Learn How To Deactivate Facebook Messenger Today!

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Has social media been eating into your daily productivity? Maybe you’re simply trying to improve your mental health and figured the best way to engage in self-care would be to deactivate Facebook messenger. Whatever the reason, for your decision, the process of eliminating social media from your life is fairly simple – keeping yourself away from it, is another discussion entirely. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get into how you can deactivate messenger in 2020.

How To Deactivate Messenger On iPhone

It is important to be aware that if your Facebook messenger profile is connected to your Facebook page, then you will need to remove your personal account before you can successfully rescind your messenger account. Once you are in messenger, head on over to the icon showcasing your personal profile picture. After that, click on the legal link and then choose the option to deactivate FB messenger. You may be required to input your login credentials to validate the request.

How To Deactivate Messenger On Android

The steps to turn off Facebook messenger on an Android phone are identical to that of an iPhone or iPad.

It is essential to note that deleting your account on the application does not delete the conversations you engaged in or the chat history that is stored in Facebook’s data.

This allows you to pick up where you left off, should you choose to take up your account once again.

How To Deactivate Messenger On The Computer

Open up the messenger app, and head to your private account settings, from there choose the link to privacy and terms. Now select the option to deactivate Facebook messenger. You may be required to enter your Facebook security details to verify the request, once complete you can then confirm the request.

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How To Turn Off Facebook Messenger And Notifications

The easiest way to turn off Facebook messenger is to change your personal settings to ensure that you no longer showcase as active but rather as inactive when on the application, so that others do not feel like you are available to talk.


If reclaiming control of your personal data is a major priority for you after the fallout of Brexit or you’re simply hopping on the no social media for thirty day’s detoxes that are currently sweeping the minds of influencers across the globe, these steps will help. There are many reasons for you to potentially deactivate Facebook messenger, and as illustrated above the steps are extremely short. Therefore, what are you waiting for, take control of your free time and ensure that you’re staring at your phone for at least ten minutes less a day – deactivate messenger today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Messenger

1. Is It Possible To Just Log Out Of Messenger?

Unfortunately, that is not yet possible. However, it is possible to stop the application from sending you notifications for new messages, you can also prevent specific people from having access to you, and you can also edit your status so others may not know that you are available on the app.

2. How Do I Stop Receiving Messenger Notifications?

On an Apple device, the first step is to head into your personal profile and then select the notifications setting. From that point select the do not disturb option, in an android phone the procedure is exactly the same except you will simply swipe to turn the notifications off.

3. A Specific Person Is Ruining My Time On Messenger, What Can I Do?

In this situation the first step would be to block them from sending messages to you. This would prevent any form of communication to you on the messenger platform. You can report a specific message or the full discussion should you believe that it is in contravention of Facebook’s Code of Conduct. In addition, it is also possible to go into your privacy settings and disable the feature that illustrates when you’ve read messages; this could also assist in your situation.

Android 11 will protect against surveillance through camera and microphone

Android 11 will protect against surveillance through camera and microphone

Android 11 will protect against surveillance through camera and microphone

Google developers are constantly improving not only the interface, but also the protection of mobile OS. Another innovation discovered in the Android 11 pre-assembly code will allow smartphone owners to prevent the activity of spyware that uses the microphone and gadget camera to steal personal information.

One of the important innovations in Android 10 is the ability to fine-tune application access to geolocation services – for example, only during use, not in the background, as was implemented in previous versions of the operation.

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend that you always use a VPN

What restrictions will Android 11 get

According to Phonearena, Android 11 will support similar access rights control for the camera and microphone device. If you select the option “while in use” the program will not be able to “spy” on the owner of the gadget in the background. It will also be possible to issue a “one-time pass” only for the current session of the program. In this case you will have to confirm its access every time.

It is expected that such a measure will not only limit the number of confidential data leaks to advertisers, but will also prevent “spy” activity of malicious programs that can follow the user in the background.

When Android 11 comes out.

The exact release date of the final Android 11 version has not yet been announced by the developers – now the mobile OS is in the pre-test stage.

Feeling Confused By WWW2? Learn More Now



Do you have panic attacks just thinking about landing on a malicious website? Are you worried that you’re going to fall prey to a seemingly innocuous website that is parading as a website that you know and love? Well, those are legitimate fears within the world of today, however not all online threats are created equal. Today we will be breaking down the phenomenon of what is www2 and how it relates to the grand old www. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you should feel 5% safer while navigating the world wide web.

What Is WWW In URL?

The www is a remnant of previous conventions whereby it would serve as a mechanism to indicate that you wanted to access the server upon which the website was stored. However, this is no longer an essential requirement as websites have become the most populous form of data on the web. An example of an alternative prefix is mail.example.com which would transfer to you to the desired mailbox on another server.

What Is WWW2?

Although www2 does seem a bit off, it was in the past used by websites with multiple subdomains as an easy way to clarify between them. This is why you may have come across some websites with a www3 in the URL. Other potential reasons for the www2 conundrum is that the server which typically hosts the website is undergoing maintenance and therefore you have been diverted to a secondary version.

Is WWW2 safe?

Although seeing www4 would seem slightly ill-begotten while browsing the internet, it is not an exact science to state that viewing a www2 in your URL is a surefire way of stating that the website is unsafe. In reality, the chances of coming across this today is becoming smaller and smaller today as modern technology ensures that load-balancing techniques are becoming more advanced.

Moreover, adding a numeral after the www in URL is not going to be the immediate cause of security breaches. In fact, it was typical for online banking platforms in previous years to have multiple versions of their www address as it was a standard protocol for hacking prevention

WWW2 Vs WWW Problem

Unfortunately, the reality is that although your site may not be malicious in intent, when a search engine, such as Google or Bing, encounters the URL link, it will not be kind to it. This is due to the numeral after the www making it appear as if your website has intentionally copy-and-pasted another website; therefore, you will suffer tremendously in Google rankings.

Henceforth, the recommended advice from IT professionals is usually to remove the previous website from the current server or simply to disable that domain. Otherwise, you will be harming your rankings on search engines, and then, the chances of garnering new visitors will be far lower.

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Do you still feel insecure overseeing amended www’s in your URLs? No, well that’s probably because you are now all clued up on the www2 meaning. Although www2 is mostly harmless, the fact that search engines react by pushing your website further down in the results is a serious blow to your website traffic. Therefore, we cannot recommend using this naming convention today.

Frequently Asked Questions About WWW2

What is a WWW2 website?

It is still a website, named with a numeral to indicate it is either a subdomain of another site or that it is an alternative site hosted on a completely different server.

Why do some websites have WWW2?

Websites typically make use of this strategy if they are very large and prone to experiencing issues when too many users are operational at once.

Why do some sites not have WWW2?

The site may either be more modern in its release date and therefore, the creators no longer conform to previous naming conventions. Alternatively, they may simply be making use of modern load balancing technology which has mostly phased out the habit of placing a number after the www in URL.

Is WWW2 secure?

For the most part, it is unlikely that because a website has a number after the www that it is automatically an illegal site. Yet, it is always recommended to take precautions, to ensure that you have the correct domain name and that you do not download or click on anything suspicious.

Top 10 alternatives to GeekTV in 2020



What is Geek TV

Not so long ago, Geek TV became one of the most popular streaming site for movies and TV shoes. For one thing it is completely free (and not so legal…) and it offered a huge catalog, which attracted a lot of users. They updated their content very regularly and you could find all the most popular and recent TV shows.
Like most of the successful free streaming sites, it didn’t require any registration or personal information and it didn’t charge for its service. It had a simple User Interface with all the classic features we are now used to: content divided in categories, pictures for every movie and show, a powerful search bar, etc.

One nice feature was the possibility to adjust the streaming quality of the video, which is a pretty rare option nowadays.

Geek TV not working?

Unfortunately it seems like Geek TV is not working anymore. It has been fully shutdown and nobody has access to its amazing Geek TV online catalog. The Geek TV website doesn’t work anymore and there aren’t any mirror sites. But if you are truly missing all the Geek TV movies and Geek TV shows, don’t worry we have a list of sites like Geek TV just for you. So read on and find out what are favorite Geek TV alternatives are.
Of course, remember that a lot of these free sites still need to run ads to maintain their servers. Some of them might have abusive ads or pop-ups however, and you might want to use an ad-blocker to be safe.

GeekTV alternatives


123 Movies has been around for a while and has one of the most impressive catalog of any streaming site out there. While the main site was shutdown, there are still several good mirror sites that function such as https://www.top123movies.com/ and https://123movies.ge/tv-series/. It has become a household name in the world of free streaming so it makes sense for it to be our #1 pick. There are very few ads or popups and it works just like it should : free TV shows and movies, easily searchable.
Key features:

  • All the latest content;
  • Biggest TV show catalog there is;
  • Straightforward, Classic User Interface;
  • No account or registration needed.



Putlockers is a household name with many mirror sites. That’s the only downside of having such a popular name: it’s sometimes hard to know which site is the real one and which ones are fake or filled with ads. Thankfully we have you covered so you can enjoy all the TV shows and movies it has to offer. It has quite a few HD videos available, which we appreciated.
Key features:

  • Impressive catalog – American content mostly;
  • All the movies genres you can think of;
  • HD catalog;
  • No account or registration needed.



This is one of the nicest looking free streaming website. We absolutely love the UI and think you will too. They make it easy to find what you are looking for thanks to their many filters. They have a huge collection and many of the latest shows and movies.
Key features:

  • Beautiful interface – clean and simple;
  • Powerful filter;
  • No account or registration needed.



This a great alternative to Geek TV and definitely one of our go-to sites. They have a very powerful search function where you see the results as we type. As a result this is one of the fastest website to access content. It takes only a few seconds and a couple clicks before you can start enjoying your favorite content.
Key features:

  • Very powerful search box;
  • Mode website with convenient dropdowns;
  • No account or registration needed.


OpenLoad Free TV

What this site lacks in esthetics, it makes up with its extensive catalog. This is far from our favorite UI and it feels quite outdated in some ways, but if you are willing to look past that, then you are in for a treat. They have almost everything you can wish to watch and in very good quality. What else do you need?
Key features:

  • A very thorough catalog;
  • Almost no broken sources/videos;
  • No account or registration needed.

OpenLoad Free TV

Time to watch

In a lot of ways, this free streaming site should be higher on the list. It has a clean and easy to navigate interface, a great catalog, no ads whatsoever and advanced security. While it takes a few clicks to get to your content, that’s because they implemented have a nice security feature that redirects you to a secure link. And you have the option to both stream and download the file!
Key features:

  • No ads or popups;
  • Both download and streaming options;
  • Multilingual;
  • Almost no broken sources/videos;
  • No account or registration needed.
To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend you always use a free VPN for the Android phone

Popcorn Flix

This is a solid alternative to Geek TV. It offers a nice, image-oriented interface and HD videos. The only problem is that its catalog is somewhat limited. It doesn’t include most of the American TV shows or blockbusters. But hey, it’s free and it might be the opportunity to discover something new while browsing.
Key features:

  • Solid search, filtering and categories features;
  • Ads are short;
  • Nice and simple media player;
  • No account or registration needed.

Popcorn Flix


Here’s another excellent alternative to Geek TV, or any other free streaming site you usually use. There is nothing special or different about Zmovies but it offers a lot of free movies in HD. It doesn’t have the most impressive catalog but there’s still plenty to choose from.

  • Excellent for movies;
  • Lots of HD options;
  • No account or registration needed.


How to choose the best GeekTV alternative?

This entirely depends on you and on what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for blockbusters movies and Hollywood TV shows or you are more of a 7th art addict and like foreign movies. Best is to try each site, search for a few of your favorite shows and movies, and see which one has what you’re looking for. We use several of this site every week, depending on what we are trying to watch.

Mainstream streaming sites

It would be silly and unfair not to mention paid alternatives. They have become extremely popular these past few years and for a good reason: they offer extensive catalogs of your favorite shows, superior video quality, modern and fast interfaces and are often completely ad-free. Plus you help support the people working for your favorite shows and movies. So why not give a try (most of them offer a free trail) to Nettflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Disney Plus and Hulu or Sling TV?

Most frequent questions on Geek TV

What is Geek TV?

Geek TV was a very popular free streaming site. It had a very extensive catalog and a great user interface.

Why is Geek TV not working?

Geek TV was shut down and doesn’t work anymore. Maybe you’re on a mirror or fake site just trying to make money off of ads. Best is to try one of the alternatives in our list.

What happened to Geek TV?

That’s an excellent question, we miss it too! While there hasn’t been any official communication, it looks like it was most likely shutdown for copyright infringement.

Are there any websites like Geek TV?

Yes, plenty! While streaming sites come and go all the time, we have made a list of the best sites in 2020. Have a look and find a new favorite!

10 Best Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online in 2020

10 Best Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online in 2020


10 Best Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online in 2020

Bollywood churns out hundreds of movies a year, so for fans there’s always more and more to watch. But that’s an expensive proposition if you pay every time. No wonder you’re looking for sites where you can stream Hindi movies for free.

Streaming for free, however, can be risky. Unauthorized streams or torrents can result in dangerous malware being installed on your devices or serious legal repercussions. And maybe you can’t even access the movies you want because of geoblocked content, such as sites that are only available in India.

Luckily, all it takes is a reliable virtual private network (VPN) to solve every one of those issues. To be clear, we’re not condoning piracy, and we encourage you to check the copyright status of the movies you watch.

With that understood, we’re happy to pass on the best of the legitimate websites we’ve found where—with the help of a VPN—you can  laugh, cry, and dance your way safely through the Bollywood movies you love.

Best Free Streaming Sites:

  1. Hotstar
  2. Voot
  3. Zee5
  4. SonyLiv
  5. YouTube
  6. Hungama Movies
  7. Bigflix
  8. YuppFlix
  9. Eros Now
  10. BoxTV

How to Use a RUSVPN to Stream Hindi Movies

It’s easy to gain access to Hindi movies unavailable in your region and protect your devices at the same time. Here’s how:

  1. Select a RUSVPN app or extension and download it onto your devices. 
  2. Launch the VPN and choose a server where the streaming site you want is located.
  3. Visit the streaming site.
  4. Choose a movie and start streaming! It really is that easy.

Why You Need a RUSVPN to Stream Hindi Movies and How to Choose the Best

Many of the websites streaming your favorite Hindi movies may be geographically restricted due to licensing issues. This means that if you’re not in the right region, you can’t access the content.

A VPN can spoof your location by allowing you to connect to its servers all over the world, changing your apparent IP address. For example, if you want to access India-based streaming sites, you can use your VPN to connect to a server in India and obtain an Indian IP address.

VPNs protect you, too. Beyond helping you access the streams you want, a VPN keeps your data safe while you’re doing it.

Any website, including the ones we’ve recommended here, may contain ads and pop-ups that could contain malware or viruses.  RUSVPN service contains anti-malware, ad blockers, and other security measures that keep your devices secure.

Any website may also track your activities, such as the films you choose, and sell or share that data with third parties. With a VPN, you’re protected from tracking because your IP address is hidden. In addition, your data is encrypted, protecting it from hackers.

RUSVPN servers can reliably deliver all these benefits. To get one that does, make sure it includes the following features at the very least:

  • High-speed servers where your favorite Hindi streaming sites are based.
  • Fast and stable connections for steady, uninterrupted viewing.
  • Robust encryption for a secure and private connection.
  • Strict zero-logs policy to ensure that none of your data is stored.
  • Kill switch that protects your data if your VPN connection suddenly drops.
  • Professional customer service with fast response times.

Best Free Streaming Sites for Hindi Movies

So what are the best free, legal sites for streaming the Bollywood movies you crave? We searched the internet, so you don’t have to! Here are 10 of the best—all easy to access with a RUSVPN.

1. Hotstar

If you’re looking for an extensive collection of free Bollywood movies, look no further than Hotstar. You don’t need to sign up, so you won’t have to hand over any personal info.

To find the free titles, look through the easy-to-navigate categories for thumbnails without the “Premium” badge. The wide selection includes drama, romance, and comedy plus recently released Hindi movies and TV shows.

Sports fans? You can stream live sports; the stream is smooth and the video looks great.

Yes, there are ads, but you can buy a Hotstar Premium subscription to avoid them.


2. Voot

One of the best streaming sites for free Bollywood movies, Voot has a wide selection that ranges from the classics to new releases, In addition to Hindi films, there are Telugu, Kannad, Bengali, and English offerings.

You do have to watch ads—and sign up for the privilege, too.

The site is easy to use, with a handy title search. In addition to movies, you can stream TV shows, news, short films, and selections from the dedicated Kids section.

Voot supports multiple devices and has well-developed apps for Android and iOS. Video quality is high across all platforms and applications, and you can expect reliable streaming speeds.

Voot is blocked outside of India, so make sure to connect to an Indian server with your VPN before accessing the service.


3. Zee5

Zee5 has a large collection of Hindi movies across all genres. To find the free titles, browse the catalog for thumbnails without the “Premium” badge.

The collection includes old and new films, including some in regional languages. TV shows and news are also available, with decent streaming speed and video quality.

No sign-up is required. Zee5 is available globally, so geoblocking should not be a problem.


4. SonyLiv

SonyLiv has a large collection of free and premium content, including shows from over a dozen Indian TV channels in addition to Hindi movies. The interface is simple and clean, with the premium content clearly labeled.

You don’t need to sign up to enjoy the free content, but you will have to watch a few ads. The subscription plans are among the cheapest we found. You can also purchase pay-per-view WWE events.

SonyLiv is currently only available in India, so you’ll need a VPN with servers in that country.


5. YouTube

There are a number of channels on YouTube where you can stream Hindi movies for free. Many of them stream content illegally, however, so make sure you check the copyright status of the content you access. Legitimate channels include:

  • Rajshiri – The official channel of the well-known Bollywood production company has a large collection of its older Hindi movies, many of which are worth a watch.
  • Shemaroo Movies  – Another legal YouTube channel that allows you to stream copyrighted movies for free, with many classics and more modern titles to choose from.


6. Hungama Movies

Offering fast streaming and good video quality, Hungama Movies is an excellent site for both old and new Hindi movies. As an added surprise, there’s a collection of over 3.5 millions songs.

Hungama Movies has a wide variety of content, a lot of which is free. Additionally, you can earn Hungama coins to pay for your subscription, for activities such as registering for an account, spending time on the platform, listening to a song, etc.

App users can take advantage of a 30-day free trial.

Hungama Movies

7. Bigflix

While Bigflix doesn’t offer completely free Hindi movies, you can stream movies from its wide collection during the 30-day free trial. You can subscribe to one of the ad-free premium plans or pay for movies individually.

There are thousands of movies to choose from in Hindi and eight other Indian languages, including Tamil, Marathi, and Bengali. TV shows are also available for streaming and the content is supported on multiple platforms.

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend you always use a free VPN for the Android phone


8. YuppFlix

The clean interface makes it easy to browse the extensive movie collection on YuppFlix. Thousands of films are available in Hindi and several other languages. There is also a generous offering of TV shows.

YuppFlix offers a 14-day free trial (3 days in the Middle East and Malaysia). The service supports multiple devices, including Android, PC, iOS, Roku, and Android TV.


9. Eros Now

A top-notch streaming service for Hindi movies, Eros Now is easy to use and lets you search films based on your favorite Bollywood actors or producers.  The site has an impressive collection of Hindi and regional movies, as well as TV and music streaming.

The video quality is decent, and you can expect reliable streaming speeds. The service is supported on numerous platforms and devices, including Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Android, iOS, and PC.

Eros Now offers a Basic account that gives you access to a selection of free Hindi movies and TV shows, plus a large amount of music. The 14-day free trial of the Premium service includes the entire Eros Now catalog.

Eros Now

10. BoxTV

You can stream BoxTV’s extensive collection of Bollywood, Tollywood, and Hollywood movies for free, without creating an account. The catalog includes a wide range of old and new Hindi films and regional language movies. Although many of the movies are low-budget, there are some critically acclaimed gems mixed in as well.

The home page suffers no shortage of ads, but this is perhaps to be expected on a free content site.


Discover Net Neutrality Pros And Cons Today!



The question that sparked the debate still holds true to this day, who exactly should be in control of the information that is circulated on the World Wide Web. Many things come to mind when discussing net neutrality from voters in Brexit being manipulated through sophisticated technology such as artificial intelligence to the fact that we are now bombarded with advertisements tailored to our every move.

If the activity of individuals online can be used to build extremely comprehensive outlines of them, just how much distance can one put between the internet and the wheels of democratic process?

That is the crux of the debate. At this point the net neutrality debate continues to rage on and remains a highly contentious issue, today we will be breaking down the pros and cons of the argument so you can decide where you stand on the topic.

Net Neutrality: Do We Need It?

Net neutrality in the US is especially provocative after President Trump appointed a new Chairman to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The new Chairman, Ajit Pai, acted to revoke much of the legislation put in place by former US president Obama. In essence, Internet Service Providers or ISP’s would have the power to determine what websites load quickly and which ones make dial-up Internet look like a Ferrari.

The main issue with this is that ISP’s would most likely choose to promote websites that are either in line with their world vision or businesses that have given them some form of monetary kickback. This then leads to net neutrality small business fears, where pages owned by smaller companies or start-ups may almost never be viewed since they can’t really offer anything to ISP’s.


Why Is Net Neutrality Important And The Pros Of The Movement?

The pros of net neutrality are diverse, one key positive aspect within the net neutrality camp is that by ensuring that no businesses or types of web services are favored, all new start ups can begin on the same pace of footing. What this effectively ensures that major ISP providers, such as Comcast in the US, would not be able to prevent individuals from accessing particular websites, or switch up the way an individual’s data is transmitted over the Internet.

One particularly intrinsic pro to the defenders of net neutrality is that it enshrines the right of freedom of each person’s voice on the Internet. Henceforth, so long as the content is not in violation of any laws, the content must be permitted to exist thanks to net neutrality. There is also the argument that net neutrality would allow for the hunting of illicit material on the web to become more efficient. A further supportive argument is that there is the potential for provision of internet services to be seen as crucial an offering as electricity, which means that ISP’s could transition to agents of public service.

What Are The Cons Of Net Neutrality?

There are several cons of net neutrality and quite a few of them have links to the vast costs generated within the effective supply of internet services to the masses. One of the main cons is that the sheer volume of data being used today is stupendous and there is very little compensation with regards to the ISPs, for example streaming services take up a huge chunk of data, which is conducted freely on the ISPs infrastructure. Another pressing point is that persons or companies who use far more bandwidth than others would be required to pay more if net neutrality were to be revoked, thus ensuring that their would always be additional funds for maintenance and other essential tasks.

One of the main cons is that ISPs may choose to ensure the services that they own, such as a streaming service, would be much faster than any other streaming service on the market, thus manipulating consumer choices.

A further cause of concern for those with egalitarian principles, is that net neutrality being rescinded could cause Internet access to only be available with the funds to acquire it.

This is extremely problematic as many social groups across the United States may find themselves alienated by this decision.

In fact, there are some political commentators who have postulated that a lack of net neutrality could in fact harm those at the lowest echelons of society the most. The theory is that if ISP’s could offer any price for the provision of their services, they will in fact be able to distinguish which types of content are most desirable to those paying the highest fees and then maximize the bandwidth to those sites. Furthermore, small businesses may be harmed as on average businesses take up a lot more data than the typical person and therefore, they may be charged much more from ISPs.

net neutrality pros and сons

What Does Losing Net Neutrality Mean?

The fact of the matter is that the FCC voted to rescind the net neutrality legislation previously place, while this will take a matter of weeks to go into full effect, there is already some push back. One such example is of Bernie Sanders net neutrality campaign, where he stated that the re-enactment of the net neutrality laws would be a crucial part of his strategy should he be elected into office. Furthermore, a number of the Democratic states attorney generals have banded together saying that they wanted to work together to prevent net neutrality being removed.

Some of the things that have already been predicted is that many American citizens will now begin experiencing changes such as a decline in the speed of web pages loading or perhaps your favorite Netflix show will now become interrupted with a buffering sign every now then? Other things to anticipate include potential caps on bandwidth usage and possible inactivity on certain web services.


Now that you have dissected the net neutrality pros and cons it is clear that the debate has been raging on due to its multifaceted layers of arguments both for and against. However, the fact remains that the loss of net neutrality is a major change within the lifestyle of many Americans; it may result in the people most in need of Internet services being denied access as they are priced out of the market.

To get access to different games and protect yourself from cybercrime – use RusVPN on your devices or use RusVPN Chrome VPN extension!

Frequently Asked Questions On Net Neutrality

1. What are the disadvantages of net neutrality?

The cons of net neutrality are multi-faceted, the main ones include ISPs determining what streaming services or other content deserves more bandwidth and through that undercut your experience on other sites. In addition, it is much harder to regulate content without an ISP, therefore, by repealing the law it is possible that internet users may engage with content on a dog catching frisbee and the victimization of children within the same sitting.

2. Which countries have net neutrality?

Some countries include members of the European Union, Canada, Israel, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Argentina.

