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How to delete an Amazon account

Realizing that you’d like to cancel your Amazon account

There exist many excellent reasons to deactivate the Amazon account. There is, for example, no other way to totally deleting your purchasing and account history.

How to delete an Amazon account

Amazon has also been in the hot seat recently regarding its employment conditions and sales practices. And let’s not forget that it is one of the GAFA, meaning they do everything they can to get and retain your personal browsing data.

What you need to know before deactivating an Amazon account

Before you remove your Amazon account, it’s important to understand what the consequences are.

The first, more obvious consequence is that all your account data will be permanently deleted: browsing and purchasing history, uploaded content, reviews, etc. This also includes all the digital media you bought with that account: digital books, movies, games, music, etc. The same goes for gift cards, payment methods or store credit.

Something else that you should be aware of is that you will not be able to return or get a refund on any of your prior purchases. So it’s almost like canceling your warranty in certain cases (although the manufacturer warranty still applies).

One last thing to consider is that your Amazon account is also tied to all the international versions of the website or Amazon services such as Audible.com or Prime Video.

And, of course, if you had Prime, this will automatically terminate your membership and all associated services.

How to close your Amazon account

How to delete an Amazon account

As a first step, you first should go around your account and shut any pending items. You can close your outstanding purchases by going here (https://www.amazon.com/gp/css/order-history) and going to “Open Orders” and then clicking on “Request cancellation”. You cannot cancel the Amazon account if you haven’t first done this.

Amazon makes it excessively annoying and complicated to delete the Amazon account. You won’t find a straightforward button. The only way is to contact them.
First click on the “Help” section, which you can access both via the menu at the top and in the footer. Then click on “Need More Help?” and find “Contact Us”. You can also go here directly: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/contact-us/

Next click on “Prime or Something Else” and then goes down to “Tell us more”. Select “Login & Security” in the dropdown and “Close my account” in the next dropdown. You have the choice to use email, phone or chat. All three are fine, but we recommend chat so that you are done with Amazon once and for all without waiting too long.

Chances are that you will only speak with their Chatbot and won’t get through to an agent. But no worries, you’ll still receive an email with all necessary information on how to delete your Amazon account.

How to close your Amazon account

While with other services they might be differences between closing, canceling, deleting or suspending your account, with Amazon it is all the same. So refer to the previous section for detailed instructions.

What happens when you cancel your Amazon account

You will receive a confirmation email and that’s it! Say goodbye to all your customer data, digital content, Prime membership benefits, and other Amazon services such as Audible.

Changing your mind

Hopefully, you have read carefully through this article and realized everything that gets deleted when you cancel your Amazon account. Because, otherwise, you are out of luck: there is no way back. In any case, congratulations: you are one step closer to protecting your privacy!

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend that you always use a free VPN for Mozilla

Most common questions on deleting your Amazon account

How do I permanently delete my Amazon account?

  • The short answer is to select “Contact Us” in Amazon’s help section and to ask customer service to delete your account.

How do I delete my Amazon 2019 account?

  • While Amazon doesn’t make it easy to close one’s account, 2019 did see a nice upgrade: customer service on the phone can also directly delete your account for you. So now you have the choice between chat, email, and phone.

How do I delete my Amazon account on Android?

  • The same logic applies: whether in the app or mobile browser, head over to the help section and contact Amazon directly via chat, email or phone.

How to delete Amazon Prime account?

  • No worries, your Prime membership will automatically be terminated. If you’d rather be double sure, feel free to terminate your membership first before deleting your account.