed they even have a one-stop yahoo delete user page. All there’s left to do is head over to this delete yahoo account link and log in.

You’ll be given information to read and what terminating your Yahoo account entails and then you can click on “Continue”.

Next enter your Yahoo email address one last time before clicking on “Yes, terminate this account.”

How to delete my Yahoo email account

You’ll receive a confirmation that the Yahoo account linked to that email was deactivated.

How to recover my Yahoo account

Here’s the good news: after you initially ask for the account to be closed, you actually have a 40-day period to reactivate it before it is gone for good. As long as it hasn’t been longer than that, to recover your yahoo account is very simple: simply login. You can, for example, log on to your Yahoo mail account here https://login.yahoo.com/ and this will reactivate your Yahoo account.

What’s next?

The good thing about getting rid of the old is that it makes a place for the new. Once you have closed your yahoo account, it might be the perfect opportunity to give try new email platforms or news services. A lot has happened in the tech space since the rise and fall of Yahoo and you are very likely to find new tools to improve your workflow and personal life.

Most common questions on deleting your Yahoo account

How to close a Yahoo account?

  • First, you should understand what closing your account entails. When you’re ready, go to this link and sign in with your Yahoo account. Then agree to the terms, confirm everything and voila!

How do you delete a Yahoo account permanently?

  • Your account will be permanently deleted 40 days after it is closed. So all it takes is patience once you have followed the steps to close your account.

Does closing Yahoo also close the email accounts?

  • Yes: deleting your Yahoo account also deletes your Yahoo email accounts. This includes your email addresses as well as all your data: emails that you received and sent, contacts, calendars, etc.

How to recover an old Yahoo account?

  • If you want to recover a Yahoo account that was deleted in the last 40 days, then you simply can sign in to your account here https://login.yahoo.com/. If you deleted that account more than 40 days ago, you are unfortunately out of luck as your account was permanently deleted.
    On the other hand, if you are trying to log on to an old account and forgot your password: then simply follow the steps here.