3. How will net neutrality affect gaming?

The loss of net neutrality means that gamers may be charged much higher fees for their internet usage, in light of this the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) has stated that this motion could inhibit the growth of online gaming in the United States.

4. How to call congress about net neutrality?

When you have contacted Congress, request to speak to a legislative aide who is known to deal with either Internet or online communications legislation. Make sure that you are fully aware of all the facts, keep in mind that these people deal with a multitude of phone calls every day, therefore keep your message succinct and to the point. Always make sure to call the representatives in your own district first.

Google has launched a site to fight the coronavirus

Google has launched a site to fight the coronavirus

Google has launched a site to fight the coronavirus

The site will include information on protection against disease.On Saturday, March 21, American company Google launched a website to combat the spread of the virus COVID-19, which includes tips and important information about the pandemic. This was reported by CNN.

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend that you always use a VPN

Reportedly, the site provides reliable information about COVID-19, its prevention. Users can search for information about disease statistics, advice on how to counteract coronavirus, and what people are looking for on Google.

It is also noted that last week, U.S. President Donald Trump said that Google is creating a site where you can fill out a questionnaire and find out about the nearest places where you can test for COVID-19, but Google denied this information.

End The Confusion – Find Your Default Gateway Today!



If you’ve never actually gazed within your laptop’s or phones settings, then this might be an entirely foreign topic. But do not stress! There is nothing to fear, we have broken down all of the essential information and steps so that you can be clued up the purpose of default gateway and router IP addresses within a matter of minutes.

It is important to note that none of these steps should ever be taken over the expressed instructions of manufacturer’s for your specific device and that the instructional manual should always be accompanied prior to engaging with the technological settings.

What Is A Default Gateway?

Essentially a default gateway can be defined as a mechanism that gives people using technological tools on one service network to send or receive data from people operating on another network provider. For example, a person may want to download a file from a website, the data will be delivered initially to their default gateway prior to it landing up in the person’s download files.

How To Find A Default Gateway Router IP Address In Windows?

To locate the default gateway IP address in Windows locate the Control Panel in your laptop’s settings and from there choose the Network and Internet features. Once there head on over to the Network and Sharing Center, after which you will need to locate the Ethernet link. Select the more information button and your router IP address will be listed.

Router IP Address In Windows

How To Find Your Default Gateway IP Address On Mac OS?

The first step will be to tap on the Apple symbol on the screen and from there choose the System Preferences option. After that tap on the Network tab, following which you will need to identify your current service provider for internet services. Moving along, click on the button displaying the Advanced option and then choose the TCP/IP section. The default gateway IP address will be showcased in this section.

How To Find A Default Gateway IP Address On Linux?

Begin by heading to the settings folder, from there locate and open the Network section. After this click open the symbol next to the connection settings section; once it has opened the router IP address will be made available in the pop-up display.

How To Find Your Default Gateway IP Address On Iphone/Ipad?

Once you have opened your iOS device, proceed to head to the settings folder and then open up the internet services folder. Simply click on the button for additional particulars pertaining to the Wi-Fi and you will notice that the default gateway IP address has appeared in the listed set of information.

IP Address On Iphone Ipad

How To Find A Default Gateway IP Address On Android?

Navigate to the Android device’s settings symbol and open up the folder, then select the current internet connection in use. This may have to be done for a few seconds in order for the ability to alter the connection to appear. Please ensure that you choose to change the current network provision options, from there head on to the higher settings and push the IPv4 configuration to constant. Note that not all devices may have the same wording and that naming conventions may change over time. The default gateway address will be shown in the pop-up.

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How To Change Your Default Gateway On Windows10

If you have been receiving an error along the lines of the default gateway is not available, then you can kiss that problem goodbye. Head on over to your desktop profile and then to the Control Panel. From there you will need to locate the sharing forum and find the current service provider you make use of in the search for your active networks column.

Once this has been achieved choose the feature to view the components of the network and then IPv4 (other computer versions may have different names depending on the age of the device and associated software). Once there, opt to fill in the details of your preferred router IP address and any other required information.

You are now fully aware of the tools and tricks to go about not only identifying your router IP address on a wide range of devices, but you are also able to successfully change the default gateway should you require it. Don’t just read this article, learn a new skill and find out what your IP address is for each and every one of your technological gadgets today!

Frequently Asked Questions On Default Gateways

What Is The Purpose Of A Default Gateway?

The default gateway has the power to assist technological devices to spread information between each other and any other devices in the network, this is especially relevant for modern day technology otherwise even computers with the same router access would not be able to receive or transmit any digital data.

Are these unique to each device or are the IP addresses all the same?

No, IP addresses are 100% different, with each device having their own separate one and therefore no two technological devices can have the same IP address.

Can I change my default gateway on my phone?

Yes, it is possible to change the default gateway settings on both an android and on an Apple device.

The link between the internet and sustainability

The link between the internet and sustainability

The link between the internet and sustainability

You might not think so at first, but the Internet also has a major impact on the environment. Up to ten percent of all electricity worldwide is consumed by devices that are connected to the Internet in a certain way. Such as storage centres, servers, computers and telephones. Fortunately, the Internet also offers great opportunities in the field of sustainability. With the announced energy transition, data and the internet (-of-things) even prove essential.

More exposure for sustainable products and initiatives

The Dutch find companies more sympathetic (76%) if they actually contribute to a sustainable world. Almost 40% are willing to pay more for this, according to the Sustainable 2019 Dossier. The supply on this demand is mainly made possible by the internet. The comparison between sustainable products and services via the internet is also a lot easier.

Sharing is the new thing; via the internet there are countless sub-sites, platforms, neighbourhood apps and social networks that make it possible to exchange, borrow, rent or give away efficiently.

More and more influencers are also stimulating sustainability by promoting recycled or fair-trade products. In addition, there are platforms where you can join joint environmental initiatives in your own environment.

Book your own spot on the internet

For your own website with, for example, sustainable blogs, products or initiatives, you need a reliable and safe place online. This starts with a domain name and a cheap webhosting partner, preferably with easy management and 24/7 support. Most providers provide a free email address and the possibility to forward or refer. To distinguish yourself, you can nowadays also choose for extensions like .bio, .yoga or .care.


Dates and the energy transition

According to the climate agreement, the Netherlands must be fully CO2 neutral by 2050 with the energy transition. This implies a transition from fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal) to sustainable energy (solar, wind and geothermal). Data-driven energy solutions will be used for this. More and more Internet-connected devices (Internet-of-Things) will be introduced, such as smart meters, solar panels, light, but also televisions, washing machines and charging stations.

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend that you always use a VPN

Sensors are increasingly being used for predictive maintenance and use. They are linked to each other and to the Internet, making it possible to measure energy consumption, yield, temperature and the way in which they are used from any location. It is assumed that the energy transition will only be successful with insight into the perception and behaviour of users. In any case, it is easier to use your equipment energy efficiently if you can monitor and control it remotely. This contributes to reducing costs, increasing sustainability and raising awareness of energy-neutral living.

In addition to surfing websites, streaming, emailing, but especially data exchange and storage, the extra information provided by the Internet-of-Things ensures a rapid growth in the amount and types of data. This is processed and stored on servers in huge data centres. In addition to power consumption, a lot of water is needed to cool the servers in these centres. It is therefore necessary that data centres also become as green as possible. So far, unfortunately, little attention seems to have been paid by the government to the explosive growth of the data sector and the additional environmental burden. However, there are incentive schemes for environmentally friendly measures in data centres, such as using residual heat to heat the built environment.

Digitisation calls for more attention to online security

With increasing awareness of sustainability, this will also be necessary for cyber security as digitalisation increases. Online security is currently still a topic with relatively little attention. As more and more devices are being used that are connected to the Internet, this also requires better security measures to prevent large-scale problems. For your own domain name, this means, among other things, providing an SSL certificate. This places a secure layer between a server and a browser, making the data secure against external devices. Such a certificate is also available from providers of cheap web hosting.

Need To Protect Your Data – Delete Your Google Account On Your Phone!

How To Delete Google Account From Phone

How To Delete Google Account From Phone

If you’re in need of a change or simply want to get more serious on the privacy of your data in an era where data-protection is becoming more and more of a relevant news story, then you came to the right place to get informed. Keep reading as we break down the steps on how to delete Google accounts from your smartphone in a few steps.

How To Delete Google Account On Android?

  1. How To Delete Google Account On Android. Step 1
  2. Then click on the accounts section;
  3. From there you need to select the Google profile you would like to delete from your phone;
  4. You may be required to enter your login information for your phone.

How To Remove Google Account From Samsung?

It is important to remove your Google account from your Samsung phone or tablet before selling the device, as your profile manages the phone’s safety system and failures of the protocols will nullify the phone’s capabilities in seconds.

The first step to remove Google account from Samsung is to head to the settings application, from there get the lock screen and security folder. After this select screen lock option and enter your phone’s usual personal information (such as a pin) and then, click on the swipe button.

Following that select the option to nullify the data and then you will be prompted to confirm this decision, click to take it away once again. After this it is now possible to remove your account on your device, we now return to the settings feature and select the Cloud and accounts folder where we click on the accounts link. You will then need to locate your personal email listed and make sure to select the icon of three dots in the upper right-hand corner. Following that, click remove the account and then a further confirmation pop-up will appear, click it once again in order to confirm the decision.

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How To Delete Google Account Permanently?

Once your profile is deleted you will no longer have access to any of your personal data or documents and images that were once saved within the account. Therefore, you may want to download any important documents, images or emails before you delete your account:

  1. Delete Google Account Permanently. step 2
  2. Delete Google Account Permanently. step 3
  3. Delete Google Account Permanently. step 4
  4. Delete Google Account Permanently. step 5

How To Delete Google Play Account From Android Phone?

It is important to note that this process will not remove the entire footprint of your personal email address, however, your Google Play account will no longer be active.

In addition, please be aware that your smartphone may have a different label for a particular setting, but the steps are fairly similar across devices.

Firstly, navigate to the Settings tab, then click on Accounts, locate the relevant email account and then click the Remove Account button. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm that you do want to delete Google Play account and to confirm you will need to re-click the option. There is a chance that you may need to validate this request by entering your phone’s standard credentials, once this has been completed, the task will be finalized.

How To Delete Google Play Search History

If you need to delete Google Play search history, then the first step would be to log into your Google Play account on your smartphone. Now that you’re in, navigate to the settings tab in the application menu and from there click on the dismiss local search history button. Once you’ve done this your online activity will be cleared from your Google Play account.

You are now fully aware of how to delete Google accounts for whatever reason from any android or Samsung device, what’s stopping you from taking control of your data today and trying out the steps to delete your search history or even get rid of an old email address?

Only every third Internet user knows how to to secure their own devices

how to to secure their own devices

how to to secure their own devices

Threats from cybercriminals are on the rise – almost all Internet users agree on this. 94 percent agree with this statement, compared to 89 percent a year ago. At the same time, many online users admit to having little knowledge of their own IT security.

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend that you always use a VPN

Only three out of ten Internet users (31 percent) feel that they themselves are able to adequately protect devices such as smartphones or computers from attacks by Internet criminals. And two thirds (66 percent) say that they would not even notice if strangers spied on their computer or smartphone over the Internet.

This is the result of a representative survey of more than 1,000 Internet users in Germany commissioned by the digital association Bitkom.

“Basic digital skills are also crucial for one’s own security on the Internet,”

says Susanne Dehmel, Member of the Bitkom Management Board.

“Even simple measures can help against most threats on the Internet. These included regular software updates, two-way authentication, and complex passwords.”

Bait and switch scams online – What is? How it work?

bait and switch scams

bait and switch scams

Ever seen a little ad appear on your screen promising a must-have gadget or other elusive prizes at an unheard of price? The fear of missing out swarms your mind and ultimately, you grab hold of your mouse and click the advert. However, that is where the fun stops. Unfortunately, you notice that the advert doesn’t lead to a site with amazing prices but instead starts an automatic download in your browser. Welcome to the dark side of the web.

What Is A Bait And Switch Scam?

It is typically defined as a company attempting to attract consumers by displaying an under-priced highly desirable item, but when consumers attempt to purchase it, they discover that the item is not for sale. Instead, the consumers are confronted with much more costly items when they get through to the adverts intended website. Some of you may be wondering if bait and switching is illegal?

It is important to note that a bait-and-switch is always illegal and does constitute an example of fraudulent activity and the intentional manipulation of consumers.

How The Scam Works

A company will choose a product that is known for its high quality and relatively high market appeal; they will then slash the price. Therefore, an item that should cost $400 will now only cost $50 or $75 or possibly even less. Obviously, this is a ridiculous price that probably barely even covers the companies expense for the product, but many people do attempt to procure the item.

Once on the site, the consumer is usually placed in one of the following situations, the first states that while the item in the advert is SOLD OUT, there are others available for double the price. To make matters worse, it is often the case that the secondary product that is being offered is of poorer quality, and is more expensive.

How The Bait and switch scams Works

Another situation that a customer could find themselves in with a bait and switch advertisement is that the product that was featured is still up for sale but not at the originally described price. A further alternative is that the product, such as a cell phone, is indeed up for sale but is not the exact model promoted. For example, the latest iPhone could have been shown for $75, but instead, a very old Samsung or Nokia is shown for that price.

Bait And Switch Scams Online

Bait and switch scams are in existence both within physical stores and within the online world, however, in the realm of the internet, there are additional causes of concern. For example, a bait and switch advertisement could result in your personal data being stolen or having some form of malware attack conducted against your laptop.

How To Avoid Bait And Switch Scams

There are several ways to avoid bait and switch scams, the most important of which is always common sense – look guys if it looks too good to be true, it almost certainly is. If you are on the internet, then using readily available tools such as adblockers and anti-malware software could also save you a ton of trouble. Furthermore, if you are considering making the purchase regardless of all the signs, then do read through the terms and conditions, as well as the returns policy of the site. If you can’t find it listed, then that is a major red flag.

Protect yourself from cybercrimes and keep your data safe – use the VPN extension for Chrome now!

Now that you are more aware of what bait-and-switch scams are and how not to fall prey to bait and switch advertisements, you can go about the internet and all advertisements with a renewed sense of confidence. Have you ever fallen prey to a bait-and-switch scam? What is your advice on how to avoid them?

Google Play reduced the number of apps with user personal information by 98%

google play

Google Play described how it fought against malicious applications and unscrupulous developers in 2019.

Thus, thanks to the update of the rules in 2018, Google was able to reduce the number of applications with user personal information by 98%. The remaining 2% are applications in which access to this information is necessary for basic functions.

With the implemented controls Google Play was able to prevent the publication of more than 790,000 applications that violate its rules.

google play

In May 2019, a new rule was also introduced for the “Familywide Apps” program. Since then, Google Play has updated and in some cases removed tens of thousands of apps to ensure content security for all ages.

In addition, Google has updated Google Play Protection, which scans more than 100 billion apps daily and alerts users to potential threats.

Last year Google Play Protection prevented the installation of more than 1.9 billion malicious programs from third-party resources.

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Google plans to further improve its platform in 2020. Work will continue in the following directions:

  • Strengthen application security policies to protect user privacy.
  • Increase the speed of detection of attackers and blocking accounts of regular intruders.
  • Detecting and removing applications with malicious content.

How to permanently delete a Yahoo account

How to Delete a Yahoo Account

Why should I delete my Yahoo account?

There are many good reasons to close your Yahoo account. For one thing, Yahoo isn’t really Yahoo anymore ever since it was sold to Verizon back in 2017. It is now part of the Verizon Media Group and has a complete management team. More worryingly, it was disclosed only a couple years ago that, back in 2014, Yahoo suffered one of the largest data breaches in history which compromised more than 500 million accounts. Not only that but in 2013 they also suffered another breach that impacted ALL of its users (3 billion users). It makes sense to lose trust in them after that and want to preserve your data by deleting your yahoo account.

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend that you always use the best VPN Chrome extension – RUSVPN

delete a Yahoo account

The consequences of deleting your Yahoo account

Are you finally ready to deactivate your yahoo account? First, they are a few things that you should: this will also delete your yahoo mail account, as well as all your user data. The same goes for your Flickr account and the photos you have on there.

One other thing to be careful about is that people will then free to signup with your old email address and use it to send emails. So you should make sure that all your contacts know that you are deleting this address.

This will also cancel any paid subscription or service. It might, therefore, be a good idea to cancel them beforehand and remove any credit card you have on that account.

How to delete my Yahoo email account

Fortunately, the company doesn’t make it excessively complicated to delete your yahoo account. Indeed they even have a one-stop yahoo delete user page. All there’s left to do is head over to this delete yahoo account link and log in.

You’ll be given information to read and what terminating your Yahoo account entails and then you can click on “Continue”.

Next enter your Yahoo email address one last time before clicking on “Yes, terminate this account.”

How to delete my Yahoo email account

You’ll receive a confirmation that the Yahoo account linked to that email was deactivated.

How to recover my Yahoo account

Here’s the good news: after you initially ask for the account to be closed, you actually have a 40-day period to reactivate it before it is gone for good. As long as it hasn’t been longer than that, to recover your yahoo account is very simple: simply login. You can, for example, log on to your Yahoo mail account here https://login.yahoo.com/ and this will reactivate your Yahoo account.

What’s next?

The good thing about getting rid of the old is that it makes a place for the new. Once you have closed your yahoo account, it might be the perfect opportunity to give try new email platforms or news services. A lot has happened in the tech space since the rise and fall of Yahoo and you are very likely to find new tools to improve your workflow and personal life.

Most common questions on deleting your Yahoo account

How to close a Yahoo account?

  • First, you should understand what closing your account entails. When you’re ready, go to this link and sign in with your Yahoo account. Then agree to the terms, confirm everything and voila!

How do you delete a Yahoo account permanently?

  • Your account will be permanently deleted 40 days after it is closed. So all it takes is patience once you have followed the steps to close your account.

Does closing Yahoo also close the email accounts?

  • Yes: deleting your Yahoo account also deletes your Yahoo email accounts. This includes your email addresses as well as all your data: emails that you received and sent, contacts, calendars, etc.

How to recover an old Yahoo account?

  • If you want to recover a Yahoo account that was deleted in the last 40 days, then you simply can sign in to your account here https://login.yahoo.com/. If you deleted that account more than 40 days ago, you are unfortunately out of luck as your account was permanently deleted.
    On the other hand, if you are trying to log on to an old account and forgot your password: then simply follow the steps here.

New tools to improve data security

New tools to improve data security

The human factor has been and remains the “Achilles heel” of data hacking. Multi-factor authentication can be an important step towards establishing digital identity control as a gateway to hackers. Investing in the safety culture that accompanies the process is the foundation for successful identity management.

New tools to improve data security

Thanks to new technologies, identity, and access management will remain an important pillar of IT security in 2020, which will complicate hackers’ access to employee logins. Companies should not only hope that the number of illegal passwords will decrease as security systems evolve.

On the contrary, companies must modernize their IT systems even more specifically in order to ensure security and constantly keep them up to date. Consumer pressure also plays an important role in this. If they lose confidence in the brand, turn away as customers, then data loss will be a first-degree risk for companies.

This makes it even more important to implement more complex password policies and related security solutions.

Users need to develop security awareness – new password-based authentication technologies can help them with this. But even this awareness cannot be achieved overnight.

Especially for companies with thousands of employees, the introduction of new IAM solutions and the rethinking of employees is associated with a long process of change. In the end, it is all about the long-term and sustainable formation of a new safety culture.

More stringent rules regarding password security measures play an important role in the change process. LastPass has comprehensively examined the impact of such policies in its Third Annual Global Password Security Report.

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend that you always use a VPN

Third Annual Global Password Security Report

According to the report, data breaches caused by weak security measures of service providers in financial, medical or social networks, unfortunately, are still the order of the day. Obviously, such global threats can only be eliminated if governments develop guidelines and regulations to protect this data.

In fact, regulations such as the EU’s Basic Data Protection Law (DSGVO) have a significant impact on the market and stimulate corporate security initiatives. For example, LastPass customers in Denmark, Switzerland, France, and Germany insist on implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA).

However, in many cases, there are still no sequential management processes related to the management of the identification life cycle. Accordingly, it is important that companies deliberately design their processes in order to accelerate secure digitization and minimize data leakage.

This area once again shows how important employee integration is.

The boom in multi-factor authentication with software tokens

In general, in recent months, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is experiencing a significant rise. Relevant solutions are available in various forms.

However, implementation is relatively difficult in companies with hundreds of employees. For example, hardware tokens are complex, expensive to administer, and not very popular among employees. Logistics, in particular, is a factor that cannot be underestimated.

Soft tokens are also quite difficult to implement. In the end, they require comprehensive user support based on training and education. But thanks to decisions aimed at this, the adoption of soft tokens is growing more and more.

They are already a very good alternative to hardware markers, especially for small and medium-sized companies, as it is easier and more profitable to work with them.

Alternatives to password – authentication without a password wins

The IT industry is actively working on finding, experimenting and finding alternatives to passwords. It seems unrealistic that passwords will completely disappear. However, users will switch to passless authentication to enter devices and applications.

However, this requires a simple and convenient set of tools for users. But developers should also have access to the appropriate developer tools / APIs.

Biometric authentication methods, such as iris scanning, will continue to become increasingly important in the future. Improved sensors and optimized recognition algorithms will contribute to this development.

In particular, advanced machine learning models allow for a more accurate contextual assessment and improved authentication process for geofences and biometric sensors. Some of these technologies are already very mature today.

For example, LastPass MFA uses GPS based geofences. This means that in the coming years, modern sensors will be used on mobile devices.

future, instrument-driven decentralized biometrics

In the future, instrument-driven decentralized biometrics will play an important role as a user-friendly method of user authentication. Biometric data does not leave the device, which increases data security.

However, it is still important that withdrawal mechanisms such as PINs, passwords or tokens are available. There are high requirements, especially from governments, for a centralized biometric database. The problem, however, is that such architectures invite abuse.

In the end, hackers get a lot of confidential personal information through single access.

Modern identity management begins with a culture of security

Regardless of the technical structure of the solution, the most important task of the Director of Information Security (CISO) is to ensure a unified security culture at all levels of the company.

Regardless of the technical structure of the solution

His arguments today carry much more weight than a few years ago – from the CEO to senior management. After all, security has long been a business priority in many industries and fields.

Thus, the CISO budget and staff to create a security team that implements and maintains security guidelines as a process, rather than sporadically. This is a crucial step towards greater cyber security.

How to delete an Amazon account

How to delete an Amazon account

Realizing that you’d like to cancel your Amazon account

There exist many excellent reasons to deactivate the Amazon account. There is, for example, no other way to totally deleting your purchasing and account history.

How to delete an Amazon account

Amazon has also been in the hot seat recently regarding its employment conditions and sales practices. And let’s not forget that it is one of the GAFA, meaning they do everything they can to get and retain your personal browsing data.

What you need to know before deactivating an Amazon account

Before you remove your Amazon account, it’s important to understand what the consequences are.

The first, more obvious consequence is that all your account data will be permanently deleted: browsing and purchasing history, uploaded content, reviews, etc. This also includes all the digital media you bought with that account: digital books, movies, games, music, etc. The same goes for gift cards, payment methods or store credit.

Something else that you should be aware of is that you will not be able to return or get a refund on any of your prior purchases. So it’s almost like canceling your warranty in certain cases (although the manufacturer warranty still applies).

One last thing to consider is that your Amazon account is also tied to all the international versions of the website or Amazon services such as Audible.com or Prime Video.

And, of course, if you had Prime, this will automatically terminate your membership and all associated services.

How to close your Amazon account

How to delete an Amazon account

As a first step, you first should go around your account and shut any pending items. You can close your outstanding purchases by going here (https://www.amazon.com/gp/css/order-history) and going to “Open Orders” and then clicking on “Request cancellation”. You cannot cancel the Amazon account if you haven’t first done this.

Amazon makes it excessively annoying and complicated to delete the Amazon account. You won’t find a straightforward button. The only way is to contact them.
First click on the “Help” section, which you can access both via the menu at the top and in the footer. Then click on “Need More Help?” and find “Contact Us”. You can also go here directly: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/contact-us/

Next click on “Prime or Something Else” and then goes down to “Tell us more”. Select “Login & Security” in the dropdown and “Close my account” in the next dropdown. You have the choice to use email, phone or chat. All three are fine, but we recommend chat so that you are done with Amazon once and for all without waiting too long.

Chances are that you will only speak with their Chatbot and won’t get through to an agent. But no worries, you’ll still receive an email with all necessary information on how to delete your Amazon account.

How to close your Amazon account

While with other services they might be differences between closing, canceling, deleting or suspending your account, with Amazon it is all the same. So refer to the previous section for detailed instructions.

What happens when you cancel your Amazon account

You will receive a confirmation email and that’s it! Say goodbye to all your customer data, digital content, Prime membership benefits, and other Amazon services such as Audible.

Changing your mind

Hopefully, you have read carefully through this article and realized everything that gets deleted when you cancel your Amazon account. Because, otherwise, you are out of luck: there is no way back. In any case, congratulations: you are one step closer to protecting your privacy!

