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How To: Change Your Google Play Region without Using a Credit Card

If you are a fan of android backed phones, you have without a doubt faced one common problem that many users face at some point of time when dealing with Android, and to be even more specific, the Google play store

Change Your Google Play Region without Using a Credit Card

How Google Play Store Determine Locations

The Google play store uses your google account location to understand where you have registered your account and that way it connects you to a specific region’s store. All those theories about you having to remove your credit card from google play store to change store options are fake! The correct answer would be RusVPN! With a VPN, play store options suddenly have no limits! You can download any app you want from any point of the globe.

Changing your Play Store Location

Changing your play store country without a credit card just got much easier! On the web, you will find many different region changer solutions that supposedly actually help. The simplest way to change your google play store region is to, first of all, change your google play country. This can be done simply by creating a new google account while being connected to a VPN server from the desired country. So let us imagine that you are in Poland, but want to download a game/business-related app that is only available in the American google play store. There are many different apps that are free to download in the United States, yet in Poland, they are not available for some reason.

The same thing goes not only for apps but even for certain websites. Good examples would be Ukraine and China. In China, for example, Facebook and many other social media platforms are blocked, thus, blocking millions of people from using their favorite social media accounts. Ukraine also blocked a few social media websites such as Vkontakte and Odnoklasniki, very popular platforms in the post soviet area of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Now, back to editing your google account to download the app or apps you need!

Changing Play Store Settings

To be able to register yourself in the region you need to properly download the app that is of interest to you, there are 3 steps you need to make. The first one would be downloading RusVPN, a top tier provider of VPN services with ultra-fast and reliable servers all across the globe. The second thing you would need to do is delete the current Google Play account that you have on file. This is needed so that when you create a new one, there is no confusion.

The third and final step of the process would be connecting to a VPN server that is located in the country you need, which in this case is the United States. Once you are successfully connected, continue registering a google play account just like you would any other time. There you go, you now have a Google play account which gives you access to all the apps available in the US store!

RusVPN can be used for more than just helping you change your Google Play store location for you to download the apps you need. When using RusVPN, you are also protecting your data and yourself from any harmful third parties that could potentially try to steal it! When using a VPN you are instantly encrypting all your data and not giving the bad guys a single chance to get your information!

To get access to different games from any country and to protect yourself from cybercrimes – use RusVPN for online games Now!