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend that you always use a free VPN for Mozilla

Most common questions on deleting your Amazon account

How do I permanently delete my Amazon account?

  • The short answer is to select “Contact Us” in Amazon’s help section and to ask customer service to delete your account.

How do I delete my Amazon 2019 account?

  • While Amazon doesn’t make it easy to close one’s account, 2019 did see a nice upgrade: customer service on the phone can also directly delete your account for you. So now you have the choice between chat, email, and phone.

How do I delete my Amazon account on Android?

  • The same logic applies: whether in the app or mobile browser, head over to the help section and contact Amazon directly via chat, email or phone.

How to delete Amazon Prime account?

  • No worries, your Prime membership will automatically be terminated. If you’d rather be double sure, feel free to terminate your membership first before deleting your account.

What is a VPN and How to Use a VPN?

What is a VPN and How to Use a VPN?

Learn everything you need to know about VPNs

Whether you just learned about VPNs or whether you have known the term for a long time but you’re not too sure what it means, this article gives you a full rundown of VPNs, how exactly the function as well as the optimal way to use one.

What is a VPN and How to Use a VPN?


What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is created thanks to a tunneling protocol, which is typically layered and encrypted and reroutes your traffic via a remote server. This helps change your IP address to mask it completely. It also allows you to surf the internet thanks to the secured connection to that server. All your online activity will then appear as if it originated from that server. For example, if the server you chose is in a different country or region than you are, your connection will seem to come from there, giving you access to content that may be blocked in your country.


VPNs were originally developed as a way for workers to remotely access corporate applications and files.

What is a VPN?

Why should I use a VPN

So why use a VPN? Usually, there are two mains reasons which are connected to one another: privacy and getting access to content. Aside from the business world, the main purpose of a VPN nowadays is to protect your online identity by hiding your information. So what does a VPN hide? A VPN masks your IP address, which means that no one can see who is behind your online activity and they cannot (easily) trace it back to you. Whether you are trying to protect yourself from the indiscreet eyes of your ISP (Internet Service Provider), Google, Facebook or online advertisers, a VPN is the perfect solution. The other reason is to access content unavailable or blocked in your country, i.e. circumvent geo-blocking.

What does my ISP see when I use a VPN?

Not much, all an ISP can see is that you are exchanging encrypted data with a server. They cannot directly see that data and rarely know who the server belongs to or what it is used for.

Is using a VPN safe

But wait, is a VPN safe? Yes, VPN is generally considered safe. They are simply redirecting your traffic to a different server than usual. Of course, you should do your due diligence and check the reputation and data policy of the VPN service. Worst case scenario they only have access to the same information as your ISP does. But they cannot see any encrypted content such as passwords or login credentials or any content that you access via an HTTPS site (which are more and more common). If you still are worried about your personal data, then best is to check online reviews of the VPN’s privacy policy. You can also install the nifty “HTTPS everywhere” browser extension.

Is using a VPN safe

Is a VPN free to use

There is a huge variety of VPN services out there, some fully free, some not, some freemium, some with free trials. VPN services using the freemium business model are generally considered the best options because they are big enough for a company to offer a free (but limited) service while also offering a paid version (thus ensuring that they are not using your data to finance themselves). Many solid VPN providers have emerged in the last decade. But we won’t lie to you, the best freemium VPN and the best free VPN out there, then look no further than RUSVPN which provides unparalleled speed while being compatible with all devices and platforms. We promise we’re totally unbiased!

What is a p2p VPN?

A “p2p VPN” doesn’t exist per say. What people mean by that is a VPN used for torrent (p2p), to download and exchange files. Some VPNs won’t allow you to do torrent on their network. Other services give you a connection that expires after an hour or two (which isn’t ideal for torrent downloading). RUSVPN fully supports torrent and p2p.

Are VPNs legal

Except for China (where they have a Great Firewall in place), the installation and use of a VPN is perfectly legal. Concealing your identity and wanting some privacy is certainly not a crime. It’s true that a VPN is not inherently illegal, it all depends on what use you make of it. It is very comparable to Torrent in that way.

Are VPNs legal

Benefits of VPN

If you have read this far it’s likely that you are already aware of all the advantages VPNs offer: anonymous browsing, hiding your IP address and preventing surveillance, accessing any website you want and circumvent geo-blocking, secure use of any public WiFi network and more!

How to use a VPN

There is nothing simpler: simply install it and turn it on, the VPN will take care of the rest! Note that it usually takes a few seconds for the connection to start and for your traffic to be hidden. Depending on the platform you use, you will receive a notification once the connection is secured.

How to disable a VPN?

Simply turn it off in the app or software. If your VPN comes as a browser extension, another option is to go to the extension management page and disable it or remove it completely.

How to setup a VPN

Learning to setup a VPN is really easy with modern technology. Start by choosing the VPN provider of your choice and installing it on your device. It can come in the form of software, browser extension or app. You will usually have to sign up for an account (feel free to use a “throw-away” email address) but sometimes not. Next, you simply turn it on. Almost all services nowadays automatically select the server closest to you to ensure the fastest speed. But if you are looking to access content in a particular country, you can also manually select a country/server.

How to change VPN?

If you want to find a different provider, then you should simple to install a new VPN altogether. But you are most likely trying to change the country/server you are connected to. Steps vary depending on the software, but usually, you should be able to find a list of countries and/or servers in the menu or dashboard of your VPN.

What does a VPN hide?

A VPN hides your IP address (by replacing it with your new one) and hides your online activity from your ISP.

What is a double VPN?

You might have heard of this and be quite confused by it: so what is a double VPN? I find the term to be poorly coined as it suggests that you are using two VPNs or two VPN services, which is completely untrue. Double VPN means your traffic is routing through two different servers (instead of one) and therefore gets encrypted twice, adding a second layer of privacy/hiding of your data. So really it should be called Double Server or Double Rerouting. It was inspired by TOR which sends your data through several different anonymous servers.

What is a double VPN?

How to check if VPN is working

There are two different ways how to check if your VPN is working. The first obvious method is to start the VPN software or app and see if it saying that it is operational. The second method is to check whether your IP address is now different or whether the traffic is still coming from your country/region? There are dozens of different websites to check your IP address such as whatismyipaddress.com.

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend you always use a VPN

Select the best provider and enjoy privacy!

There you have it, hopefully, you now have a clear vision of what a VPN does and how it works. The final step is to select a VPN provider you trust. Do your research, read independent reviews and check their privacy policy before making a choice.

How to turn off a VPN?

Simply go to your service (app, software, extension…) and shut it off. If you have trouble finding the log off button, then you can also simply restart your machine.

Select the best provider and enjoy privacy!

Top questions people have on VPNs

What is a VPN and why do I need it?

  • A VPN can redirect your traffic to a server so that it hides your IP address and identity online. VPN is one of the easiest tools to install and help guarantee your online privacy, get rick of trackers (such as advertisers or your ISP) or access geo-blocked content that isn’t available in your region.

Can you be tracked if you use a VPN?

  • The average tracker (advertisers, ISPs, etc.) will not be able to track you once you use a VPN. Of course, as with any technology nowadays, powerful actors (such as governments or hackers) have ways to find out your identity if they really want to. But for the average user, a VPN means complete privacy.

How do I get a VPN?

  • It’s as simple as installing it! Simply choose a provider (such as RUSVPN), install it and turn it on!

What does VPN mean?

  • A Virtual Private Network is a way to access a private and secure network from a public network (the internet).

List of best Pirate Bay proxies 2020

List of best Pirate Bay proxies 2020

So you’re having trouble accessing The Pirate Bay

Whether you are currently unable to access your favorite torrent site or you are just trying to learn more about proxy and mirror sites to be better prepared, this article has you covered. We’ve entered a new so it’s time to update last year’s list of Pirate Bay proxy 2019.

List of best Pirate Bay proxies 2020

Why is Pirate Bay blocked?

The Pirate Bay is the most infamous (and famous) torrent site and as a result, it can often be down or unavailable in many countries.

There are lots of ISPs and governments that choose to blacklist it or put up a firewall against it. Sometimes the site can also be in the midst of a maintenance procedure and be temporarily inaccessible.  

What are Pirate Bay mirrors?

Both blacklists and firewalls work by targeting the site’s URL “thepiratebay.org”. That’s where proxies or mirror websites come in handy. They let you circumvent such censorship and unblock access. Mirror sites do exactly what the name suggests: they are a copy of the original site and its content. So it’s a bit like a new Pirate Bay URL. Proxies work differently: they send you to the main but they first mask your IP address by redirecting your traffic through them.

How to access Pirate Bay

This is a crucial question because the site might be illegal or monitored closely to prevent online piracy. Governments, ISPs and copyright enforcers all know about it. If you want to avoid any risk your ISP sending you a warning or worse, you should absolutely use a VPN. Both to access it and to download files. This will ensure that nobody can identify you via your IP address. Plus proxies and mirrors can also get blacklisted, so a VPN can unblock them too.

List of Pirate Bay proxies

There are already pirate proxy lists online but most of them are outdated or three pages long. We won’t waste your precious time and cut right to our 2020 Pirate Bay mirrors list, starting with the best pirate bay proxy:

  • https://thepiratebays3.com
  • https://www1.thepiratebay3.to/
  • https://tpb.cool/
  • https://tpblist.info/
  • https://piratebaylive.com/
  • https://piratebaylive.online/



Pirate Bay proxy is down

Just like the main site, a Pirate Bay proxy down can also happen. Just like in the case of the Pirate Bay blocked, use a VPN to avoid any risk of being traced and to unblock it. You can try both the main site and proxies with it. A VPN makes your connection to the torrent site totally private and untraceable.

Pirate Bay proxy is down

How to access Pirate Bay from android devices?

Once again, the answer is to use a VPN. It doesn’t matter the device or platform, you want to connect in a completely private and secure manner. Pirate Bay Android can be accessed via a browser, third-party apps or even a dedicated Pirate Bay browser. But no matter what you will need to use a VPN to make sure your traffic is redirected and untraceable.

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend you always use a free VPN for the Android phone

What to do if none of the proxies work

If none of the mirror sites are working for you and you have no better luck with the pirate bay proxy sites above, you have several options. The first thing you should try is to change the country/server of your VPN. If you have tried a few to no avail, then it might be best to look for an alternative altogether. There are many The Pirate Bay alternatives, some as popular as TPB: LimeTorrents, RARBG, Torrentz2, YTS.it and more! No matter the torrent site you use, remember to always use a VPN. If you’re having speed problems, then you should look for a VPN that doesn’t throttle your speed such as RUSVPN.

Top questions people have about Pirate Bay proxies

How to use Pirate Bay through a proxy?

  • It’s really simple: turn on your VPN, wait for the connection to be established and then simply go to the proxy’s URL. There’s not much more to it. If the proxy isn’t working for you, try a different VPN server or proxy site.

Why are all Pirate Bay proxy sites down for maintenance?

  • On very rare occasions, The Pirate Bay itself temporarily shuts down to undergo a database maintenance procedure. Proxy sites will then, of course, be down too because they simply redirect your traffic to it. Mirror sites might still be working though, so give them a go.

What are the Pirate Bay proxies?

  • A PB proxy is a way to reroute your traffic through a server to unblock access to The Pirate Bay site. While it sounds very similar to a VPN, it was built to unblock content not ensure privacy. So you should still use a VPN as well.

How to use a Pirate Bay proxy?

  • It’s as easy as downloading your favorite show on torrent! Set up a VPN and click on the link. We, of course, recommend RUSVPN because we have unparalleled speed and hundreds of different server locations.


Windows 7 users will not receive a patch for a critical vulnerability in IE

Windows 7 users will not receive a patch for a critical vulnerability in IE

Only a few days after the official support for Windows 7 ended, a critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer became known and the question arose whether an outdated operating system would receive a patch.

official support for Windows 7 ended

According to Microsoft, only users of Windows 7 who have paid for extended support will receive a patch for the vulnerability, while users of the home version of the operating system will not be updated.

” Now that support has been discontinued, users without paid extended support will no longer receive security updates. We remain committed to helping our customers upgrade their systems and upgrade to Windows 10. We understand that while we give some customers enough time to upgrade, some customers still don’t have enough time, so we offer them multiple options. Services like Microsoft FastTrack help speed up the migration, you can also take advantage of the Windows Virtual Desktop Service (including three years of extended support for security updates), or you can request paid extended support. After the support expires, we will continue to work with our customers on the most appropriate course,” Microsoft told Beta News.

users no longer receive security updates

We would like to remind you that Microsoft has discontinued official support for Windows 7 on January 14 this year. This means that the company no longer provides technical support, software updates, and security updates and fixes for vulnerabilities. The zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer was reported on January 17 (CVE-2020-0674). The vulnerability allows remote execution of arbitrary code on a system and is already exploited by cybercriminals in real attacks.

zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer

Currently, only a temporary micropatch is available for the problem on the 0patch platform. As the administration of the service assures, it will release micropatches for vulnerabilities in Windows 7 in the next three years, so users will not be left to chance.

Google integrates iOS tools into two-factor authentication of your account

Google integrates iOS tools into two-factor authentication

Apparently, the use of a competitor’s third-party technology is not such an incredible step for many companies to develop their own and their services – and Google today announced a similar step, allowing the use of two-factor authentication for iOS devices. In particular, it became known that smartphone’s iPhone and iPad tablets have the ability to pass this authentication through their own set of proprietary security technologies when a user tries to enter their Google Account. However, this solution did not do without some technical points and questions.

Google integrates iOS tools into two-factor authentication

And above all, most users and mobile experts point out that the use of proprietary security technologies of iOS-systems may allow attackers to use the same methods of data hacking that were used before. In addition, there is the question of how effectively and robust user data is protected through two-factor authentication in Google using proprietary technologies such as Face ID and Touch ID.

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend that you always use a free VPN for Firefox

In any case, Google itself notes that according to preliminary tests, the use of these technologies in two-factor authentication has overcome many potentially dangerous segments and moments when entering user data. It’s not yet clear how Apple will respond, but we can assume that something similar is being prepared within its walls. Especially as far as further improvements to the Smart Lock application’s functionality are concerned.

Anyway, we can only guess how long Google has been doing these preliminary tests before finally presenting the release version of this two-factor authentication. In addition, some users raise reasonable questions that some of their user data might still be at risk of theft if that authentication were to bypass iOS tools.

How to Report a Website for Illegal Content, Scamming, Fraud and Other Illegal Things

How to report a website to google

Why report a website

The internet is a place and freedom which can be both a wonderful and dangerous thing. Since there is no single regulation body or set of rules, it is mostly meant to be self-regulated. And that means two things: first that people take advantage of that freedom to do illegal things or try to scam you; second that we all have a responsibility to keep the internet a safe place for all. So if you stumble upon a fraudulent or illegal website or you are the victim of the scam, you should report it and prevent other people from being a victim.

Next we will see the different places you can report a website depending on the type of website you want to report.

How to report a website to google

Where to report a website

There are many different places to report a website depending on what it is you want to report. We made it easy for you and broke each section down in the rest of the article. But let’s start with a quick overview of the main places to report a website:

  • Google
  • econsumer.gov
  • fraud.org
  • The FTC
  • Europol or the FBI for a crime

Note that these methods work to report even international websites.

Google is truly the godfather of the internet and, while their monopoly is sometimes bad news, when it comes to fraudulent website it means they will always have your back, no matter the type of website or fraud you encountered. They have a whole website dedicated to educating and fighting this: safebrowsing.google.com. And that is why this guide will sometimes feel like a guide how to report a website to Googe.

econsumer.gov is a partnership between the consumer protection agencies of 35 countries around the world.

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend that you always use a free VPN for Chrome

How to report a website

Let’s start with some general guidelines. First you should note the website’s address (URL) and document as much information as possible on it: a concise description of what happened, when, what law was breached or what behavior was inappropriate, what type of scam it is, what services you expected and what happened instead, whether or not you fell for it, if so what payment method you used, how you found the website in the first place, etc. It’s always a good idea to take screenshots as well.

But remember, before reporting that website, you first priority should of course be to mitigate your personal damages and get in touch with your bank.

How to report a fraudulent website

Let’s start with the most “benign” form of fraudulent site: abusive or illegal ads. If it is a Google ad (and chances are it is), a good place to start is with Google itself. You can report the bad ad here: https://support.google.com/google-ads/troubleshooter/4578507.

The other big player in the ad world is Facebook. If you see a fraudulent ad, then click on the options next to the ad and click on “Report Ad”. To report anything you see on Facebook, you can also use this link: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/274459462613911.

How to report fraudulent site

For any other type, you can report fraudulent websites to Google directly here:

https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/spamreport. This includes webspam (pages that circumvents Google’s to get ranked higher), which you can report here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/spamreport. As well as paid links (pages that buy or sell links to artificially increase their rank), which you can report here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/paidlinks. No matter what it is, don’t hesitate to report a bad website to google. Google is one of the best reporting.

In the US, there are a lot of tools to help you report fraudulent websites. So make sure to report the website to at least one of these:

  • Report the site to your local FBI office at https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field/field-offices
  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) here https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov
  • Report a site to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (ICCC) https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx

And of course do not forget www.econsumer.gov and www.fraud.org which we already mentioned earlier and which to apply everywhere. And if you have the time and/or want to be completely thorough, why not also involve Microsoft and report it here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/support/report-unsafe-site-guest.

How to report a scam website

A scam site is pretty much a fraudulent site so everything in the previous section applies. Do note that if the scam involves investments or securities, then you should also report it to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) here https://www.sec.gov/complaint/select.shtml.

Since Google’s safebrowsing site doesn’t have a “scam” section, you might be wondering how to report a scam website to Google or how to repot a cheaters website. Simply head over here: https://safebrowsing.google.com/safebrowsing/report_badware/

Top 10 scams by amount lost

Scam category Amount lost
Investment scams $61 607 941,00
Dating & romancce $28 604 215,00
False billing $9 784 540,00
Hacking $5 139 414,00
Online shoping scams $4 839 952,00
Remote access scams $4 807 372,00
Identity theft $4 305 266,00
Threats to life, arrest or other $4 242 989,00
Classified scams $2 810 281,00
Inheritance scams $2 622 355,00

How to report a phishing website

The best place to start is to report the phishing site to Google. Head over here and report the site: http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/report_phish/.

Another great place to report it is with the APWG here https://apwg.org/reportphishing/. APWG stands for Anti Phishing Working Group and it is an international coalition of governments, industry actors, law enforcement and NGOs fighting cybercrime together. It’s as close as you get to a real-world version of The Avengers or The Justice League.

How to Report a phishing site

Next there is a whole list of good actors trying to keep phishing in check. If you have the time, it is also well worth your while as sites can get blocked within 15-20 minutes of you reporting them:

  • Report it to Norton here https://submit.symantec.com/antifraud/phish.cgi
  • Report it to Microsoft here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/support/report-unsafe-site
  • Report it to McAfee here https://www.trustedsource.org/en/feedback/url
  • Report it to Kasperky here https://virusdesk.kaspersky.com/
  • Report it to CIRCL here https://www.circl.lu/urlabuse/
  • Report it to NetCraft here http://toolbar.netcraft.com/report_url

How to report a malicious website

Again, the best place to start is report the malicious site to Google at this address: http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/report_badware/.
Often malicious sites are a form of phishing or scam, in which case please refer to the previous sections for further links and advice.

How to report a copyright infringement

This is bit trickier to know when it is worthwhile your time to report such a site, because the internet is unfortunately full of intellectual property crimes and there is a whole economy running on it. In any case, it doesn’t take much of your effort to report it – once again! – to Google here: https://support.google.com/legal/troubleshooter/1114905.

Since a lot of these cases happen with products sold an Amazon, here is a direct link you can use for that situation: https://www.amazon.com/report/infringement

If you are just a good Samaritan and you are doing this without any personal stakes, then you might want to also get in touch with the real owners of the brand who is being stolen.

If the intellectual property crime causes direct damages to you then you probably want to go further and hire a lawyer. If you are in the US, then the US government can help as well. You can report such crimes here https://www.justice.gov/criminal-ccips/reporting-computer-internet-related-or-intellectual-property-crime and here https://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/faq-infringement.html. In Europe you can report it here: https://europa.eu/youreurope/business/running-business/intellectual-property/infringement/index_en.htm.

How to report an illegal website

While there are countless ways for a site to be illegal and you might want to double-check that the site is indeed breaking the law. If it is or in case of doubt, don’t hesitate to report it. So how to report a website for illegal content? The best place to start is with the APWG (https://apwg.org/) which we have already mentioned.

If you are in the US then any illegal matter should be reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx) and/or to the FBI (http://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field/field-offices).

How to report Illegal website

In Europe you’ll want to report it to Europol here: https://www.europol.europa.eu/report-a-crime/report-illegal-content-on-the-internet or here: https://www.europol.europa.eu/report-a-crime/report-cybercrime-online.

And of course, why not report illegal website to Google, it can help take the website down faster: https://support.google.com/legal/troubleshooter/1114905.

How to report a website for inappropriate content

No matter what content you encountered, you can quickly report it to Google here: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/510.

What if it is something serious? How to report a website for inappropriate content then? If you encountered Child Pornography or Exploitation then make sure to go to the authorities. In the US you should get in touch with your local FBI office (http://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field/field-offices) and with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx). Of course this constitutes a crime so you can also use all the information we covered in the previous section.

One other good place is the Internet Watch Foundation which dedicates itself to searching the internet to remove such content and provides a website for users to report it here: https://www.iwf.org.uk/.

Google Transparency Report

Google’s Transparency Report is usually more known when it comes to finding out how many government data collection requests it gets annually or for using one’s “right to be forgotten’. However it goes far beyond that. Not only is it a great initiative the transparency of the internet, but it’s also very practical if you report a website. If Google finds that site to violet its policies, they will update the status of the website in their report. And of course your report will count towards their transparency report in a totally anonymous way. You can find the Google transparency report website here: https://transparencyreport.google.com/.

Let’s make a safer internet together

Hopefully this guide helped you find useful resources and links to report a website depending on what sort of fraudulent or illegal site it is. Remember that the internet is only as safe as we make it and that we all are its guardian. Do your part and report anything you see. It’s like cleaning litter on the street: it usually doesn’t take very long and it can do a big difference if we all do it.

How to report a Website FAQ

  • How do you report a website?

The first step is to determine what type of website you are reporting and why. Is it illegal, a scam, a copyright infringement issue, does it contain malware, does it publish your personal information or is it a phishing website? Next, refer to the relevant section in this article to find out where to report it.

  • How do I report a website anonymously?

All you have to do is not provide your personal identity when using any of the links listed in our article. If you are paranoid, then you can use a VPN while in incognito mode (so that you are not logged into your Google account).

  • How do I file a complaint against an online company?

If you are in the US, then the best place for this is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If you alert them on any wrongdoing, the FTC will carry out an investigation into the company. You can also use a website made for customer complaints such as this one: https://www.hissingkitty.com/index.php.

  • Where do I report phishing sites?

There are two main places to report phishing: Google (http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/report_phish/?hl=en) and the APWG (https://apwg.org/reportphishing/). Our article goes into much further detail and gives additional ressources.

You Can Easily Grab TikTok Account With the Official App

grab TikTok account with the official app

CheckPoint experts have found not too dangerous vulnerabilities in the mobile application TikTok, which, however, can be combined so that there is a threat of seizing control over the victim’s account.

It is sufficient to know the number

Experts of the company CheckPoint found a number of vulnerabilities in the official mobile application of Chinese social network TikTok, which allow you to intercept control over your account. To do this, the attacker only needs to know the mobile phone number of the potential victim.

TikTok is a Chinese social network that allows you to create short music videos, live broadcasts and messaging. Launched in 2018, TikTok has now taken the lead in China and has achieved significant popularity in other countries, with more than 1.3 billion installations worldwide.

grab TikTok account with the official app

TikTok accounts are divided into free and paid accounts, and the content of free accounts is publicly available by default. Only paid users can restrict access to their content.

The vulnerabilities identified in the application itself are not critical or even dangerous. A combination of these vulnerabilities becomes critical: using SMS link spoofing, open redirection and cross-site scripting, attackers can perform a range of malicious actions.

In addition to taking control of the account directly, various manipulations of its content become possible – deleting videos uploaded by users, uploading videos without the user’s knowledge and consent, removing user restrictions on videos, publishing private information about the account, etc.

Send an SMS to the number…

Checkpoint experts have found that it is possible to use the function of sending SMS from the TikTok website on behalf of the social network to any number; such SMS usually contain a link to download the client program.

However, the link can be easily substituted and thus lure the user to a third party resource, through which it is possible to run any code on the target mobile device – provided that the TikTok application is already installed on it.

“In principle, the fact that the victim – a TikTok user – receives a message with an offer to download the client again should already cause suspicion,” said Anastasia Melnikova, an expert on information security company SEC Consult Services. – “But not always users wonder why they need to download something again: they say that the update is out. Such inattentive tricks of malefactors are often designed for this purpose”.

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend that you always use a PC VPN

The main problem with the TikTok application itself, from an expert’s point of view, is the lack of protection against forged cross-site requests (XSS).

In late December 2019, the U.S. Army banned the use of TikTok for its employees: U.S. authorities suspect that the application may be used to steal user data. On December 16, 2019, the U.S. Department of Defense issued a warning about the danger of this social networking site.

Starting January 4, 2020, employees of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are officially forbidden to use TikTok.

Browser Hijacking: How to Remove a Browser Hijacker

Browser Hijacking: How to Remove a Browser Hijacker


Has your web browser’s performance slowed down? Have you opened your browser only to find new and strange-looking icons, ads everywhere, a different homepage or search engine, without you doing or installing anything? Then your browser might have been hijacked! While it usually is a rather benign form of malware, it can turn into a big headache, compromise your computer or even ruin your life

Browser Hijacking: How to Remove a Browser Hijacker

What is a Browser Hijacker

Browser hijacking is a form of malware that messes with your browser and injects annoying advertising. They are able to override your browser’s settings without your permission. Aside from advertising they might also change your start/home page, search engine or even your error page in order to force you to generate traffic to those pages which translates to ad revenue for them. Another common tactic is to force redirect you to an unwanted site or page.

It most frequently comes in the form of a browser add-on. Some forms will produce annoying or inappropriate pop-up ads such as for pornography. They can also add such pages to your bookmarks. However it is not a computer virus and there is no such thing as a “hijack virus”.

If your web browser is constantly being redirected to unwanted sites, or advertisements are popping up while you browse the Internet, then your computer may be infected with browser hijacker.

Symptoms of Browser Hijacking

We have already mentioned a few unmistakable signs that your computer is hijacked.

If you want to find out for sure, look for these signs or the ones below:

  • Home or start page has changed;
  • Error page has changed;
  • Ads fill my browser;
  • New, unwanted browser extensions, toolbars or search bars;
  • New, unwanted bookmarks;
  • Pages load very slowly or not at all;
  • Uncontrollable popup pages filled with ads;
  • Unwanted redirection to web pages;
  • If there is any item (extension, toolbar, page, etc.) that seems to have been added without your permission, start by searching the web for it and see if it is a known hijack.

Aside from being invaded by ads, a more insidious hijack is to redirect you to a different website or search results: you go to google.com to search for something and instead you get results from a different engine or site, usually with lots of ads everywhere.

Impacts and Threats

As mentioned, most of the impacts are rather benign compared to other malwares but quite annoying: sluggish browser performances, intrusive ads, a website is blocked due to hijack, unprompted webpage redirection, inability to use your chosen search engine or your favorite sites.

But some are much more dangerous. A sub-category of browser hijackers are more interested in your banking information or passwords and will install spyware, such as a keylogger, to try and steal your data. They might then try to sell your data or even blackmail you.

More serious versions of computer hijacking will lead to registry damages (in Windows) or to your browser downloading more malware.

How to Remove Browser Hijacker

Browser hijacker removal might vary in difficulty depending on which version you have. Some forms are easily reversible, while other are very challenging.

There are three main steps to follow:

First remove the malware from your device, second clean your browser, third reset it to factory settings.

  1. For the first step, you can get rid of any unwanted program manually by going to “Add or remove programs” in Windows or “Applications” in Mac. Next you can use malware removal tools. Just make sure to use well known tools to avoid downloading any further malware.

Some of the best free tools include:

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware;
  • Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool;
  • Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition;
  • Adaware Antivirus Free;
  • Emsisoft Emergency Kit;
  • Use any (or all) of these tools to find any infected file on your computer and delete or quarantine it.
  1. The second step is to clean and reset your browser. You should start by taking a look at your list of extensions, add-ons and plugins and remove any that you dot no want.
  2. Next you should reset it. The method will vary depending on your device and browser. Resetting your settings will erased any unwanted changes and it won’t delete any of your saved passwords or bookmarks.

How to Remove Browser Hijacker Chrome

Chrome is especially powerful in Windows as it lets you check for computer malware on top of letting you reset your browser settings.

Below are the steps, if you’re on Mac you should skip step 4 and 5:

  1. Top right of Google Chrome, click on the three dots and then on “Settings”;
  2. Click “Advanced” at the bottom of the settings page;
  3. In the “Reset and clean up” section, click on “Clean up computer”;
  4. Click on “Find”;
  5. If any unwanted software is found, click “Remove”. Reboot your computer if you’re prompted to do so;
  6. Once done, come back to the “Reset and clean up” section and click on “Restore settings to their original defaults”;
  7. A confirmation window will open giving you a list of the elements that will be reset. Click on “Reset settings”.
To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend that you always use a VPN

How to Remove Browser Hijacker Chrome

How to Remove Browser Hijacker from Firefox

Assuming that you already followed step 1 and step 2, here’s how to reset Firefox:

  1. Go to the menu (hamburger-shaped button at the top right);
  2. Select “Help” at the bottom of the menu, which is next to a question-mark icon;
  3. Select “Troubleshooting information” in the sub-menu;
  4. Select “Reset Firefox” at the top right of the page that appeared.

How to Remove Browser Hijacker from Firefox


How to Remove Browser Hijacker Safari

Safari browser hijacking is less common but still exists. First, you should perform step 1 and step 2, before resetting Safari. While Safari used to have a convenient reset button.

This option disappeared with Safari 8 and it takes now several steps to clear the browsing data and cache:

  1. Select “Preferences…” in the “Safari” menu;
  2. Go to the “Privacy” tab” and click “Manage Website Data”. A dialog will open, click on “Remove All” at the bottom and then “Remove Now”;
  3. Next go back to “Preferences…” in the “Safari” menu and go to the “Advanced” tab;
  4. Enable the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” checkbox;
  5. Now select “Develop” in the menu bar and then “Empty Caches”.

As a bonus, once you are rid of this issue you might want to prevent pop-up windows in the future in case it happens again. Go to “Preferences” in the Safari menu and go to the Security tab. Then click on “Block pop-up windows”.

Browser Hijacker Safari

How to Get Rid of Browser Hijacker Android

We’ll cover later in this article how to protect yourself from an Android browser hijack, but if you are already infected then the simplest solution is to remove the apps causing the issue. You might have to do a bit of investigating to find which one(s) it is.
First start by clearing the data of your browser: go to your browser’s setting and click on “Clear Data” and then on “Clear Cache”.

If this doesn’t fix your issue, then follow the steps below:

  1. First you’ll want to go into Safe mode. Hold your device’s power button;
  2. Your screen will give you a “Power off” option, touch and hold it. Your device will then restart in safe mode (as shown by the “Safe Mode” text at the bottom of the screen;
  3. To find the culprit, best is to remove all your recently installed apps one by one;
  4. Every time you uninstall an app, restart your device in normal mode and test your device to see if it is back to normal.Browser Hijacker Android

How to Get Rid of Browser Hijacker iPhone

The best and simplest solution here is to clear your browser’s data. Go to your app settings app and select the browser app that is acting out (Safari, Chrome, etc.). At the bottom of that page, select “Advanced”, then “Website Data” and finally “Remove All Website Data”. You can also delete the history by tapping on “Clear History” on that same page.

If you are in the midst of a hijack, you will first have to exist the pop-ups or app. Press the home button quickly twice. Find your browser in the list of recent apps and swipe up to close it.

How to Stop Yahoo or Bing from Hijacking My Browser

Rest assured that neither Verizon Media (parent company of Yahoo) nor Microsoft (parent company of Bing) are trying to hijack your computer. If you search engine has changed without doing anything and you can revert it, then you have been hijacked. They will often install a Yahoo or Bing search bar so you’re not alone if you need to remove a “search.yahoo.com” hijacker from google chrome. Simply follow the steps we listed in the previous sections, depending on your device and browser.

How to Prevent Browser Hijacking

On a computer

So how can you avoid your computer getting hijacked? There are several safety precautions that you can take and that can almost guarantee you will never get hijacked (again).
First, install a reputed antivirus along with Malwarebytes. While you can find plenty excellent free Antivirus programs, paying premium for Malwarebytes is well worth it as it gives you real-time protection against malware, including hijacking.

The next step is to keep your programs up to date. This applies to all your IT devices and is unfortunately often overlooked. That way you make sure to never let anyone exploit a known software vulnerability that is easily fixed by a security patch.

The third step is also a golden rule on the internet: beware of what you download. Whether it is an email attachment, a torrent file or software, don’t download anything that is not from a completely trusted source. Be especially wary when installing free programs as these are often financially supported by ads, which means they can use confusing language during the installation process and trick you into installing a search bar or plugin along with the program you originally wanted. Make sure to take a few extra seconds to read carefully what the installing window is saying during the installation process.

On Android

The easiest thing you can do is only install apps via Google Play Store. While sometimes appealing, installing apps via third-party sources exposes you much more to malware. You also should go into your Play Store app menu and click on “Play Protect”. There you can turn “Scan device for security threats” on.

Also avoid going to risky websites and definitely install an antivirus app if you do. Remember that if a website starts showering you with notifications or pop-ups, a quick solution is to go to the “Site settings” of the Chrome’s menu. Under “Permissions” you can turn “Notifications” off.

How to Prevent Browser Hijacking on Android

On iOS

The same security procedures apply here: beware of phishing emails, don’t install anything you aren’t sure of and avoid visiting at-risk webpages.
If you use Safari, it’s a good idea to block pop-up windows. Go to your Settings and find the Safari app. Enable “Block Pop-ups” in the “GENERAL” section.


Safety on the internet almost always comes down to two things: educate yourself on known security issues and take the time to implement the simple preventive measures. This is usually more than enough to protect you from most threats, as long as you are not spending your days downloading torrent files on shady websites.

If you ever get hijacked, don’t panic there is most likely a solution to fix it. Do a web search to find out whether it is a known hijack or not and then clean your device and reset your browser to the factory settings. More often than not you will be rid of the problem for good.

Top 7 Cyber Security Threats to Watch Out For

While it might seem obvious to some, many might wonder: why even bother making a list of the most important cyber security threats? Experts certainly do not need this list of computer security threats to know how to do their job and to get ready for next year’s trends. The truth is that people are the main cyber threat and that articles like this one are aimed at educating them and making them aware of this very fact.

important cyber security threats

A report1 has found that 99% of cyberattacks wouldn’t be possible without the intervention and/or unknowing participation of humans. People are the main computer security vulnerability, the weak link. There are many examples in the list below, but a good example of vulnerability caused by humans is software or hardware not being properly updated. Humans are a source of unpredictability and can fall victim to social hacking or compromise sensitive data by inappropriately using their devices or applications. Education is therefore extremely important to making people realize that it is impossible to build a perfectly safe computer system if users to not follow the safety guidelines and take time to learn to safely use the tools at their disposal.

 Cybersecurity is rapidly evolving and new attackers with new techniques are ready to join the current cybercriminal clique. That doesn’t mean current threats will disappear, on the contrary. We’ve created a non-exhaustive list of 7 cybersecurity threats to watch out for in 2019.

Cyber Security Threat 1: Social Engineering

Psychologically manipulating people to obtain sensitive information has existed long before the rise of computers. However, this certainly reached a new scale and frequency with the internet.  Even with the best spam filters, we have all unfortunately gotten used to receiving suspicious emails, texts or even voicemails. These are called phishing attacks, one of the most common forms of social engineering. Phishers will send you an email (or text or voicemail), make it appear as if it came from a legitimate source (your bank, an online account of yours, etc.) and trick you into sending them confidential information.

While most of us can easily deflect “broad sweep” phishing attacks (the famous “Nigerian Prince”), targeted social engineering attacks can be quite sophisticated and hard to detect. As always, being educated and using your critical thinking is key, although not always easy in practice, in today’s fast-paced world where we are used to making thousands of quick decisions and clicks.

Social Engineering - Cyber Security Threat

Cyber Security Threat 2: Ransomware

Everyone was made aware of ransomware over the past few years due to several highly publicized cases. It is a type of malware that uses a Trojan to acquire sensitive information (webcam feed, passwords, etc.) to lock your computer system and then ask you for a ransom. The brilliant part about it is that hackers not only ask for a “reasonable” amount of money but also do unlock your system afterwards, making it all the more likely that you will pay to make it go away. Attackers have you pay using some sort of cryptocurrency, making it very difficult to trace them.

Ransomware - Cyber Security Threat 2

Cyber Security Threat 3: IoT threats

The Internet of Things (IoT) was once regarded as the next revolution. While it never quite happened that way, the market has been growing year after year. The numbers associated with smart speakers (think Alexa, Google Home, Facebook portal, etc.) alone makes one’s head turn: a study2 suggests that, in the US alone, 164 million units will be sold in 2019, totaling 250 million of units installed.

IoT devices bring a lot of useful and convenient features by being connected to the internet and to one another. But that convenience comes at a cost: vulnerability. Because they are connected to the internet, they can be exploited by hackers as a point of entry to your network. Furthermore, a lot of these devices (especially the cheaper ones) were not designed to have any security updates (or patching). This is why digital security risks associated with the IoT are dubbed to become the biggest cyber threat in the coming years.

IoT threats - Cyber Security Threat 3

And while industry actors and security experts are developing universal standards, there will always be the problem of all the IoT devices that have already been sold.

Cyber Security Threat 4: Mobile threats

There has been a lot of news in 2018 and 2019 regarding mobile apps that made it to Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store despite containing malicious code. The two main threats here concern privacy (attackers target your data to resell it) and crypto-mining malware (also known as cyptojacking). This is all the more concerning as a survey by Cisco estimates that 95% of business already allows employee-owned personal devices (BYOD) in one way or another3.

Mobile threats - Cyber Security Threat 4

Cyber Security Threat 5: AI/ML attacks

There are already plenty of worrying and persistent digital security risks, but one of the most distressing internet security threats is the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven attacks. More and more companies should start seeing botnet attacks powered by AI/ML.

Fortunately, most hackers don’t yet have the knowledge or the means to leverage such powerful tools, with the exception of nation-sponsored syndicates. More good news is that, while AI/ML can be used for evil, they also will help make our systems much more secure.

AI/ML attacks - Cyber Security Threat 5

Cyber Security Threat 6: Data Rights compliance

This is not new, but with last year’s major regulations, particularly in Europe (the GDPR) and California (the CCPA), data compliance makes for a fast-changing environment open to vulnerabilities. Stricter data protection legislation is always good news for the users and badly needed in our day and age. However, as internet services implement these and try to adapt in time, they might open the door to new vulnerabilities. It is also important to say that meeting data compliance standards is never a guarantee of proper data protection.

And the interconnected nature of the internet and the economy means that such changes have a very wide reach. Hackers are certainly looking at exploiting GDPR and CCPA regulatory procedures to their advantage. As with any major change, it is important not to rush the process and make sure to keep security at the heart of any privacy-driven solution.

Data Rights compliance - Cyber Security Threat 6

Cyber Security Threat 7: Cloud vulnerabilities

The cloud is one of the best examples of third-party vulnerability. Individuals and companies alike rely more and more heavily on the cloud, which makes it all the more prone to a major breach or Denial of Service (Dos) attack. The most important thing to remember, especially in a business setting, is that it is not because you rely on a third-party cloud provider that you are not responsible for the integrity and confidentiality of the data. While it can be hard to choose a cloud provider, it is imperative to take the time to check their security track-record.

Cloud vulnerabilities - Cyber Security Threat 7

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend that you always use a VPN


There are many more digital security risks out there – too many to list – but these represent the seven main trends regarding cyber threats in 2020. The online environment is always evolving and it is always possible for new, unforeseen security vulnerabilities to emerge.

Educating yourself is the first step to protecting you from such risks.

Because, remember, another way that “people are the main cyber security threat” is true is that, behind every attack, there is a malicious party, someone trying to gain access to your data or exploit a vulnerability to his advantage.

How To: Get Fortnite Unblocked at School or Work | Fortnite VPN

Fortnite Unblocked At School or Work

You’re an avid Fortnite player and since you’re here we don’t need to tell you that it’s the most played multiplayer video game today with more than 125 million players worldwide. The game has become a cultural phenomenon and gained popularity among people of different cultural backgrounds, political views, and age. Unfortunately, the real world is a harsh place and many schools and workplaces have special software installed that prevents people from playing their favorite game. The firewall will prevent you from having fun in a battle. Is there a way to play unblocked Fortnite? Yes, there is. And we will explain how.

Fortnite Unblocked At School or Work

Easy Steps To Get Fortnite Unblocked At School or Work

If you can’t imagine your life without Fortnite it’s quite obvious that you want to play it anywhere you can. Schools and workplaces use specific software to block Fortnite and prevent you from playing your favorite game. We do not want you to disobey your school or work’s rules but we do believe that every person must have free Internet access. A good VPN is exactly what you need. It is a very secure channel between the devices you have that is used to protect traffic from interference from third parties and censorship. If you want to play at school or work and avoid Fortnite IP ban, VPN would be your best solution.

Unblocked Fortnite

The Most Secure and Easiest Way to Unblock Fortnite with a VPN

As we’ve mentioned above, the easiest way to unblock Fortnite would be to install RusVPN on your computer. How does it work? Very simple. It establishes the connection between you and a remote server and attributes the device you have a virtual IP address, so when you open the game your firewall thinks you’re accessing the game from a different country. This way you can play Fortnite unblocked at school. VPN will encrypt your data so that your manager will not be able to track your traffic activity. You need to go to the Microsoft store and click on “Get” button and you will receive the downloaded unlocked Fortnite. This way you can play Fortnite unblocked at work and enjoy your time instead of doing boring tasks. So why choose RusVPN? Here are some of the many reasons:

  • Stable connection. We operate hundreds of servers that ensure your connection is solid from anywhere on Earth.
  • Privacy is king. With us all your internet traffic is encrypted and your password, conversations and everything else is kept private.
  • The cheapest price. Don’t pay extra. You’ll get excellent quality at a very reasonable price.

Are VPNs blocked in Fortnite? How can I regain access?

Fortnite indeed uses an anti-VPN system in its battle royale mode to prevent players from cheating. But that shouldn’t scare you. Game developers’ official word is that the game won’t let you in until you switch off VPN that you have. So is there a way to get the unblocked game? Use a VPN that can bypass Fortnite’s block and RusVPN is exactly what you need. It is the best VPN to use when you want to play unblocked Fortnite. Be sneaky, be smart. Our VPN is very easy to install and use – it will take you only a few minutes before you install it and plunge into the world of battle royale in your favorite game. Back to unblocked games: RusVPN will unblock not only Fortnite but also any other games, video streams and social networks that were blocked by your school or office.

It’s Time To Play!

A perfect VPN is easy to install and use, is affordable, secure and safe and lets you unblock Fortnite any time and from any point on planet Earth – be it your school or work. It will disguise your IP address and will let you enjoy your favorite game, keeping it safe and secure from other people in the room. Do not hesitate, install our VPN and enjoy the world of safe and fast-speed games of Fortnite whenever you want it!

To get access to different games and protect yourself from cybercrime – use RusVPN on your devices or use RusVPN Chrome VPN extension!

The most popular questions about unblocked Fortnite

How do I unblock Fortnite?

You can unblock Fortnite through 5 steps:

  1. Downloading of RusVPN.
  2. The next step is to open the Fortnite VPN (RusVPN) and then press the “connect” button.
  3. Now your VPN is connected and all your network activities are private.
  4. The fourth step is to open your Fortnite.
  5. Fifth – go check, your Fortnite game is unblocked!

Is Fortnite dying?

  • Fortnite has near 250 million players around the world as per March 2019 statistics and the game won’t die despite the blocking in schools and offices.

What is the rarest skin in Fortnite?

  • The rarest skins in Fortnite are the recon expert, reaper, black night, royal bomber and renegade raider.

How do I download Fortnite?

  • If you want to download the Fortnite into your Samsung Galaxy devices, then go to the Galaxy Store and open Epic Games App. Then click on the yellow download button and follow the prompts. The Fortnite app will install and it will take a few minutes.

How to play Fortnite at school unblocked?

  • Play unblocked Fortnite at school can be possible only owing to connection with Wi-Fi at school and playing games at school Wi-Fi involve usage of another VPN.

How to play Fortnite on Chromebook unblocked?

  • Yes, it is possible to play Fortnite on Chromebook. To do that, you’re going to need Chromebook, Windows PC with Fortnite and Chrome Browser installed and Chrome Remote Desktop extension. Detailed instructions can be found by the link below https://www.wikihow.com/Download-Fortnite-on-Chromebook.

How to get unblocked from making purchases in Fortnite?

  • For that purpose, the concern will be towards open setting and target restrictions and tap enable restrictions and then enter restriction passcode and afterward by scroll down go to toggle off in-App Purchase.

Insulting comments in Instagram

Earlier this year one of the most popular Instagram applications launched a new feature.
Its main task is to analyze written comments and warn the author before they are published that they may be offensive.

Insulting comments in Instagram

Now the company has extended this function. Preventive marking of potentially offensive photo signatures at the stage of publication became possible.
The program warns the user with a pop-up window that his signature, in Instagram’s AI’s opinion, may be offensive or violate the law.

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend that you always use a VPN

But it should be noted that the new functionality will not prevent users from publishing their angry comments.
According to the company’s representatives, these functions will only give the users an opportunity to think about the words they have written and possibly change them. Which in turn will reduce the number of insults and hatred in the network.

When the user writes a comment there will be an inscription in which it will be stated: “This signature looks like the others who complained about.
This notification offers a range of options to edit your text, learn more about the feature, and leave everything intact.

Instagram says the feature is also rolling out slowly, initially in select markets, then globally in the “coming months” — meaning 2020.

Among other things, the company said that they expect that this feature will help users to find out what things are prohibited or undesirable in the Instagram network, and what their statements may lead to further disabling of the account.

disable comments to individual posts, delete subscribers and filter comments

We would like to emphasize that the new features do not block the possibility of comments placement, Instagram has included several additional features to help users who suffered from online abuse. For example, you can disable comments to individual posts, delete subscribers and filter comments.

Only the fact that such functions appeared only after 10 years of the company’s work is disappointing. Developments in the sphere of artificial intelligence and text analysis have made this tool more molten and useful.yu but a simpler version of these functions could have been created quite a long time ago.

The company said that the function is being tested in separate categorial sectors of the network and will be introduced throughout the Instagram network in 2020.


What is a CA Certificate and How Does It Work?

A virtual private network (VPN) is set up using a tunneling protocol, which is typically layered and encrypted. To establish the VPN connection, it is necessary to authenticate both tunnel endpoints. This is a crucial step to ensure the privacy and security of the connection, which encrypt the traffic and mask the IP address.

This authentication process can be done using a number of different cryptographic methods: password, two-factor authentication, biometrics, etc. One of the most secure and resilient way of authenticating the tunnel endpoints is to use a digital or public key certificate. This authentication method is especially common in network-to-network tunnel connections.

A certificate authority (CA) is a trusted entity that issues digital certificates, which are data files used to cryptographically link an entity with a public key. 

So why is it better than other encryption methods such as symmetric cryptography (using a private key) and asymmetric cryptography (using both a private key and public key)? The answer is simple: to ensure the security of both these methods, one needs to make sure that the private key always remain a secret. A private key is therefore a major source of vulnerability. And what about a public key, how does any given party ensure its integrity? To resolve these issues, Certificate Authorities (CA) were introduced.

What is a Certificate Authority (CA)?

A CA is simply the issuer of the digital certificates. They are an essential part of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which manages the public-key encryptions and the digital certificates. A PKI associates each public key with its owner’s identity using a registration process (carried out by the Registration Authority) and a certificate issuance process (carried out by the CA). The CA certificate is an electronic file which serves to attest the ownership of a given public key.

CAs issue and help manage the combination of public and private keys, thus ensuring the integrity and confidentially of the keys within the PKI. PKIs and CAs were introduced as a third-party entity whose role is to ensure that public keys are genuine, authentic and uncompromised. CAs enable anyone to verify the ownership of a public key. They are a powerful way to counter so-called “man-in-the-middle” attacks.

CAs will typically charge people or organization who want to issue a certificate. While they are recognized as the most secure and resilient authentication method today, it can be burdensome and expensive to rely on them for authentication, as compared to simpler pre-shared secret keys. But are CAs truly secure and can we trust them?

Why do we trust certificate authorities?

CAs were designed to be a third-party, separate mechanism within the PKI that issues the certificates. The fact that CAs are built to be independent from the PKI and be the only party that can issue the certificates is what makes them trustworthy. The PKI as a whole manages the encryption of these certificate while the CA manages authentication, aka identity verification. This separation is vital to trusting a CA, otherwise any actor could issue and authenticate its own keys.

The way they were designed, CAs are never in possession of the certificate’s private key it signs. And that is why we trust them: it is impossible for them to intercept any communication that relies on their work. There is no backdoor.

However CAs are not completely void of vulnerabilities and have been hacked before. Recent examples include the hacking of COMODO CA and the TurkTrust Inc CA which resulted in them issuing fraudulent certificates. The hackers are usually state-sponsored because of the complexity to carry out such a hack. The most striking example is DigiNotar, which was allegedly hacked by the Iranian government in 2011. The hackers subsequently issued fraudulent certificates which they used in man-in-the-middle attacks.

This does not mean we shouldn’t trust CAs or that they are insecure. No IT tool is void of vulnerabilities CAs implemented within a PKI remain the preferred way of securing the transfer of information. CAs were never designed to be the final answer that makes the whole web safe. Rather, they are one of many tools in a complex system that help make the web more secure. Their role is to help independently verify identities online. The web can only be secure if other solutions are implemented, starting with web browsers, which actually verify said certificate and come with CA trust lists.

What is a HTTPS certificate?

One of the most common use of CAs is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, which are certificates that are signed using HTTPS (“S” stands for “Secure”), the well-known web securing browsing protocol.  They can be installed on any web server that wants to initiate a secure connection to a browser or another server. In recent years, SSL certificate has become the first choice technology for securing and encrypting the communication of any data.

We recommend that you always use a VPN to protect your privacy on the Internet


CAs heavily invest to ensure they have resilient infrastructure and operations in place to authenticate users and issue certificate. They also follow the guidelines and best practices as instructed by the browser community. In return, they charge a fee to any customer who wants to issue a certificate.

New Linux error allows hacking into encrypted VPN connections

A group of cyber security research workers has revealed a brand new severe vulnerability impacting many Linux and also Unix-like systems, including FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Mac-OS, i-OS, along with Android, which can allow remote’network adjoining individuals’ to spy and tamper with encoded VPN connections.

The vulnerability, monitored as CVE-2019-14899, resides from the media pile of varied systems and will be manipulated contrary to both IPv4 and IPv6 TCP channels.

This vulnerability might be manipulated by means of a network attacker — commanding the access point or attached into the casualty’s system — only by sending unsolicited network programs to a targeted apparatus and celebrating answers, even though they have been encrypted.

Linux is the general name for UNIX-like operating systems based on the kernel of the same name and the libraries and system programs built for it within the framework of the GNU Project.
GNU/Linux works on PC-compatible systems of the Intel x86 family, as well as on IA-64, AMD64, PowerPC, ARM and many others.

According to the investigators, though you can find variations to each one of those affected systems, the vulnerability permits attackers to

  • Determine the virtual ip of a victim delegated by the VPN host,
  • Determine whether there’s a dynamic link with any web site,
  • Determine the specific seq and ack numbers by highlighting encrypted transmissions or analyzing their dimensions, along with
  • Inject data to the TCP flow and hijack connections.

“Each time a SYN-ACK is provided for the proper virtual ip address about the victim apparatus, the system responds with a RST; once the SYN-ACK is delivered into the virtual ip address, nothing has been received by the attacker”

While explaining variations from the behaviour of different os’s, for instance, scientists said that the attack doesn’t work contrary to macOS/iOS apparatus as clarified.

Rather, an attacker must”utilize an open interface on the Apple system to ascertain the virtual ip ” Within their own testing, the investigators utilize”jack 5223, which can be used for I-Cloud, iMessage, Face-time, GameCenter, Photo Stream, and also push notifications, etc..”

The investigators analyzed and exploited the vulnerability contrary to the next systems and also the in it systems, however they believe this checklist may go long since investigators examine the defect more systems.

“The majority of those Linux distributions we analyzed were more vulnerable, notably Linux distributions which work with a variant of systemd pulled after November 28th of this past year, that turned inverse path filtering away,” the investigators said.

We recommend that you always use a VPN to protect your privacy when using the Internet

As potential , researchers indicated to show on reverse path filtering, and employ bogon filtering, and reestablish packet size and time to protect against attackers from earning any inference.

As the investigators haven’t revealed technical aspects of their vulnerability, they intend to write a comprehensive analysis with this defect and its related consequences, later influenced vendors, for example Systemd, Google, Apple, Open VPN, WireGuard, along with differing Linux distros issue satisfactory workarounds and stains.

The end of The Hidden Wiki on Tor

The end of The Hidden Wiki on Tor

Despite the fact that the hidden Tor service The Hidden Wiki stopped working back in 2007, many people think about it with nostalgia. The site was an anonymous wiki encyclopedia, which was protected from censorship. Let’s remember those wonderful days when any user after registration could edit materials in The Hidden Wiki.

The long-established location hidden Tor-service The Hidden Wiki (http://6sxoyfb3h2nvok2d.onion/) is now gone and now only shows the following message:

“The hidden wiki is gone. If you set up a new one and post the link to the or-talk list I’ll link it from here. 06/07/07.”

There are several location hidden wiki’s. The one knows as The hidden wiki is the one admitted and recommended as a starting point for people who are new to Tor and the only-available-to-Tor-users location hidden services, which possibly explains why this particular hidden wiki is known as The hidden wiki.

Location hidden services are websites and services who are provided using a Tor-server and can only be accessed using a Tor-client. The actual domains for the services are hard to guess (and remember) because the domains are actually hashes of a private key. This provides security since you can be sure that the service you connect to are actually run by the person(s) who have the key for the hash you are visiting. It also makes location hidden services very hard to find by accident.

At present, December 2019, there is no service that could replace or at least approach The Hidden Wiki.

The hidden wiki was a nice starting point for location hidden services, a “front page” if you will. Now it’s gone. Thus; I feel compelled to provide some other nice starting points for people who are relatively new to Tor and location hidden services.


Nnqtnsoohprzqcke(tm) - Tor-land search-engine

Nnqtnsoohprzqcke(tm) is a Tor-land search-engine based on the free DataParkSearch search engine software. It’s a great first step into the world of location hidden Tor-services for two important reasons:

  1. It looks very much like that well-known non-Tor search-engine.
  2. It’s fast. Relatively speaking. Tor’s .onion services are slower than normal websites. Searching nnqtnsoohprzqcke is slower than other search-engines for this reason, but the slight deal is limited to the typical “it’s a .onion site”-delay. nnqtnsoohprzqcke itself seems very fast.
To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend you always use a free VPN for Chrome


Toogle is the other good Tor-land search-engine. It’s based on mnogosearch and is a nice startingpoint. It seems to return fewer and less relevant results than Nnqtnsoohprzqcke(tm), but still: It’s relatively fast and it presents a clean search-result page.

Just a few more tips

The above mentioned search-engines should allow you to find most of the interesting non-closed community location hidden services. Here are a few more startingpointers just for fun:

  • onionforum – perhaps the most visited/used forum in onionland.
  • APE hidden services links – A wikipage with a list of location hidden services, much like the one which was at the front page of The hidden wiki.

This should be enough links to .onion-land to get you started on the anonymous and uncencored Internet. :-)

One last little detail: There are a few location hidden services who may upset some people. 99.9% of them are labelled as such when linked to, the chance of accidentially visiting a site with content that is disturbing to most people is realtively low. But it may happen. You’ve been warned. Now.. welcome to Tor-land and do enjoy all the subversive sites and services out there!

Is the television watching you?

FBI warns US taxpayers who attached televisions may offer hackers that a window in to their houses — inviting owners to adhere TAPE above Their SMART-TV cameras.

Smart TVs are all internet-connected apparatus that encourage streaming and apps. Hackers may utilize such TVs to spy and access a house network. The FBI recommends installing safety upgrades and devoting privacy choices.

In addition they imply that individuals cover their Television’s camera using tape if not in use.

For lots of folks, watching tv is a cherished pastime — however can your smart television be watching you ?

The vulnerability was found in sets by Samsung, TCL, and devices using the Roku TV platform, which can include brands like Philips, RCA, Hisense, Hitachi, Insignia, and Sharp, along with some of Roku’s own streaming players.

As reduction smart TVs fly off the shelves at cyber-monday earnings, the FBI has issued a warning which the internet-connected apparatus makes it possible for hackers access to your residence.

Connected televisions using knives and cameras can supply an opening for lousy actors to spy and violate the privacy, they cautioned.

Hackers may take good care of non smart TVs and utilize them like a bridgehead to gain access to your own router and then shape their own access in your smartphone or computer.

To combat them, they recommend familiarising yourself along with your television’s privacy features and coverages, not counting upon default option settings and covering connections .

Smart — ‘connected’ — televisions would be such instruments that connect into the world wide web and permit using varied programs and streaming products and services.

More importantly, all these hightech apparatus have been paired with cameras and radios — allowing for both user voice control and also the improvement of videochat centers.

Many models are being equipped with facial recognition technology, permitting the tv screen to ascertain who’s watching and also create suggestions for new approaches to relish predicated on individual screening foundations.

We recommend that you always use a VPN to protect your privacy

With those features, nevertheless, come solitude and security concerns.

Past the danger your television manufacturer and program developers could possibly be listening and watching youpersonally, this tv may be considered a gateway for hackers in the future in your house,’ that a Portland, Oregon FBI spokesperson composed on the agency’s internet site .

‘A awful cyber celebrity might well not have the ability to gain access to your locked-down computer ‘.

But they cautioned – ‘it will be possible your unsecured television will provide her or him an simple way from the back door via your route’.

The FBI also cautioned of this possibility for hackers to take charge of an un secured SMART-TV.

‘In the very low end of the risk range, they could change stations play the amount, and reveal your kiddies unsuitable videos’ – they cautioned.

In an worst-case scenariothey are able to start your own bedroom television’s camera and mic and quietly cyberstalk you.

The agency noted that US taxpayers may report cyber-fraud to their regional FBI office, or on the web via the Internet Crime Complaint Centre.

Hackers might attempt to harness on your SMART-TV to spy and access additional connected technologies at residence.

The FBI possess the following Tips to help keep Your House secure:

Know what features your television needs and how to restrain those features. Execute an essential online hunt with your version number as well as the language’mic’,’camera’, and’solitude’.

Do not be based on the default security preferences. Change passwords in the event that you are able to — and also understand just how to switch off the radios, contacts, and set of private advice whenever at all possible. In the event that you fail to turn off them, consider if you’re ready to spend the potential of purchasing this version or using this service.

In the event you can not switch a camera off want to, a very simple bit of black tape across the camera eye would be a Back To Basics alternative.

Assess the company’s power to upgrade your own device with all security patches. Can they do so? Perhaps they done that previously?

Assess the online privacy for the television manufacturer and also the streaming services that you use. Verify what information they collect, the way they save data, and also exactly what they do with this.

Large ASP.NET provider was attacked by an encryption programm

Large ASP.NET provider was attacked by an encryption programm

SmarterASP.NET, a major provider of ASP.NET services to more than 440,000 customers, was hit by a ransomware attack last weekend. As a result, all data on the clients’ servers was encrypted.

Large ASP.NET provider was attacked by an encryption programm


SmarterASP.NET assures that they are already working on recovering user data, but it is not clear whether the company has paid a ransom or is recovering the data from backups. ZDNet journalists note that recovery is slow: many customers still do not have access to their accounts and information. And everything is encrypted, including site files and databases.

While most users have used SmarterASP.NET to host ASP.NET resources, some have also trusted the company’s servers with a backend of their applications to synchronize or back up important data. As a result, because the backend database was also affected, many customers are unable to migrate the affected services to an alternate infrastructure.

It’s worth noting that the attack not only affected customer information, but also the infrastructure of the ISP itself. Thus, the company’s website was inaccessible throughout the Saturday and only recently returned to operation. Apparently, it may take several weeks for SmarterASP.NET specialists to fully recover.

The ZDNet edition writes that, judging by the screenshots of their social networks, which can be seen below, the attack on SmarterASP.NET was carried out with the use of the Snatch extortionist, which changes the file extensions to .kjhbx. However, there is no official confirmation of this yet.

It is not surprising that the attackers are attacking hosting providers. After all, the largest ransom in history after the attack of the cipher was paid by the hoster: in the summer of 2017, the South Korean hoster Internet Nayana, too, suffered from the attack of the cipher and was forced to pay ransom to extortionists, eventually spending almost one and a half million U.S. dollars on data recovery in bitcoins.

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Facebook Announces New Measures To Protect the Integrity During Elections

Facebook announces new measures to protect the integrity of its platform during the U.S. elections

On October 21, 2019, Facebook announced measures to “stop abuses and interference during the elections”. The U.S. firm plans to hold the next elections in America in November 2020. Its program is based on three pillars: combating foreign interference, increasing transparency of information and reducing misinformation.

Facebook announces new measures to protect the integrity of its platform during the U.S. elections
Facebook wants to increase its attention to the next American elections, which will be held in November 2020. On October 21, 2019, the digital giant published a list of measures aimed at “promoting the protection of the democratic process. Its program is based on three pillars: combating foreign interference, improving transparency and reducing misinformation.

Instagram is a new platform for fake news

It is noteworthy that on the same day, Facebook announced the suspension of the Instagram fake accounts network from Russia, which misled U.S. citizens. It is reported that the network was close to the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA), a Russian organization associated with the Kremlin, previously accused of disrupting the U.S. presidential election in 2016.

The U.S. firm also reportedly blocked three separate networks operating in Iran. According to Express, one of the Russian groups exchanged provocative publications representing various political interests and touching on topical issues such as “American elections, environmental problems, racial tensions, LGBT problems …”, explained Nathaniel Gleicher, Cyber Security Manager at Facebook.

The first step Facebook plans to take is to notify its users when the message was published by state-controlled media. The company, with the help of 40 experts, will develop a definition of “controlled media”. At the beginning of 2020, Facebook plans to extend this label to “specific publications” and introduce it into Instagram.

Launch of the “Facebook Protection” program

The company also launches the Facebook Protect program. This program should strengthen the security of Facebook and Instagram accounts for candidates, officials and their teams. In practical terms, participants will need to be able to provide two-factor authentication and their accounts will benefit from enhanced monitoring. Facebook has also announced a ban on any advertising that encourages American women not to vote.

“Make the platform more stable

“Our ultimate goal is not only to block these manipulations (…), but also to make the platform more sustainable,” said Nathanielle Gleicher. It’s not easy for a social network of about three billion users. Simply put, we have to keep an eye on everything at once. But Facebook is aware of its shortcomings. The implementation of these measures should improve “understanding of the various threats and ways to counter them.

It is difficult to assess the effectiveness of these measures right away. Now we have to wait until the election campaign starts to make sure that they have borne fruit. But they reflect a company like Facebook’s understanding of its role in the electoral process. However, some observers criticize Facebook’s decision not to ban advertisements in presidential campaigns that contain false information. A choice that Mark Zuckerberg himself justifies by his desire not to play the role of censor.

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How to Block Spam Text Messages | Learn How to Stop Spam Text Messages

How to Block Spam Text Messages

Interested in having a better understanding of how to block spam text messages on your iPhone? Not only are spam text messages annoying, but they are also dangerous due to the fact that scammers use these spam text messages to get your personal information. Some professional scammers even manage to get you to pay absurd amounts of money by having you simply reply to one of those spam texts. To avoid ever getting into such unpleasant situations, here’s a quick read as to what you can do to prevent such scams.

How to Block Spam Text Messages

How To Block Spam Text Messages On iPhone And Android Devices

The simplest way to avoid getting spam text messages is to just block the number that is spamming your phone with such text messages. Do keep in mind that this may not be a permanent solution due to the fact that scammers could potentially just start sending you different spam text messages from different numbers.

Not sure as to how the number or numbers that are spamming you? No problem! If you have an iPhone, simply click on the sender’s ID, then on info. After that, you will see the Sender ID icon, and there you will find the option to block this caller.

If you have an Android device, head over to the spam message that was sent to you, but under no circumstance click any numbers or links that may be within that text. Once there, click on the three-dot icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. When you click on it, you will see the option to block this sender.

Other Ways To Stop Spam Texts Messages From Different Numbers

  1. Check with your mobile carries about the possibilities of blocking the sender’s ID. Please note that most carriers focus on blocking unwanted calls, not texts. Yet, if you provide your carrier with enough proof that a specific ID is seriously spamming you, they may block both his calling and text privileges to your number.
  2. If you are getting spammed from a specific company with constant promotions, you can call the company directly and ask to be opted out of their phone marketing campaigns. Yet, most scammers tend to impersonate themselves as companies with promotional offers you, hoping you would click on the supposed “promotional” link.
  3. Trying using third-party apps. Note, that most of these apps only manage to successfully block from calls. For example, if you have some sort of phone sales manager calling you every single day and is trying to sell you something, a third-party app will easily help you deal with such annoying daily phone calls. To have a better understanding of how they work and if they can truly help you, take a look at their terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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Untitled Goose Game Has a Critical Vulnerability

Untitled Goose Game Has a Critical Vulnerability

Pulse Security consultant Denis Anzakovich discovered a critical vulnerability in the popular Untitled Goose Game. According to Andzakovich, the problem allows to introduce malicious code into the game and launch it without the knowledge of users.

Untitled Goose Game Has a Critical Vulnerability

The vulnerability exists because of insecure deserialisation in the downloader of the saved game. An intruder who controls a saved game can exploit malicious code when it is loaded.

According to Andzakovich, he sent a vulnerability notification to the game’s developer on October 7th, and on October 22nd House announced the release of the patch. Users are strongly advised to install an update to avoid potential cyberattacks.

Australian developer House House released Untitled Goose Game on September 20 this year, and the game began to gain popularity – in the first two weeks alone, more than 100,000 copies were sold.

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Main Security Trends Based on Artificial Intelligence

Five security trends based on artificial intelligence

Five security trends based on artificial intelligence

Companies are always very concerned about protecting their customers’ data and their own IT systems when implementing artificial intelligence systems. In a recent survey conducted by HfS Research, nearly 50% of executives said that their security concerns were a major obstacle to implementing cognitive solutions in their IT departments. However, the truth is that AI can improve security parameters, which could be noticed as the pace of AI deployment accelerates in 2019

Cyber security will remain a priority for companies in 2019, especially with new data rules, as companies face potential lawsuits for inadequate protection of their customers’ data. As a result, companies will be looking for ways to use artificial intelligence tools to protect their business from potential threats, compliance and data protection. Preparing internal auditors for advanced security will be a key factor in ensuring compliance.


Companies will have “digital employees” and intelligent biometric systems as their first point of contact when customers contact customer service or sales. Instead of an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system or a person  for support services asking a series of repetitive questions to verify a customer’s identity, IA will make the process faster and more accurate, reducing time and human error. “Digital employees can verify the user based on real-time analysis or using biometric systems to confirm their voice or fingerprints. The addition of artificial intelligence to the company’s systems enables rapid detection of changes in patents and reduces the likelihood of operator error. Opus Research notes that next year, companies with more practical thinking will implement intelligent authentication to prevent fraudsters from gaining access to their data and to provide their customers with a more comfortable working environment. A leading gaming company already uses “cognitive agents” to prevent phishing attacks during customer service calls, preventing fraudsters from accessing player accounts. As a result, the digital employee checks customers faster and more accurately, and company’s employees can spend more time on expensive calls.

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9 Steps To Follow If Your Wi-Fi Is Hacked

9 Steps To Follow If Your Wi-Fi Is Hacked

Maybe you’ve found yourself wondering: How do I know if my WiFi is being stolen? Is my WiFi a secure connection? Maybe someone has hacked into your connection and is using it to connect their devices, or even worse, maybe they are accessing your personal data! Here are the fundamental steps you should take in case your Wi-Fi is being exploited by third parties.

9 Steps To Follow If Your Wi-Fi Is Hacked

Step 1: Prevention

The first step should always be taken before a possible hacking, and is none other than prevention. The use of too common routers, weak encryption (or non-encryption) and simple passwords are errors that must be avoided from the first moment. The best solution to a hack is simply that it never happens!

Step 2: Disconnect your devices

But what to do if the hacking has already occurred? The first thing to do if you suspect that your Wi-Fi network is compromised is to disconnect all your devices and turn off the router. If someone has access to your Wi-Fi they can have access to all the data stored on your PC, your phone or even your TV. It is VERY important to cut that access from the very first moment.

Step 3:Disinfect your devices

With the network disconnected and your devices safe, it’s a good time to pass the antivirus on to your phone and PC and remove any malware that may have infected them. If your PC has an active trojan, it will re-exploit the vulnerabilities of your network as soon as you reconnect it and your data will be exposed again. It is necessary to stop this risk as soon as possible.

Step 4: Reset the router to factory settings

Now that your devices are disinfected we can reset the router to factory settings. This will remove any external modifications that may have been made to the accesses to your router and will close the doors that the hacker left open. But beware! Restoring the router is not the same as simply restarting it. You will need to carefully follow the steps in the manual to leave it as if it had just come out of the box.

Step 5: To change the factory configuration of the router

Wait, what? Didn’t you just say reset the router to factory settings? That’s right. First you need to reset your router to its factory settings to remove possible open accesses, but now it’s time to prevent the previous hacking from happening again. Many routers come with a default username and password that are terribly common: admin, 1234, password… These are standard terms that are meant to be used only on the first access, and then should be changed to prevent a hacker from accessing the router configuration with the same ease. Now is the time to give our router a much more secure username and password.

Step 6: Strengthen encryption

Do we already have a new username and password? Excellent! What if we now make sure that the encryption of our network is shielded? Many routers offer different options when it comes to encrypting our information. If you can choose between WPA and WPA2, don’t even think about it: WPA2 is much safer.

Step 7: Reinforcing the password

However, strong encryption is of no use if the access password is our dog’s name, our year of birth or simply ‘password’. Hackers often gain access to networks using psychological, not computer, techniques to find out a password. The best way to prevent this is to think of a password that is impossible to guess. For greater security you can choose a completely random one with a password generator.

Step 8: Renew IP

Now we have all our devices clean and a router free of hackers, with all access secured and with a strong encryption and passwords. You are now ready to browse, but, if you want, you can go one step further and renew your IP.

Remember: IP is literally the address of your devices, that is, it is what allows your devices to be located and communicate with others. The previous hack left your data exposed and the hacker managed to access your IP, so now he might try to hack it again. A good way to dissuade it is not to know what it is, and this you can get it Update your antivirus

Or get you a more efficient one. Maybe that AVG Free you have installed is not the best option to keep your computer protected. If you want to have a higher level of security, you should bet on an antivirus that is more robust. Bitdefender, ESET and Norton are some of the best options, but there are also other alternatives that may be more suited to your needs.

Step 9: Using a VPN

To be safe now, how about using a VPN to connect to the network? In this way, all your browsing will be done from an external server that will maintain an encrypted connection with your device at all times. This multiplies the security of your connection and will make it doubly difficult for any hacker trying to access your data.


In the face of a possible hacking of our networks, prevention is paramount. A generic router, a simple password and poor encryption pave the way for hackers, so it is very important to take care of all these aspects to keep your Wi-Fi safe. If hacking occurs, it is essential to disconnect all devices, turn off the router as soon as possible and erase all traces of the hacker by passing an antivirus and restoring the factory settings of the router. Then, with the devices and the network already clean, it’s time to learn from the mistakes and reinforce security as much as possible: change users and passwords, activate the highest level of encryption of the router and update the antivirus. As an extra help, it wouldn’t hurt to start using a VPN to further protect your connection. And now you’re ready to surf again in complete safety.

Zero-day Vulnerability in Android is Dangerous for Samsung, Xiaomi and Pixel

Zero-day Vulnerability in Android is Dangerous for Samsung, Xiaomi and Pixel

Analysts of the Google Project Zero team found a dangerous bug in the Android kernel, to which many devices running Android are vulnerable. According to researchers, this zero-day vulnerability is already under attack. The problem can help the attacker get root access to the target device.

Zero-day Vulnerability in Android is Dangerous for Samsung, Xiaomi and Pixel

This vulnerability was initially fixed in the 4.14 LTS Linux kernel back in December 2017. This patch was included in the Android 3.18, 4.14, 4.4 and 4.9 kernels, but remained vulnerable in newer versions for some reason. As a result, the bug may still pose a threat to the following models of Android devices running Android 8.x and newer versions:

  • Pixel 2 running Android 9 and Android 10 preview;
  • Huawei P20;
  • Xiaomi Redmi 5A;
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5;
  • Xiaomi A1;
  • Oppo A3;
  • Moto Z3;
  • Oreo LG smartphones
  • Samsung S7, S8, S9.

Experts write that the exploit for the vulnerability, which now carries the identifier CVE-2019-2215, is versatile enough to fit any of these models with minimal changes.

Google experts believe that the exploit they discovered for CVE-2019-2215 is the work of the well-known Israeli company NSO Group. Let me remind you that the NSO Group was founded in 2010 and since then has been developing various legal malawari, which, along with ekploitami for various 0-day, sold to governments and intelligence agencies around the world. The company gained wide popularity in 2016-2017, when information security specialists discovered powerful spy tools Pegasus and Chrysaor, developed by the NSO Group and designed for iOS and Android.

ZDNet representatives have already responded to these accusations and informed the media that they have nothing to do with the ekploit:

The NSO Group has not and will never sell exploits or vulnerabilities. This exploit has nothing to do with the NSO, and our work is focused on creating products for licensed intelligence and law enforcement agencies that save lives.

Fortunately, there is good news. Fresh 0-day hasn’t been given critical status because it’s not a RCE vulnerability that could be exploited without any interaction with the user. A number of conditions will need to be met to exploit this problem. For example, an attacker will need to install a malicious application on the target device to exploit the bug. Any other attack vectors, for example, through a browser, will require the creation of a chain of exploits using other, additional vulnerabilities.

The patch for the zero-day problem is already available on Android Common Kernel. Pixel 3 and 3a smartphones are located in all risk areas, while Pixel 1 and 2 devices should receive updates for this vulnerability as part of the October update.

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Check Point: The Echobot Botnet has launched Large-Scale Attacks on Smart Devices

Check Point The Echobot Botnet has launched Large-Scale Attacks on Smart Devices

Check Point The Echobot Botnet has launched Large-Scale Attacks on Smart Devices

Check Point experts have prepared the Global Threat Index report dedicated to the most active threats of August 2019. Analysts note the activity of the Echobot botnet, as well as the “return to life” of the Emotet botnet.

In the report, the research group warns of a new version of the botnet Mirai – Echobot, which began large-scale attacks on smart devices. Echobot appeared in May 2019, and has since “learned” to exploit more than 50 different vulnerabilities. Malvar is particularly active in exploiting the problems of Command Injection Over HTTP. Echobot attacks have already affected 34% of organizations around the world.

Echobot is a new version of the Mirai botnet. We note a sharp increase in its use: it currently targets more than 50 different vulnerabilities and has already affected more than 34% of companies around the world. It is therefore important that organizations regularly update all their networks, software and IoT devices. In Russia, the AgentTesla malware has risen to the top 3, which was actively spread during the summer months. As a rule, phishing emails imitated those messages that are often sent during vacations: information about booking and buying air tickets, bills for them

– comments Vasily Diaghilev, head of Check Point Software Technologies in Russia and the CIS.

As the researchers assumed, in August the infrastructure of another botnet, Emotet, was reactivated. The fact is that a couple of months ago, in June 2019, the number of malicious campaigns Emotet sharply decreased. The Check Point team then suggested that the botnet infrastructure could be shut down for maintenance and updates. We have already noted that the “vacation” of Emotet operators is not an unusual case. Botnets often take breaks in operation, updating the infrastructure, or while their operators are resting. For example, the famous Dridex botnet was shut down every year from mid-December to mid-January, during the winter holidays.

As a result, the top most active malawari in August 2019 looks as follows.

The most active miner in the world in August 2019:

  • XMRig – open source software first discovered in May 2017. Used for mining of Monero cryptocurrency
  • Jsecoin is a JavaScript miner that can run the miner directly in your browser in exchange for advertising, in-game currency and other incentives.
  • Dorkbot is an IRC-based worm designed to run code remotely by its operator and to download additional malware to an infected system.

Most active mobile threats in August 2019:

  • Lotoor is a program that exploits vulnerabilities in the Android operating system to gain privileged root access to hacked mobile devices
  • AndroidBauts is an advertising malware that steals IMEI, IMSI, GPS data and other device information and allows you to install third-party applications on infected mobile devices.
  • Triada is a modular backdoor that provides superuser privileges for downloaded malware and helps to integrate them into system processes. Triada has also been seen to be swapping URLs that are downloaded from the browser.

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The STOP Ransomware Is The Most Active Encryptor Today

The STOP Ransomware Is The Most Active Encryptors Today

The STOP Ransomware Is The Most Active Encryptors Today

Bleeping Computer drew attention to the STOP ransomware ransomware, which is one of the most active threats this year, along with Ryuk, GandCrab and Sodinkibi, according to the ID Ransomware service created by the renowned CSI expert Michael Gillespie.

The prevalence of STOP is also confirmed by the extremely active branch of the Bleeping Computer forum, where victims are looking for help. However, this encryptor is hardly mentioned or written about. The fact is that this smallvar attacks mainly pirate content lovers, visitors to suspicious sites and spreads as part of the advertising bundles.

Ransomware ID receives approximately 2,500 reports of ransomware attacks per day. And about 60-70% of them are reports of STOP encryption attacks, which leaves other extortionists far behind.

STOPs are mainly used for advertising bandits and suspicious sites. These resources are advertised by fake cracks and activators (e.g. for KMSPico, Cubase, Photoshop or antivirus) and free software, which is actually advertising bundles that install various unwanted programs and malware on users’ machines. One such malware is STOP. Also, in such gangs is found, for example, the Trojan Azorult.

Gillespie and experts Bleeping Computer note that the encryptor acts on the classic scheme: encrypts files, adds them a new extension and places on the infected machine a note with a demand for ransom (Malvar requires 490 dollars, but the amount doubles in 72 hours to $ 980). Odanko today there are more than 159 variants of STOP, which are known to researchers, and this variety significantly complicates the situation.

For example, Gillespie has made some progress in helping victims of data encryption to recover files, and created the STOPDecryptor tool, which includes standalone decryption keys used by the extortionist when he can’t contact the management server. The specialist has also been able to help a number of users whose machines have been encrypted using unique keys.

However, helping the victims was a difficult task: sometimes the ransomware authors released 3-4 versions a day, and thousands of people needed help at the same time. Also, as a result, STOP encryption has changed, and Gillespie can no longer offer help to all victims.

As a result, the Bleeping Computer forum’s help branch already has more than 500 pages, and desperate users will regularly forgive Gillespie for help on social networks. Thus, almost any researcher’s tweet instantly responds with pleas for help in decrypting files after the STOP attack.

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12 Tips to Secure Your Website ?️ WordPress Security Guide

WordPress Protection - 12 Tips to Protect Your Website

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world. More than 18.9% of all Internet sites work exactly on it, and the number of installations has exceeded 76.5 million. Unfortunately, this popularity has its drawbacks. According to the Securi reports , a company that specializes in websites security, WordPress is the most vulnerable to hacking CMS in the world. However, if you follow the best practices in this regard  and perform a few tricks from our guide, you will find that WordPress protection can easily be reinforced with a few simple steps.

WordPress Protection - 12 Tips to Protect Your Website

Before we start this tutorial, check the following:

  • Access to the WordPress control panel
  • Access to your on the hosting account (optional)

Step 1 – Maintenance of the current version of WordPress

This will be the first and most important step to improve the WordPress security. If you want a clean site without the malware, you need to make sure that the version of your WordPress relevant. Perhaps this advice seems simple, however, only 22% of all WordPress installations account for the latest version.

WordPress has implemented the Automatic Updates feature in version 3.7, but it works only for small security updates. While large, key updates must be installed manually.

Step 2 – Use of non-standard login credentials

1 adminuser

You use the admin, as the name of the administrator in WordPress? If your answer is yes, then you seriously reduce your protection WordPress and simplifies the process of hacking the hackers of your control panel. It is strongly recommended to change the administrator’s user name to something else (check the manual if you are unsure how to do this), or create a new administrator account with other data. Follow these steps if you prefer the second option:

  1. Log in WordPress dashboard
  2. Find the section Users and click Add new.
  3. Create a new user and assign Administrator rights
  4. Reenter in WordPress with your new data.
  5. Go back to the Users section and delete the default Admin account.

A good password is playing a key role in the WordPress security. Much harder to crack the password consisting of letters, numbers, lower and upper case and special characters. Tools such as LastPass and 1Password can help in the creation and management of complex passwords. Also, if you ever need to log in to your WordPress control panel when connecting to an unsecured network (such as in coffee shops, public libraries, and so on. D.), Do not forget to secure by using VPN, which will protect your login information.

Step 3 – Enable  Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification adds an extra layer of protection to your login page. After confirming the user name, it adds another step that must be completed for a successful login. Chances are you already use it to access mail, online bank and other accounts containing confidential information. Why not use it in WordPress?
While it may seem difficult to include in the WordPress-step verification is easy. All you need is to install a mobile app-step verification, and customize it for your WordPress.

Two-step verification is a process in which two authentication methods are performed one after the other to check whether someone or something requesting access is who they were declared to be or who they are.

Step 4 – Turn off sending of PHP error reporting

Reports PHP error can be quite useful if you are developing a site and want to make sure that everything is working properly. However, to show all errors, this is a serious omission in the WordPress security.

You need to fix this as soon as possible. Do not worry, you do not need to be a programmer to disable PHP error reports by WordPress. Most providers of hosting services offer this option in the control panel. If not, just add the following lines to your file wp-config.php. You can use the FTP-client or File Manager to edit the wp-config.php file.

@ini_set(‘display_errors’, 0);

That’s all. error reports are disabled.

Step 5 – Do not use the nulled templates for WordPress

Remember “Free cheese is only in a mousetrap.” The same applies nulled templates and plug-ins.

All over the Internet there are thousands nulled plugins and templates. Users can free to download them using various file sharing and torrent files. They do not know that most of them are infected with malware or links black search engine optimization techniques.

Stop use nulled plugins and templates. This is not only unethical, but also harms the security of your WordPress. In the end, do you pay the developer for cleaning your site.

Step 6 – Scanning WordPress for malware

To infect WordPress, hackers often use the holes in the template or plugins. Therefore, it is important to often scan your blog. There are many well written plugins for these purposes. WordFence stands out from this set. It offers guidance on the application and the ability to automatically check, along with a bunch of other different settings. You can even restore the modified / infected files in a couple of clicks. Apply it on a free basis. These facts should be enough to let you set it up right now.

Other popular plugins for WordPress enhance security:

  • BulletProof Security – unlike WordFence, which we mentioned earlier, BulletProof does not scan your files, but it gives you a firewall, database protection, etc. A distinctive feature is the ability to configure and install the plug-in a few mouse clicks.
  • Sucuri Security – this plugin will protect you from DDOS attacks, it contains a blacklist, scan your site for malware and controlled by your firewall. When it detects something. You will be notified via email. Google, Norton, McAfee – this plugin includes all black lists of these programs. You can find a complete guide on installing plug-ins for WordPress site here.
  • VirusTotal – is a free service for checking files and links for malware.

Step 7 – Moving to a safer website hosting

Maybe this advice may seem strange, but statistics show that more than 40% of websites on WordPress have been compromised due to security holes hosting account. These statistics should push you to move to a more secure WordPress hosting. A few key facts that you need to keep in mind when choosing a new web hosting:

  • If this is shared hosting, make sure that your account is isolated from other users, and there is no risk of infection from other sites on the server.
  • At present hosting the automatic backup (backup).
  • The server is a third-party firewall and tools for scanning.

Step 8 – Make backups as often as possible

2 backup

Even the largest sites are hacked every day, despite the fact that their owners spend thousands on improving WordPress security.

If you follow the best practices in this regard and used tips from this article, you will still need to make regular backups of your website.

There are several ways to create a backup. For example, you can manually download the website files and export the database, or use the tools offered by your hosting company. Another way to use WordPress plugins. The most popular are:

  • VaultPress
  • BackUpWordPress
  • BackupGuard

You can even automate the process of creating and storing backups WordPress backups to Dropbox.

Step 9 – Edit Shutdown File

As you probably know, WordPress has a built-in editor that allows you to edit PHP files. This feature is as useful as it can be harmful. If hackers gain access to your control panel, the first thing that they will notice is the file editor. Some WordPress users prefer to completely turn off this feature. It can be disabled by editing the wp-config.php file by adding thereto the following code:

define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true );

That’s all you need to disable this feature in WordPress.

IMPORTANT! If you want to re-enable this feature, use the FTP client or the File Manager of your hosting and remove the code from the wp-config.php file.

Step 10 – Remove unused templates and plug-ins

Make cleaning your site on WordPress, and remove any unused templates and plugins. Hackers often use disconnected and outdated templates and plugins (even the official WordPress plugins) to gain access to your control panel, or download malicious content on your server. Removing plug-ins and templates that you no longer use (and perhaps forgotten update) a long time ago, you reduce risks and make your WordPress site more secure.

Step 11 – Using .htaccess to improve the protection WordPress

.htaccess file is required for correct operation of WordPress links. Without the correct entries in the .htaccess file, you will get a lot of 404 errors.

Not so many people are aware that .htaccess can be used to improve the protection of WordPress. For example, you can block access or disable the execution of PHP in specific folders. Below shows examples of how you can use .htaccess to improve safety on the WordPress site.

IMPORTANT! Before you make changes to the file, make a backup of the old .htaccess file. To do this, you can use an FTP client or the File Manager.

Denying access to the administrative part of WordPress

The code below will allow you to gain access to the administrative part of WordPress with only certain IP.

AuthUserFile /dev/null
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
AuthName "WordPress Admin Access Control"
AuthType Basic
<LIMIT GET> order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from xx.xx.xx.xxx
allow from xx.xx.xx.xxx </LIMIT>

Note that you need to change XX.XX.XX.XXX to your IP address. You can use our website to check your current IP. If you use more than one connection to the control site on WordPress, then make sure that you wrote the other IP addresses (add as many addresses as you need). It is not recommended to use this code if you have a dynamic IP address.

Disable execution of PHP in specific folders

Hackers like to download a backdoor scripts in WordPress folder downloads. By default, this folder is used only for storage of media files. Therefore, it should not contain any PHP files. You can easily disable the execution of PHP, creating a new .htaccess file in the / wp-content / uploads / to such rules:

<Files *.php>

deny from all 


Protecting the file wp-config.php

wp-config.php file contains the core WordPress options and details of the MySQL database. Therefore, it is the most important file to WordPress. Therefore, it often becomes the main purpose WordPress hackers. However, you can easily secure it using the following rules in .htaccess:

<files wp-config.php> 

order allow,deny deny from all


Step 12 – Changing the default WordPress database prefix to prevent the introduction of SQL-code

WordPress database contains data and stores in itself all the key information necessary to operate your site. As a result, it becomes another target of hackers and spammers that perform automated code for the implementation of SQL-code. During installation of WordPress, many people do not bother changing the default database prefix wp_. According WordFence, 1 of 5 WordPress breakings associated with the introduction of SQL-code. Since wp_ is one of the standard values, first hackers to begin with him. At this stage, we will briefly look at how to protect WordPress site from such attacks.

Changing the prefix table to an existing site by WordPress

IMPORTANT! The main thing is safety! Before you start, make sure to make a backup of your MySQL database.

Part One – Changing the prefix in wp-config.php

Find your wp-config.php file using an FTP client or File Manager, locate the line with a value of $ table_prefix.

4 table20prefix20in20wp-config

You can add additional numbers, letters or underscores. After that, save the changes and go to the next step in this guide we use wp_1secure1_, as a new table prefix.

While you are in your wp-config.php file, and find the name of your database in order to know what kind of change. Search the section define ( ‘DB_NAME’.

5 db20name20in20wp20config

Part Two – Upgrade all database tables

Now you need to update all the records in your database. This can be done using phpMyAdmin.

Find a specific database in the first part and then log on.

By default, WordPress installation has 12 tables and each needs to be updated. However, this can be done quickly using SQL section in phpMyAdmin.

Change each table to manually take a huge amount of time, so we use SQL queries to speed up the process. Use the following syntax to update all of the tables in your database:

RENAME table `wp_commentmeta` TO `wp_1secure1_commentmeta`;
RENAME table `wp_comments` TO `wp_1secure1_comments`;
RENAME table `wp_links` TO `wp_1secure1_links`;
RENAME table `wp_options` TO `wp_1secure1_options`;
RENAME table `wp_postmeta` TO `wp_1secure1_postmeta`;
RENAME table `wp_posts` TO `wp_1secure1_posts`;
RENAME table `wp_terms` TO `wp_1secure1_terms`;
RENAME table `wp_termmeta` TO `wp_1secure1_termmeta`;
RENAME table `wp_term_relationships` TO `wp_1secure1_term_relationships`;
RENAME table `wp_term_taxonomy` TO `wp_1secure1_term_taxonomy`;
RENAME table `wp_usermeta` TO `wp_1secure1_usermeta`;
RENAME table `wp_users` TO `wp_1secure1_users`;

Some WordPress templates and plug-ins can add additional tables in the database. If you have more than 12 tables in a MySQL database, add the rest of them manually in the SQL query and execute it.

Part Three – Check the options and custom metadata tables

Depending on the number of plug-ins you have installed, some of the values ​​in your database must be updated manually. This can be done by running some SQL queries on the table options and metadata.

For a table of options, you should use:

SELECT * FROM `wp_1secure1_options` WHERE `option_name` LIKE `%wp\_%`

For table metadata, you should use:

SELECT * FROM `wp_1secure1_usermeta` WHERE `meta_key` LIKE `%wp\_%`

When you get the results of a query, simply update all values ​​wp_ your new customized prefix. User metadata table you need to edit meta_key field, whereas for the option, you must change the value option_name.

3 prefix20manual20change20sql20query

Securing your new WordPress installations

If you plan to install a new WordPress site, you do not need to re-execute the process. You can easily change the WordPress table prefix during installation:

Congratulations! You have successfully improved the security of your database from the introduction of SQL-code.


Despite the fact that WordPress is the CMS breaks open in the world, to improve its defense is not so hard. In this guide, we told you about 12 tips that you should follow to protect WordPress website.

The Head of the Company that Leaked Data of the Millions of Citizens was Arrested in Ecuador

The Head of the Company that Leaked Data of the Millions of Citizens was Arrested in Ecuador

The Head of the Company that Leaked Data of the Millions of Citizens was Arrested in Ecuador

Earlier this week it became known that open access was freely available database that contains 18 GB of personal data of almost all Ecuadorian citizens, including children. In total, experts found in the public domain about 20.8 million records, more than the total population, or 16.6 million people. The researchers explained that this discrepancy in figures arose from the duplicates and old records that contain information about people who have already died.

Who found an unprotected server, experts believed that the blame for the leakage of data lies with the local consulting company Novaestrat, which provides data analysis services, strategic marketing, and software development for the Ecuadorian market. As it turned out, they were right.

Ecuador’s government has responded to a report of the incident quickly and harshly. Thus, the Ministry of Communications and Information has launched an investigation against Novaestrat. Officials believe that the company should not have to own the available data it has, and now its people brought to justice on charges of breach of confidentiality and dissemination of personal data without permission.

The Federal Police has already carried out a raid on Novaestrat office, which also served as the home to CEO William J. Roberto. (William Roberto G.), who was arrested and is being taken to the capital for questioning. During the search, was seized equipment companies, data storage devices, as well as documentation.

Ecuador’s government is already conducting an investigation and is going to look into how the company was able to get that amount of confidential information. According to officials, it is clear that Novaestrat does not break any of the country’s government servers. It is assumed that the data can be obtained in the years 2015-2017, during the time of the previous political regime.

Let me remind you that discovered the database containing the data obtained from both public and private sources, including the names, information about family members and relatives of the registration of civil status data, financial data, as well as information about the operation and ownership of the vehicle.

After the incident, the president of Ecuador asked to speed up the process of adopting a new law on the confidentiality of data, which is designed to protect the personal data of citizens. Ministry of communications has already confirmed that it will fulfill the desire of the president and introduce a new law to Parliament in the next three days.

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Google Tests DNS-over-HTTPS in Chrome

Google Tests DNS-over-HTTPS in Chrome

Google Tests DNS-over-HTTPS in Chrome

With the release of Chrome 78, which is scheduled for October this year, Google will begin testing the protocol DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH). Let me remind you that earlier this week it became known that very soon DoH support will be enabled in Firefox by default for US users.

As we have already written more than once, the whole essence of the new protocol is reflected in its name: it sends DNS queries to special DoH-compatible DNS servers via an encrypted HTTPS connection, but does not use classic unencrypted UDP queries. By default, Firefox supports relaying encrypted DoH requests through the Cloudflare resolver, but users can change it to any other. In addition, DoH works at the application level, and not at the OS level. Essentially, it hides DNS queries inside a normal stream of encrypted and secure data.

As a result, DNS queries are “invisible” to third-party observers (such as Internet providers, local solutions for parental control, antivirus software, corporate firewalls, etc.) and DoH DNS communications are practically indistinguishable from other HTTPS traffic.

In terms of implementing DoH in its browser, Google lags behind colleagues from Mozilla, since the work on implementing DoH in Chrome began only in May of this year (while Mozilla has been testing since 2017). The first public test developers Google planned in October, when the release of Chrome 78.

Chrome 78 will automatically switch to DoH when certain conditions are met. So, if a user uses regular DNS servers of certain companies that have alternative resolvers compatible with DoH, Chrome will forward DNS queries with these DoH-compatible resolvers, instead of regular DNS servers. It is reported that switching to DoH instead of the usual DNS will occur only for a few DNS providers, including Cleanbrowsing, Cloudflare, DNS.SB, Google, OpenDNS and Quad9.

The suppliers on this list were selected for their strong position regarding privacy and security, thanks to their DoH services and their consent to participate in the experiment,” Google developers announce. “Our experiment will be conducted on all supported platforms (with the exception of Linux and iOS) for a small portion of Chrome users.

It is reported that the experiment will not affect users who use DNS providers that are not on the list. In addition, if a failure occurs and the DoH resolver does not respond, Chrome will automatically switch to using normal DNS.

This is the main difference between the Google approach and the Mozilla approach. So, in Firefox, encrypted DoH requests are automatically relayed through the Cloudflare resolver, but users can change it to any other (due to the use of Cloudflare by default, Mozilla has already been criticized). Google, in turn, offers DoH resolvers to its partners, DNS providers. Interestingly, using DoH from the same providers helps solve the problem of traffic filtering. So, in this case, the DNS filters and parental controls set at the DNS provider level will remain unchanged when switching to the DoH resolver of the same provider occurs.

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Those who don’t want to take part in the upcoming Google experiment can simply use a DNS provider that is not in the above list (which is what most Chrome users do), or you can disable DoH in the settings through chrome: // flags / # dns- over-https.


A Huge Database with 419 Million of Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers Found Online

A Huge Database with 419 Million of Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers Found Online

A Huge Database with 419 Million of Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers Found Online

An information security specialist and a member of the GDI Foundation, Sanyam Jain, notified TechCrunch of a publicly accessible server he found that discovered a Facebook user database containing more than 419 million entries. It was not possible to establish who exactly owned this server, but now the journalists have already contacted the hosting company and made sure to take the suspicious database offline.

The researcher found on the server user data, divided by geographic region: 133 million user records from Facebook from the United States, 18 million user records from the UK and more than 50 million user records from Vietnam.

Each entry contained a unique user ID associated with the account phone number, and in some cases also the user name, gender and location data. Journalists checked the information contained in the database and were able to confirm its authenticity. Worse, the database revealed data from many famous personalities.

The problem is that Facebook limited access to the phone numbers of its users more than a year ago, both for developers and for the users themselves. This happened after a scandal with Cambridge Analytica, which revealed an information leak to 87 million people whose data ended up in the possession of third-party companies that misused it.

Representatives of Facebook told TechCrunch that the detected dump was clearly outdated and was made at a time when collecting phone numbers of users of the social network was not a problem. The company also said that only 220 million records could be found on the server.

According to journalists, questions about who exactly owned this base, who collected it and why, remain open. Leaking phone numbers can expose users to SIM swap attacks, phone spam, and so on. Moreover, attackers can easily match a unique ID to a user account by gathering more information about the intended victim.

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How To Get OpenVPN AutoConnect and OpenVPN AutoStart

How To Get OpenVPN Autorun and AutoConnect

OpenVPN AutoConnect and OpenVPN AutoStart

There are two ways to get the OpenVPN autoconnect and autostart options through the OpenVPN client or with the OpenVPN technologies and the interface. The user can learn how to use OpenVPN online or through research alone or with support options. The user will need to start by installing the OpenVPN client in Windows. The user can start this through the OpenVPN client through Windows 7 setup or connect to OpenVPN in windows 10. Some users may take advantage of Android VPN auto connect options, the Windows 10 OpenVPN server and even the OpenVPN auto connect options in windows. After the initial installation of this program, users have multiple options.

About OpenVPN Security

OpenVPN is a virtual private network that uses a GUI or graphic user interface to apply different options with the OpenVPN auto connect, OpenVPN auto login and different options such as through autorun, securing the connection and protecting internet traffic. The user can apply certain settings in the OpenVPN administrator, use the OpenVPN to connect through windows and to automatically connect to the VPN.

The security of OpenVPN is an important aspect of safeguarding internet traffic, keeping the internet service provider out of private internet interactions and protecting the user from possible problems when accessing torrents and torrent websites. The OpenVPN service in windows can also secure a connection for internet usage with the GUI.

How to Use OpenVPN

Once installed, the user will then access the VPN login either manually or through an autorun or OpenVPN auto connect option. The OpenVPN auto reconnect is another possible option based on what the user is doing. A virtual private network has a secure tunneling method that keeps others from seeing and noticing internet interactions when the VPN connection is in place. Based on the configuration and the version of Windows on the computer, the user can access OpenVPN connect on windows 7, windows 10 VPN auto connect options, an OpenVPN GUI.exe for Windows 7 or even an OpenVPN GUI.exe on windows 8. Once installed and opened, the individual can then access the internet with various servers around the world and bypass blocked websites or noticeable internet activity with the ISP.

how to use openvpn

How to Autostart OpenVPN

To start the OpenVPN Windows client autostart, the user will need to open the services desktop app, navigate to the OpenVPN Service and then right click for properties. The OpenVPN windows clients should then display an option for automatic for the startup type. This is the OpenVPN auto connect option when restarting the computer. The automatic VPN connection through the OpenVPN auto login is another possibility through the interface. This provides the user the option to autostart OpenVPN. This interface is also available through the OpenVPN GUI command line. If the OpenVPN GUI is already running, the individual can access the interface and select different options within it.

Windows 7 and 8

To run OpenVPN as a service in Windows 7, the user may need to select different options. The command line can open the VPN client if the user cannot find it in the same manner as with Windows 10. The OpenVPN client for Windows 7 has a config option that can also recreate the same open connection as with the Windows 10 counterpart. Windows 8 should also contain the same GUI options or through the command line. The user will need to download and install the VPN first, select the option for the desktop icon and then open it from there if he or she does not want to use the command line instead.

How to AutoConnect OpenVPN

Users can select another option to start the autoconnection access with OpenVPN. This is possible through a taskschd.msc in a run window. The next step is to create a basic task in the actions column. In this basic task, the user will need to input something like OpenVPN autostart. In the triggers area, it is then important to select “when I log in”. Then, in the actions window, the user should start a program. In the Program/script, the user will need to type in the OpenVPN GUI executable or browse to it with the mouse. This provides an autorun with the possibility of OpenVPN automatic reconnect or an OpenVPN reconnect with the OpenVPN Windows client auto connect. After this point, the user has several options to select for the VPN auto connect including trigger options and allowing the task to run on demand.

AutoConnect Additional Options

Once finished with the properties window, the user can click finish. In the General section, click on run with highest privileges for better performance. In the triggers section, click on at log on trigger. In the conditions tab, it is important to uncheck both Start the task only if the computer idle for and Start the task only if the computer on AC power to prevent complications with these options. In the settings tab, click on Allow task to be run on demand and then uncheck the Stop the task if it runs longer than options. After this is complete, restart and check if the OpenVPN starts automatically. OpenVPN without admin rights is another possible option that the user may seek to use manually.

OpenVPN Conclusion

Learning how to connect to OpenVPN is important for those that seek to utilize the virtual private network to bypass the connection with the ISP and visible internet activity. The uses of auto connect and autorun provide stability with the interface without fear that someone will see what the user is doing. With these programs running at startup, the individual does not need to worry about any other prevention methods. Connections usually remain strong most of the time with faster internet speeds than many other VPN options. The user may also need to determine if he or she wants to purchase the service on a monthly basis or for longer. Support is available for assistance and to employ these options once the person purchases and installs the program.


Avast Specialists and French Police Neutralized a Botnet with 850,000 Devices

Avast Specialists and French Police Neutralized a Botnet

Avast Specialists and French Police Neutralized a Botnet

The French national gendarmerie and Avast experts have reported victory over the large Retadup botnet. Having seized the infrastructure of Malvari operators, experts ordered the malware to remove itself from 850,000 infected Windows machines.

Retadup has been known to information security experts since 2017. It was used by cybercriminals to distribute info-stylers, ransomware, and cryptocurrency miners. In recent months, the Malware has been mainly used to install Monero miners on devices located in Latin America.

Avast analysts write that they began to closely study Retadup back in March of this year. The worm spread mainly by transferring malicious shortcuts to drives connected to the infected machine in the hope that people would share the malicious files with other users. A shortcut is created under the same name as an existing folder, but with the addition of text, such as “Copy fpl.lnk”. Thus, Retadup made users think that they open their own files when in reality they infected themselves with malware.

Analyzing Retadup, the Avast Threat Intelligence team discovered a vulnerability in the protocol by which the malware communicated with the management server. Since the Retadup infrastructure was mostly located in France, at the end of March 2019, the Avast team contacted the Center for Combating Cybercrime under the French National Gendarmerie to share their findings.

On July 2, 2019, experts were able to take control under the main server of the attackers and replace it with their own. Almost immediately, several thousand bots turned to the new server to receive commands. Specialists made sure that the management server gave all Retadup bots a command for self-destruction, thereby cleaning up infected machines from malvari.

Some parts of the Retadup infrastructure were also discovered in the USA, but the French gendarmerie contacted colleagues from the FBI who took care of this part of the infrastructure. As a result, from July 8, 2019, the Malvari operators completely lost control of the infected machines and their bots. None of the bots received new tasks for mining anymore, and the attackers stopped making profit. It is noted that the number of infected hosts surprised specialists, since it was initially believed that the malicious campaign was small. In Russia, about 6500 cases of Retadup infection were neutralized.

Experts write that computers infected with Retadup transferred quite a lot of information about infected devices to the management server. The gendarmerie provided the Avast group with access to a snapshot of the server’s file system so that they could collect information about the victims of Retadup.

The most interesting information was the exact number of infected devices and their geographical distribution. To date, more than 850,000 unique Retadup infections have been neutralized. The vast majority of them were in Latin America, ”says Jan Wojtešek. – More than 85% of Retadup victims did not have third-party antivirus software installed. Some users simply turned off the protective solutions, which made them vulnerable to the worm and allowed them to spread the infection involuntarily. Usually we can only help Avast users, so we were very interested in trying to protect the rest of the victims around the world on such a huge scale.

Also, Avast specialists managed to get an idea of ​​the amount in cryptocurrency that cybercriminals “earned” during the period from February 15, 2019 to March 12, 2019. The authors of the malvari obtained 53.72 XMR (about $ 4,500) in the last month, when the wallet address was still active. Researchers believe that they could immediately send the funds received to other addresses, so the real profit from mining was probably higher.

In addition, Retadup has also been used as a “launch pad” for STOP ransomware and Akei’s password theft solution. Obviously, hackers were actively selling a place on infected hosts to other criminal groups and distributing someone else’s malware.

And while this large-scale operation has not yet been followed by arrests, experts believe that they probably managed to find one of the creators of Retadup on Twitter. As you can see in the screenshot below, back in 2017, he boasted that his worm was noticed.

ZDNet reports that after the publication of the Avast report, an independent researcher known under the pseudonym Under the Breach seems to have managed to deanonymize the author of Retadup using only domain registration information. The alleged author of Retadup is a 26-year-old Palestinian whose data has already been shared with Avast experts and law enforcement agencies.

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How To: Delete a Facebook Account in 3 Simple Steps

How to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

Should the user delete Facebook permanently or simply deactivate the account first? There is a significant difference between these two actions, and account user must understand that deactivating account and access is reversible through reactivation.

How to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

How to Delete or Deactivate a Facebook Account

There are many helpful resources online to assist with these steps through reviews, deletion steps and testimonies. Tips and tricks to permanently delete the account are available on Google and other internet search engines. Learn how to delete a Facebook account easily through three easy steps or learn how to just deactivate the user’s account instead. Which option is up to the user to protect privacy and to remove access. The user may want to delete his or her account, but this often starts with a deactivation first. This action is temporary while the deletion of the account is usually permanent. This starts with removing the following:

  • The Facebook Messenger app
  • All friends
  • Mobile access
  • Article content details
  • Removing online camera images in the account pages
  • Social media and account access
  • Other apps connected and various other items

If the user joins Facebook in the future, his or her settings are new and Facebook’s details restart along with a new home page.

How to Deactivate the User’s Facebook Account

While the user can permanently delete Facebook, it is much easier to simply deactivate a Facebook account.

  1. First the user needs access to Facebook and then opens and the main page by using any browser to include Edge, Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Next, he or she clicks the account menu in the homepage.
  3. Settings is next and then the general option.
  4. Select manage your account and then deactivate your account for a temp deactivation at this point.
  5. Confirming this option is next and then the person is done.

Reactivation is possible after this point as long as the user does not delete the account completely.

How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account

Permanently deleting the user’s account, is possible through using this link:
Learning how to permanently delete the account provides the user with completely removed access to Facebook pages that is irreversible. The account user can take the steps through the provided link and delete Facebook permanently or walk through the process manually. This is not the same as learning how to deactivate Facebook because there is no undoing this action. Deletion is possible through the following electronics:

  • Steps with the phone
  • A desktop Windows or other OS computer
  • An iPhone
  • An Android device
  • Macs and Apple computers with another OS
  • Nearly any electronic made before the years 2019 and 2018 with some exceptions

Deletion is usually an immediately visible action that the individual makes with anonymous or invisible steps to others.

How to Download Your Facebook Info

Clicking the account menu in any browser such as Chrome or Safari, the user can download the user info from the Facebook pages. Taking this step, after the deactivate and before deletion, the user can protect the data from complete removal. The user can click on ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’ from the General Account Settings section. Then, he or she will click Start My Archive. Once the action is complete, the user can decide to permanently delete the account without fear anything is completely lost even if inaccessible because of the deletion steps online.
Facebook Privacy

While many permanently deleting the Facebook account and access may protect privacy, this action is also possible through the user of RusVPN. There is no code to download the program or to install it. Access is as low as $4.99 a month with anonymity in browsing through this virtual private network. With this application, the user can protect Facebook interactions and keep the internet service provider from seeing what the person is doing as long as it is running. It is a reliable service that has near 100 percent uptime. Customer service to support the application is available at all times and can even walk the user through each step of the install and setting up the account for the new user.

Coordinated Hacker Attack on Texas Municipal Goverment

Coordinated Hacker Attack on Texas Municipal Goverment

Coordinated Hacker Attack on Texas Municipal Goverment

At the end of last week, August 16, 2019, the municipal authorities of several districts in Texas immediately notified the Department of Information Resources (DIR) about problems with access to data.

Currently, DIR representatives coordinate incident response and investigation with more than ten other government agencies in Texas and the United States, such as the Texas Department of Emergency Situations, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the Texas Department of Public Security, and so on.

So far, the DIR has not disclosed the exact number of affected organizations, but it is known that the incident was a “coordinated ransomware attack”, with more than 20 victims, and all the attacks were committed by the same criminal. It is emphasized separately that the attacks did not affect Texas systems and networks.

According to ZDNet’s own sources, the ransomware that infected the municipal authorities ’networks encrypts the files and then adds the .JSE extension at the end. This ransomware does not have its own name, and usually it is simply called the JSE ransomware or Nemucod, by the name of the dropper delivering the malware to infected hosts.

But according to another source of the publication, the Texas authorities suffered from attacks by the ransomware Sodinokibi (REvil), and not JSE. Since there is no official information on the technical aspect of what is happening, it is difficult to say which of the sources of rights.

Let me remind you that extortion attacks on the systems of small American cities have recently become a real trend among criminals. For example, the governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards (John Bel Edwards) and was forced to introduce a state of emergency in the state until August 21 this year. The reason for this was a series of coordinated extortion attacks targeting school districts in North Louisiana. As a result of these incidents, the IT networks of three school districts were disconnected and the files were encrypted and inaccessible.

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Hacker Who Broke Capital One`s Security is Suspected of Compromising Another 30 Companies

Hacker Who Broke Capital One`s Security is Suspected of Compromising Another 30 Companies

Hacker Who Broke Capital One`s Security is Suspected of Compromising Another 30 Companies

In June 2019, it became known about the compromise of the American bank Capital One and the leak of data from 106 million users. Then the data of users leaked to the bank for a credit card in the period from 2005 to 2019 leaked to the side. Including names, addresses, zip codes, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth and user income data.

The leak also affected the information on credit cards of the bank’s customers, that is, data on credit ratings and limits, balances, payment history, as well as contact information and fragments of transactions for 23 days in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In addition, it was reported that the cracker gained access to a million Canadian social security numbers, more than 140,000 US social security numbers and 80,000 bank account numbers.

Let me remind you that in connection with the hacking of Capital One, law enforcement authorities detained a 33-year-old resident of Seattle Page A. Thompson aka Erratic, a former employee of Amazon Web Services Inc. According to an official statement by the Justice Ministry, Thompson mentioned the compromise of Capital One in the comments on GitHub, and used the wrong firewall configuration to penetrate the network. On July 17, 2019, a vigilant user drew attention to the words of Thompson, notifying the bank representatives about what was happening, which ultimately led to her arrest.

Now ZDNet reports that, according to court documents, only one was not limited to compromising Capital One. So, during a search in the Thompson house, law enforcement officers seized servers on which not only the information stolen from Capital One was found, but also several terabytes of data stolen from more than 30 other companies, educational institutions and other organizations.

While law enforcement officials have not disclosed the names of the affected companies, but judging by previous media reports, they may include Unicredit, Vodafone, Ford, the University of Michigan and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the data detected significantly differ in both type and quantity, but, apparently, these dumps did not contain personal and identification information.

While the investigation is still ongoing, law enforcement officials insist that Thompson should be kept in custody, as she had already been charged with persecution three times, and she also threatened to shoot in the company’s office and commit suicide through a police officer (threatening a police officer with a fake gun and forcing open fire to kill). Investigators write that Thompson’s behavior is obviously due to mental health problems.

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How To Uninstall Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android

How To Uninstall Facebook Messenger at iPhone and Android

To delete Facebook messenger users must first log into the Facebook social network on the device. This is possible from a desktop, mobile phone or another mobile device such as an iPhone. Once the person can sign into the app or page, he or she can manage the social media account to remove Facebook messenger at his or her discretion. This does invalidate access to friend accounts, requests, uploading and downloading with the messenger, the share option, contacts and chat. The call option, open settings, and friends are no longer visible or accessible when the messenger is gone. However, this does not delete the Facebook account.

How To Uninstall Facebook Messenger at iPhone and Android

Facebook’s Privacy Policy

Messenger and Facebook are separate when applied to the phone and computer, but the Privacy policy stands no matter what device the user has. The company uses the following:

  • Basic account details
  • Surrounding content
  • Connections
  • Payment information
  • Links and cookies

The business will retain usernames, passwords, email addresses, telephone numbers and all information collected when the person creates the account. People, groups, friend contacts, request details and even picture images are all part of what the company maintains. This will still apply when removing the messenger app from a phone or computer. Delete messenger, but Facebook still applies the privacy policy.

How to Delete Facebook Messenger on Android

Learning how to delete the Facebook app on your Android  is simple with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the App Store which usually upgrades in the 2019 year at least once
  2. Search for the Facebook messenger in the Google Play Store
  3. Tap on the messenger icon
  4. Tap on uninstall button next
  5. After then tapping on OK, the user confirms the removal of the app

Guides are available online to accomplish these steps, but the user can follow the full instructions without needing an article to do so. The user can also hold the app on the front page of the phone and send it to uninstall without accessing the Google Play Store. If this does not completely work, then the individual can also follow the preceding steps.

How to Uninstall and Delete Facebook Messenger on iOS

Learning how to get rid of Facebook messenger safely with iOS is just as simple as with Android devices with the following steps.

  1. Press and hold the Facebook messenger icon on the phone’s main screen or where the user moved the app if in a different place
  2. The phone will eventually shake which provides the icon’s X to appear
  3. Tap the small X in the upper left of the icon to uninstall
  4. Uninstall messenger on the iPhone by tapping delete

There is no need to send a request to a developer, friends, Zuckerberg or others to finalize this removal. Once tapping delete, the action is complete and there is no need for tech developer support or to upload a tool for assistance. Turn the phone off and on again to complete any updates. If you have any problems removing the Messenger, visit the Facebook Messenger Help Center.

Conclusion: Your Privacy

Maintaining privacy on the phone or with another electronic device is difficult, and it is important to learn how to delete messenger instead of Facebook on the phone. The individual can disable the app by turning the phone off, but he or she can also manage the same by uninstalling the app. Tools and support are available through RusVPN. Remove the application through a delete of the messenger app. How to delete messenger steps are simple. How to delete FB messenger is easy to manage with the step-by-step guide.

To increase privacy on a computer or phone, the user can purchase and install RusVPN and select which options to use. There are various tools, and the user can increase knowledge by sending a request to customer support if necessary. At less than $5 a month, the user can anonymously browse the internet, access any website from the VPN and connect to different servers.

Six things you need to know about the uninstalling Facebook Messenger

What happens if I uninstall the Facebook app?

  • By uninstalling Facebook App your profile is not visible and if the app has no connection with the phone then a person will not get notifications, but with desktop version, the same can make it possible.

How do I completely remove Facebook?

  • Click at the top right of Facebook page and then go to click settings and press deactivation and deletion and then select delete account and then click continue to account deletion and by entering password click continue and then click delete the account.

How to uninstall messenger on iPhone?

  • From home screen press and hold Facebook messenger icon and then tap small X at the top left corner of the icon to uninstall Facebook Messenger App and afterward on query confirm to delete the app and finally it will delete.

How to uninstall Facebook on Android?

  • For that purpose go to the Android setting and open the application manager and then tap Facebook and uninstall the same and process is complete.

Can I disable Facebook Messenger?

  • Disable Facebook messenger is possible by turning off its messenger via the Facebook app and tap menu icon on the right-hand side of the app and scroll down until app settings appear. Scroll the bottom and turn Facebook chat toggle off.

How to uninstall Messenger on Android?

  • For uninstalling messenger on android go to phone settings and open application manager and tap messenger and then tap uninstall.

Check Point: 66% of Information Security Professionals believe that Cloud Protection doesn’t work

Information Security Professionals believe that Cloud Protection doesn't work

Check Point experts presented the Cloud Security Report 2019 report on the security of cloud storage. As it turned out, the main reason why companies are afraid of rapidly introducing cloud technologies is the problem with ensuring data security (57% of organizations indicated it as the main one).
According to a Check Point study, 66% of information security specialists believe that traditional security tools cannot provide sufficient protection in the cloud or do not protect at all

Information Security Professionals believe that Cloud Protection doesn't work
Cloud service providers strengthen security measures to protect their platforms, but the responsibility for protecting data and applications on these platforms lies with the customers themselves. Despite the fact that more than half of the organizations (54%) stated that their cloud storages were not hacked, a quarter of the respondents could not accurately answer this question, and another 15% confirmed that their clouds suffered from any security incidents.
The main findings of the Cloud Security Report are:

  • The four most vulnerable places in the public cloud: unauthorized access to the cloud (42%), insecure interfaces (42%), incorrect configuration of the cloud platform (40%) and account theft (39%).
  • Key security concerns when working with the cloud: IT professionals are struggling with insecurity and for compliance with the regulatory requirements of the cloud infrastructure (67% of respondents noted these problems). Installing consistent security policies in the cloud and on the organization’s computers, as well as a shortage of qualified security personnel, is 31%.
  • Outdated security solutions: 66% of respondents said that the technologies they use are either not working at all or provide limited protection in cloud environments.
  • Organizations do not use clouds due to security issues: data security is the biggest barrier to the introduction of public cloud systems, according to almost a third (29%) of respondents. In second place is the risk of disclosing classified information (28%), third is the problem of compliance with regulatory requirements (26%) and lack of experience and qualified personnel to ensure security (26%).

The findings in the report suggest that information security specialists urgently need to review protection strategies and replace outdated solutions. Criminals seek to exploit cloud vulnerabilities in organizations — as many as 15% of respondents report cloud security incidents, says Zohar Alon, head of the cloud solution business at Check Point Software Technologies. “Companies need to ensure full transparency in all their public cloud environments, which will be supported by the automation of cloud policies, regulatory compliance, protection of privileged users and threat analysis to make cloud storage more secure and manageable.

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How To: Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently

How to Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently

To delete a Twitter account, the user can navigate to his or her own account and remove access through there. The individual must be sure he or she is ready to remove the account completely because once it is no longer active, the person cannot cancel this action. The user can undo the request before complete, but not after. The deactivation will remove tweet info, follow requests, all past tweets, blocked users and the unblock ability as well as all filters, retweets and comments. The user cannot unfollow or open other details once the account is gone.

How to Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently

How to Delete Twitter on Desktop

To Delete Twitter on a desktop, the user first must open a browser. The individual can learn how to delete a Twitter account online or follow these steps:

  • Sign into the account on the website with any browser such as Chrome or Firefox
  • First click on the Settings option, then Privacy under the profile icon
  • Click Deactivate in the Account area next
  • Enter when prompted for the Twitter password and click Deactivate account to remove access on the desktop

These are the steps on a Windows desktop computer. However, similar steps are available on the Android or iOS phones. These steps are also the same for both 2018 and 2019 accounts in deleting access.

How to Delete Twitter Account on Android

To deactivate Twitter on the Android phone, the user will need to tap on the icon for the profile or the hamburger menu based on the app version installed. Settings and then account are next. Deactivate is available through the settings menu. Tapping this gets to the Twitter password to finally deactivate the account. The user will then need to confirm that Yes, he or she wants to remove access on the phone. The option for this action is slightly different with both the iPhone and the desktop for Twitter. However, this how to delete twitter just for this type of phone.

How to Delete Twitter Account on iOS

Twitter delete account for the iOS phone are requires tapping on the profile icon on the Apple device. The user then selects settings, privacy and the Account. Hitting deactivate is next and then the user will need to put in the Twitter password for the account when the screen prompts for it. The user will then tap on yes to finally remove the account and deactivate it on the phone.

How to Deactivate Twitter Permanently

The address bar at the top is for all customers, users and clients of Twitter. The user can copy and paste the address or enter it manually. All filter details, downloads, mobile access and flags are no longer available. The ability to embed URLs is also gone with this account once deactivated. Learning how to delete a Twitter account is important to permanently delete Twitter. Permanent deletion takes 30 days, but some content is still available until the site removes everything. The user can select the same username and create a new account.

Conclusion: Your Privacy

RusVPN can protect privacy on the MacOS, in Outlook and on the desktop. The user can learn how to deactivate Twitter, but RusVPN can answer the questions to keep your privacy secure. Check the site out, enter the URL in the address bar and read followers’ details online.

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How To: Change Your Google Play Region without Using a Credit Card

Change Your Google Play Region without Using a Credit Card

If you are a fan of android backed phones, you have without a doubt faced one common problem that many users face at some point of time when dealing with Android, and to be even more specific, the Google play store

Change Your Google Play Region without Using a Credit Card

How Google Play Store Determine Locations

The Google play store uses your google account location to understand where you have registered your account and that way it connects you to a specific region’s store. All those theories about you having to remove your credit card from google play store to change store options are fake! The correct answer would be RusVPN! With a VPN, play store options suddenly have no limits! You can download any app you want from any point of the globe.

Changing your Play Store Location

Changing your play store country without a credit card just got much easier! On the web, you will find many different region changer solutions that supposedly actually help. The simplest way to change your google play store region is to, first of all, change your google play country. This can be done simply by creating a new google account while being connected to a VPN server from the desired country. So let us imagine that you are in Poland, but want to download a game/business-related app that is only available in the American google play store. There are many different apps that are free to download in the United States, yet in Poland, they are not available for some reason.

The same thing goes not only for apps but even for certain websites. Good examples would be Ukraine and China. In China, for example, Facebook and many other social media platforms are blocked, thus, blocking millions of people from using their favorite social media accounts. Ukraine also blocked a few social media websites such as Vkontakte and Odnoklasniki, very popular platforms in the post soviet area of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Now, back to editing your google account to download the app or apps you need!

Changing Play Store Settings

To be able to register yourself in the region you need to properly download the app that is of interest to you, there are 3 steps you need to make. The first one would be downloading RusVPN, a top tier provider of VPN services with ultra-fast and reliable servers all across the globe. The second thing you would need to do is delete the current Google Play account that you have on file. This is needed so that when you create a new one, there is no confusion.

The third and final step of the process would be connecting to a VPN server that is located in the country you need, which in this case is the United States. Once you are successfully connected, continue registering a google play account just like you would any other time. There you go, you now have a Google play account which gives you access to all the apps available in the US store!

RusVPN can be used for more than just helping you change your Google Play store location for you to download the apps you need. When using RusVPN, you are also protecting your data and yourself from any harmful third parties that could potentially try to steal it! When using a VPN you are instantly encrypting all your data and not giving the bad guys a single chance to get your information!

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Hackers vs Hackers: Intrusion Truth Group deanonymized Chinese APT17 members

Intrusion Truth Group De-Anonymized Chinese APT17

The anonymous grouping of Intrusion Truth continues to deanonymize Chinese “government hackers.” This time, the data on the alleged members of APT17 were made public.

Intrusion Truth Group De-Anonymized Chinese APT17

Hacker Wars: Deanonimization of Government Cyber Specialists

This is the third time Intrusion Truth publishes its revelations and deanonymizes the participants of Chinese cyberspy groups. Thus, in 2018, the personal data of three citizens of the PRC, who allegedly were members of APT10 and worked for the Ministry of State Security of the PRC, were made public. And even earlier, in 2017, several members of APT3 were subjected to doxing. Interestingly, each time shortly after the publication of publications, the US Department of Justice charged several members of these cyber espionage groups.

Evidence of Government Involvement

Now Intrusion Truth has published information about three individuals who are allegedly related to the APT17 group (it’s also DeputyDog, Tailgater Team, Hidden Lynx, Voho, Group 72 and AuroraPanda). This group is known for a series of cyber attacks, mostly taking place in the early 2010s. Then, hacker targets were everything from private companies to government agencies in countries around the world. I also remind you that it is APT17 that is associated with the compromise of the CCleaner application that occurred in 2017.

The new Intrusion Truth data concerns a person who manages four Chinese companies who are allegedly officers of the Ministry of State Security of China, as well as two more hackers who worked for these companies. All of them are based in Jinan City, the capital of Shandong Province.

In 2017, when Intrusion Truth first announced that APT3 was hiding under the banner of Boyusec (contractor of the Ministry of National Security of China), it was hard for many to believe. But soon the findings of anonymous whistleblowers were confirmed by analysts from the company Recorded Future, and then the Ministry of Justice filed accusations. At this time, the possible connection between APT17 and the Chinese authorities is unlikely to surprise anyone. Now, the information security community is rather wondering whether the Ministry of Justice will follow the charges as it has done in previous years.

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Top questions about Intrusion Truth Group

Who is Intrusion Truth?

  • Intrusion Truth is a mysterious group of Chinese hackers, which has attracted the attention of the masses, and which directs its efforts against the Chinese government and related businesses and hackers.

Who is behind Intrusion Truth?

  • We don’t know who’s behind the Intrusion Truth. This is believed to be an anonymous group of Chinese hackers working to expose hackers who work for the Chinese government. Read more information about Intrusion Truth on Medium.

When will the next exposure from Intrusion Truth Group be made?

  • The last revelation was made on January 16, 2020, and concerned the connection between APT40 and the Chinese Ministry of State Security. Only the Invasion Truth Group knows when the next high-profile revelation will be made.

What is Intrusion Truth Twitter?

  • Invasion Truth Twitter is the official Twitter channel of an anonymous group of hackers from China. You can visit it via the link below: https://twitter.com/intrusion_truth You can participate in the discussion of the latest news about Intrusion Truth on Reddit.

How the Internet works: Addresses

How the Internet works IP Addresses

How the Internet is physically arranged: these are computers that are networked together using radio waves, wires, and routers. Routers are in your apartment, in the stairwell, on the roof of the house; there is a district router and a lot of backbones that drive data back and forth.
Your computer makes a request, routers deliver it to other computers (servers). The server prepares a response and sends it back. It seems to you that you go on the Internet, but actually the necessary pages come to you.
In this part: how the data on the Internet find their recipients, who is in charge of the addresses and how to get around the blocking of your provider.

How the Internet works IP Addresses

How do IP addresses work

If it is very simplistic, then every computer on the Internet has a unique address, it is called an IP address or simply “ip”. In its classic form, an IP address is four numbers separated by a dot. For example, google.com has an IP address of
Numbers and periods are the same as parts of a regular mailing address. Only in the postal address we have a country, a city, a street and a house, and on the Internet these are just communication nodes and main routers.
In theory, if you know the IP address of a computer and can formulate a request for it, you can “call” to any computer connected to the Internet. For example, if you run a file server on your home computer and know the IP address of your home computer, you can log in to your server from vacation and upload vacation photos to it from another country. There may be thousands of kilometers between you and your household iron, but you can access it with an IP address.

This is if in theory and very simplistic. In life there are a few nuances.

Classic IP addresses have limited capacity: 4.2 billion addresses are placed in such a structure. Obviously, all the people on the planet are not enough. But not only billions of computers and smartphones need IP addresses, but also other devices: servers, routers, gateways and even a smart kettle.
Understanding this, the engineers came up with a new version of IP addresses, where there are many more available addresses. Now everyone is gradually moving to this new technology – it is called IPv6.
Another caveat: when you go online, sometimes you may not have a personal IP address. Your requests will leave from some address, but it will belong not only to you, but also to many other subscribers. Between you and the Internet will be the site that on your behalf accepts and sends requests. Such a node is called NAT – Network Address Translator. From the Internet you can see one NAT, from which millions of requests are sent. What is behind this NAT – the Internet does not know.

Some Internet providers assign individual IP addresses to subscribers (without NAT), but even then you will need to configure your home router so that it sends the “download photos” request to your file server, and not to the smart kettle.

If you make a request from your vacation using the IP address of your NAT, it can be shaken up:“I don’t know where to send your request further, I have a million subscribers here. Go away!”


google ip address

Can Someone Find you with your IP Address

There is such a saying on the Internet that the offender can be “calculated by IP” and allegedly this procedure will allow to find out the person’s home address – and, accordingly, to come to punish him. This is a fairy tale.
The maximum that you can find out by IP only is what city you are from and what provider you have. If you go to the Internet from work or from the institute – under certain conditions you can calculate them, but no more.
The police have the authority and tools to find out your address through an Internet provider: they make a request with your IP, and the provider looks through its database to whom and when this IP was issued. By law, they are required to give this information to the police, and now they can come.

Hackers can, with proper motivation, perform an operation to calculate a person: a hacking of a provider, hacking of a router, manual direction finding of a wireless signal, and much more will be required. There are clues, but too much can go wrong.

Whether it’s Google and Apple. If you, for example, lost your smartphone, but did not lose access to your Google or iCloud account, you can find out the position of the device with an accuracy of a few meters. But this is not done by IP, but with the help of cell towers and a GPS sensor that is built into your phone. It is not related to the IP address.

Human Readable Addresses

Nobody goes to Google by using – we enter google.com in the browser. That it was possible, engineers of the Internet thought up DNS – Domain Name Service.
If it is very simplistic, DNS is a hefty table that says: “If you need to send a request to google.com, you need the address” – so a billion times for each website name on the Internet.
DNS is a service. Your computer asks, “Hear, and what is the address of the thecode.media site?”, And that to him: “Heard yourself, the address of the code.media is” The service is rather complicated. We just need to know this:

How Sites are Blocked Today

So, we have IP-addresses by which you can reach different computers on the Internet. We have a DNS in order not to memorize IP addresses, but to enter common human words.
The easiest way to block something is to program any router in your path so that it does not work as you need. For example, if the provider knows that you have not paid the bill, he programs his router so that you receive the answer “Pay” for all your requests. But you can open access to the payment page.
To bypass this blocking, it is enough to make a request through other nodes, as if bypassing the provider. Distribute the Internet from the phone, and your request will go through another chain of routers that are not configured to wrap up your requests.
At work, your system administrator can set up a local router so that you cannot go to the site vk.com – he prescribes instructions in setting up the router, and the router expands your request.

The workaround is the same: connect to another wifi or distribute your own from the phone, and your request will bypass the blocking.

How to bypass such a lock, we can not tell you according to the law. But to get acces to different games and protect yourself from cybercrime – use RusVPN on your devices Now!


Many Sites Have Become Unavailable Due to Cloudflare Outage

Cloudflare Outage

The world’s largest DNS service Cloudflare reported performance issues. Due to a malfunction, the global Internet has stopped working for 30 minutes.

Cloudflare Outage

What countries suffered from failures?

According to the company, interruptions in the work of Cloudflare status have arisen in many countries around the world, including Russia, China, the United States, Great Britain, France and Poland. Due to the fall of the service, access to a large number of sites has disappeared, including the site checking availability of Internet resources Downdetector.

Crashmap of the Cloudflare

Cloudflare malfunction map

After a while, the Downdetector resumed its work. According to this resource, the greatest number of failures in Cloudflare occurred in Europe and the USA.
Solution to the problem. Cloudflare founder Matthew Prins, in his Twitter account, said that the company is working on the resumption of its services.

Cloudflare Report

What we know about Cloudflare?

This is a US company that provides protection against DDoS attacks, secure access to resources and DNS servers.

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Memes on Twitter were Hidden Commands for a Trojan Virus

Memes on Twitter Virus

Information security specialists have discovered an unusual malware that accepts commands hidden in memes posted on Twitter. After that, the program collects data in accordance with the received command and sends it to the server, the address of which is also learned from the intermediate and publicly available service, say researchers in the Trend Micro blog.

Memes on Twitter Virus

Attackers often do not act directly, but hide the work of their software. Often, steganography is used for this — a data transfer method that hides the fact of the transfer itself. For example, malicious software may be hidden in a file that has the extension of not an executable file (.exe, .bin and others), but images (.jpg, .png and others). Due to this, the user himself and the anti-virus mechanisms in the system may not suspect that the malicious file has entered the computer.

Twitter was first used to manage a botnet on Windows in 2009. Analog on Android was discovered just now. In the future, perhaps the bad guys will use Facebook status, work on Linkedin or other social networks

ESET virus analyst Lukasz Stefanko.

Specialists from Trend Micro have discovered a new way to use steganography for malicious software: hiding commands for memes. Experts studied the code of the detected program and found out the mechanism of its work. After hitting the victim’s computer and starting work, the program downloads data from a specific page on the Pastebin service and learns from there the address of the attacker’s server. After that, she collects data from a specific twitter account and searches for images. The program then looks for a hidden command in the image file, starting with the “/” symbol, executes it, sending the data to the attacker’s server.

The researchers found a local address from the code in the Pastebin account, and in the corresponding account on Twitter there were only two memes containing the hidden command “/ print”, after which the program took a screenshot of the victim’s screen. Apparently, the detected program was used by the authors as an experimental verification of the method, and not as a full-fledged software for collecting data from many users.

In addition to the “/ print” command, the researchers found several more available commands in the malicious code. “/ Processos” collects data about running processes on the user’s computer, “/ clip” collects data from the clipboard, “/ username” records the user name on the computer, and “/ docs” records the names of files in a specific directory.

The researchers note that this technique allows you to hide the receipt of commands, because usually anti-virus programs do not recognize calls to social networks and other popular sites as suspicious. It is worth noting that attacks using the commands embedded in the images and placing these images on social networks have already been used before. In addition, some attackers used simpler methods in which Twitter users publish commands for the virus in text form.

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What is the Difference Between MAC Address and IP Address?

IP Address & MAC Address

The MAC and IP addresses are not the same things. The MAC (Media Access Control) address is the unique modifier of the physical device that will or wants to become part of a network.

However, the IP address is what connects the device to the internet. IP is Internet Protocol, which connects the device and internet service provider together to the networks that bring the internet information to the computer.

Knowing and understanding how to identify a Media Access Control address is important for those that need to deal with the hardware and the issues that may arise when the device fails to connect.

MAC Address vs IP Address

Definition of MAC Address/IP Address

It is important to understand what’s a MAC address to Internet Protocol address and the specific difference between a MAC address and an IP address.

For those seeking to make changes or understand this process, the Media Access Control address is the physical address of a device. While the physical address vs the MAC address has differences, the real device user has a Media Access Control address and the internet service provider will use the physical address of the home to apply these settings.

The ISP will identify the MAC address on the network and use it to determine certain settings and how to hook the user up to the internet.

Generally, if a user wants to know what is a MAC address is used for, the ISP will explain that the MAC address on the router or modem is important to connect this person to the internet at home or in a business.

What is a MAC address with other devices? This depends on the electronic and the home network.

The Home Network

The Media Access Control address used at home requires a better understanding of the network settings, router, and modem settings and how to make changes.

An admin that manages a home network knows what is MAC ID and how to use it. He or she will use this hardware address to determine bandwidth if it can access the internet and other specific settings based on the user.

The MAC and Internet Protocol will also work together to provide internet access and speeds. This home network manager can determine the Media Access Control address needs and what is it in relation to other devices.

MAC Address

The Internet and the Home Network

For the home network manager, he or she will also know how the MAC address vs the IP address will help determine connection and speeds.

Using each computer’s MAC address, he or she can place these details in the router or let the router and modem automatically determine the addresses for configuration. The individual can also change speeds, alter the settings to only permit certain functions and stop someone from downloading large files at certain times.

Refreshing these settings can also reload for any changes. Based on the needs of the home network,  the manager can alter these settings.

How Does a MAC Address Work?

A Media Access Control address is something that a network uses to identify what device should connect to the internet or the home network in other ways.

MAC addresses exist for all hardware devices connected to include the printer or scanner. The format is MM:MM:MM:SS:SS:SS. The serial number is something from the network card inside the device.

The only time a MAC address change is when the user needs to replace the network card or NIC. Each of these addresses is unique and connects to both serial numbers and manufacturers. The MAC address connects to the data layer with TCP/IP connections.

The Address Resolution Protocol or ARP helps to receive the MAC address in the electronic world without the need to input the data manually.

Definition of IP Address

The IP address is something that connects the network to the internet through the Internet Protocol or IP. The differences are that one is a device address while the other is a protocol.

The MAC address vs IP address also explains the differences between the address on the device, the physical location and the connection to the internet with the ISP.

There is also a difference between private and public IP addresses. One is connected to the network outside while the other is inside the home network.

Also, changing the IP address allows you to get Fortnite unblocked and other games that are blocked at school or at work. The home network uses private web addresses to assign different devices to the overall IP. This helps to understand the MAC address to IP differences.

Definition of IP Address

Useful MAC

The physical address of the home is what the ISP uses to connect services. The useful Media Access Control addresses inside this home include all electronics that will remain on the network.

The person administering network services will determine the IP (web) address for the MAC address. This IP to the MAC address is something that also goes into the router. The IP (web) address assigned on the Media Access Control address will let the admin change settings and reassign internal or private IP addresses.

To get a local IP (web) address on the MAC address, the admin will usually use the router to accomplish this task. Some admins will even learn how to find an IP address from the MAC address.

MAC Address vs IP Address difference

The difference between the MAC address and the IP address explains the ways to use a device versus the connection to the internet.

The difference between MAC addresses and IP addresses also helps the admin carry out setting changes.

The difference between an IP (web) address and a port address designate where the connection is and how to adjust settings. Port settings are usually elsewhere.

The difference between an IP (web) address and a physical address explain who is handling the service and how.

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Best questions about the Difference Between Media Access Control Address and Internet Protocol Address

How is a MAC address different from an IP address?

  • MAC address is a number assigned to NIC Card by the manufacturer while IP address has connectivity with that of connection in a network and only MAC can identify a device that wants to take part in the network.

What is the use of the MAC address and IP address?

  • Difference between MAC address and IP address is that IP address transport data from one network to another and MAC delivers data to the right device on the network.

How do I find an IP address with MAC address?

  • MAC address can appear in the display of command prompt window whereas physical address has a link with MAC address in terms of location of the network adapter.

What is the MAC address used for?

  • MAC addresses and IP addresses are the same things? Of course, it’s not. Both MAC and IP address are two different things and MAC has usage in terms of assigned number for identification of the device that forms part of a network.

Scammers on Airbnb Expand Audience

Scammers on Airbnb expand audience

Scammers hunt for our money all year round, but one of the most lucrative periods for them is the holiday season. Despite the fact that the prices of tickets and hotels at this time soar to the sky, they are still snapping up like hot cakes. And those who have not taken care of buying a ticket or booking a room in advance have to feverishly scour the Internet in search of tickets and numbers for a reasonable amount of money.

Scammers on Airbnb expand audience

In the holiday season, the Network is filled with rushing and not very attentive users. Internet fraudsters are not so easy to cash in on them, because you have to post an enormous amount of fake ads and advertisements, and then also make sure that those pecking at the bait do not fall off the hook. But now at the disposal of criminals there is a powerful tool just for this – it is called Land Lordz.

What is Land Lordz?

Land Lordz is a subscription-based service designed for online scammers who specialize in deceiving tourists. Usually, criminals manually create ads, post them and respond to users or skillfully make fake web pages that look exactly like Airbnb. A new tool helps them automate these processes.

Now, according to the observations of the security experts, this program is used only by scammers who trade on Airbnb. But we suspect that the service will soon be pulled to other popular travel sites.

Base Land Lordz subscription costs $ 550 per month. For this money, the attacker can simultaneously manage more than 500 sentences and communicate with hundreds of unsuspecting Airbnb users.

What exactly do scammers do?

Using Land Lordz, fraudsters make fake housing rental offers and post them on Airbnb. As a rule, names and photographs are taken from real announcements, and for credibility, several fake positive feedback is added to each fake record from a ready-made set.

Each offer states that payment will take place exclusively through the Airbnb website, as is usually the case on this service. This creates the feeling that the user is under the protection of Airbnb and in which case will be able to demand a refund.

The offer looks seductive, and the traveler, of course, wants to contact the owner to learn more details. In response to a message the user receives a link leading to a phishing site. This is not at all Airbnb, but it looks solid and looks very similar to the official resource. On the fake user page are asked to specify a username and password.

As soon as the user enters their credentials, they immediately fall into the hands of fraudsters. But this does not end the trouble. We have already mentioned that the Land Lordz service allows attackers to track all interactions with future victims.

Seeing that the tourist has almost pecked, the scammers request an advance: there will be no advance payment – there will be no booking. Of course, as soon as the user transfers money, the “landlord” stops responding to private messages and disappears in a fog.

How not to become another deceived tourist?

  • Be suspicious of too tempting offers. If something seems incredibly good, most likely it doesn’t smell true. Learn how to avoid disappointments (or more unpleasant consequences) when preparing for a vacation, in our article on the dangers that may lie in wait when planning trips.
  • Be especially careful if the landlord asks you to follow any links. And if he immediately requires payment directly – this is a clear sign of deception.
  • Always check the URL of the page in the address bar of your browser to make sure that you are on an official resource. Use the password manager: if he did not fill in the password field on the login page automatically, there is a great chance that you are on a fake website.
  • Get a reliable anti-virus solution that will alert you if the link leads to a fraudulent, malicious, or phishing site.

To protect yourself from cybercrime and keep your confidential data safe – use RusVPN on your devices already now!

TPB is Down – Top Pirate Bay Alternatives in 2020

Top Pirate Bay Alternatives in 2019 when TPB is Down

When Pirate Bay is down, it is important to have alternatives that have proxies, which are not currently blocked and that can also provide mirror sites if necessary.

For torrent files, updated movie sections, to bypass restricted sections of the internet and to unblock access to software and torrents, the user can find new methods to download games through the internet along with video and music.

There are times when certain internet authorities will shut down The Pirate Bay and finding working sites is difficult. However, even Thepiratebay.org is down, whether it is using the browser, a virtual private network such as RUSVPN or another setup, having an alternate site is important.

Top Pirate Bay Alternatives in 2019 when TPB is Down

The Pirate Bay Alternative in 2020

The Pirate Bay is often the go-to website that users seek when attempting to access a trailer, country music, videos from different countries and other items. The Pirate Bay torrent files are usually easy to use through a proxy server without sending a report to many online pirate police.

For 2020, there are no less than seven possibilities. Each has a high rating when accessing blog details about each site. The primary alternative to The Pirate Bay is Offlinebay. TPB often faces similar shutdowns as other torrenting sites, and TPB alternatives are a necessity.


The offline alternative to thepiratebay.org and Piratebay torrents is Offlinebay because it is the offline version of the same site. Offlinebay will usually work even when the Pirates Bay is offline or blocks access or the person cannot submit files to the moderators, the Offlinebay can help without an internet connection. Torrentfreak rates this page highly for users of Piratebay.


LimeTorrents - The Pirate Bay Alternative

Another long-standing alternative to thepiratebay.se is the LimeTorrents. However, this is similar to a standard search engine with magnet links to torrents rather than holding the files on the website. Shows, movies and music are still available by clicking on a logo or link that is visible on the page.


1337x - The Pirate Bay Alternative

Is thepiratesbay.se down? It’s not a tragedy. Pirate Bay torrent files are usually available on other websites such as 1337x. Instead of using the bay, this site work has a simple interface for users and may have better access to older files. It does use BitTorrent protocols, but it has been around for some time and is highly popular.


Torrentz2 - The Pirate Bay Alternative

A meta website that is a search engine rather than has magnets or torrents if the Torrentz2. It provides any user visiting the page with available data about and leading to magnet links, torrents, and areas where the person can also access torrents on another page. There is a convenient search bar.


Katcr.co - The Pirate Bay Alternative

Katcr.co is also known as KissassTorrents and is known among torrenters. There is a great sorting feature for visiting users, and it uses a familiar interface. With this directory, the individual can find movies, music and television shows. At one time KissassTorrents surpassed even TPB and became the most visited torrent site and a good alternative to The Pirates Bay. But this success didn’t last long until in 2016 the site was closed down by the US law enforcement agencies. Now the site is back online, but its popularity is no longer so great.


Rutracker - The Pirate Bay Alternative

The RuTracker site is a favorite because it is available in many different languages. In the United States, users can only access it through a VPN. It is originally in Russian, but it is known as a great location for music files which contents in sections and categories. It is a good option that does not exist in the TBP and when Pirate Bay is offline.


TorLock - The Pirate Bay Alternative

The site knows as having no fake torrent files is TorLock. The home page has featured lists of top torrents that others want or search for normally. These include music, movies, software, ebooks, and television shows. To sort the content, the user needs to open the category page and then sort based on size, file, date, and other options. There are advertisements that are intrusive, but it is a viable alternate option when TPB is down.

Website Alexa Rank Country Categories Status Notes
LimeTorrents 57078 Nigeria Videos (Movies and TV shows), Music, Games, Software, and apps Live Easy to use, verified torrents
1337x 303 India Videos (Movies and TV shows), Music, Software Live Nice interface, lots of old resources
Torrentz2 1142 India Videos (Movies and TV shows), Music, Software Live Combines torrent from several databases
Katcr.co 4241 United States Videos (Movies and TV shows), Music, Software, and apps Live The successor of KickassTorrents
RuTracker 417 Russia Videos (Movies, TV shows), Anime Music, Software and apps Live Multi-language content
TorLock 10478 United States Videos (Movies and TV shows), Music, Software, and apps Live Lots of verified torrents

Pirate Bay Proxies

So what to do when TPB is down and even a VPN doesn’t help you? You need a Pirate Bay replacement! Either you can go to an alternative torrent site (see the previous section), or you need a Pirate Bay proxy. If you want to know what a The Pirate Bay proxy is and how it is different from a mirror site, then we recommend reading this article: List of best Pirate Bay proxies 2020.

If you absolutely want to access TPB and don’t want just some sites like Pirate Bay, then a proxy is the better way to go.

They are like the best alternatives to Pirate Bay’s URL while still allowing you to access TPB database:

  • https://thepiratebays3.com
  • https://www1.thepiratebay3.to/
  • https://tpb.cool/
  • https://tpblist.info/
  • https://piratebaylive.com/
  • https://piratebaylive.online/

The Internet Archive

An interesting alternative that is rarely mentioned but is actually one of the best pirate bay alternatives is The Internet Archive. First of all, it is an incredible resource to freely and legally download millions of books, music, and movies. While it is mostly older material that isn’t subject to copyright, there is plenty of interesting stuff to be found.
Another good reason to go there is for the Internet’s Archive Wayback Machine: you can type the URL of any website and it will show you several backups of it. This means that, if TPB is down, you can go here https://archive.org/web/web.php and type in thepiratebay.org and still access much of the torrents!

Pirate Bay Browser

Pirate Bay Browser

Six years ago TPB actually released a Pirate Bay browser, unfortunately, it never took off and doesn’t work anymore. While it is absolutely essential to use a VPN to hide your traffic from your ISP, your choice of browser is also a very important one because a browser still sees your search queries, etc. The most popular browser for privacy is Firefox, which is a worldwide renowned service by now. Other serious alternatives have grown recently and they include the Tor Browser, Brave and Vivaldi. Take a look for yourself and see which privacy features and UI you prefer.

Is torrenting illegal?

The short answer is “no”, the long answer is “it depends”. Torrenting in itself isn’t at all illegal. But if you use it to do illegal things (share or download illegal or pirated content), then, of course, it is illegal. So is torrenting illegal? It depends on what you use it for!

Advantages of VPN for torrenting

It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time user or a frequent torrenter, using a VPN for torrenting is absolutely essential! For two main reasons: privacy and content access. A VPN ensures that your traffic and IP addresses are masked and private. So your Internet Service Provider or a government agency cannot link you to your torrenting activity.
Also, a VPN can help circumvent websites that are blocked or blacklisted in your country or by your ISP.


While many alternatives are different from the Piratebay, they do provide the ability to access new movies, programs, and even music. Some may seek to acquire new books or television shows. It is generally vital to mask the access and download of these files because of copyright laws and the DMCA or Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This is possible through a virtual private network such as RusVPN for less than $5 a month.

Anonymous internet traffic, downloads and site activity are all possible through a VPN service. The platform is familiar and simple to use. Support is always available, and access does not slow down internet speeds or create logs. You can use a VPN Chrome extension, firefox extension or other VPN applications.

When the Piratebay is offline and using alternate options, it is vital to keep the downloading activity masked through a VPN because the internet service provider may send a warning or shut activity off completely. Bypassing this problem is necessary to keep downloading anything online with a torrent program and by using torrent files no matter what time of day or night.

Most popular questions regarding The Pirate Bay

What is TPB?

  • The Pirate Bay (TPB) is simply the largest, most stable and famous torrent site. There is a huge community behind it and a fantastic database of digital content.

Is The Pirate Bay down?

  • Sometimes the site is down for maintenance or it might be blacklisted by your ISP. Both these issues can easily be resolved by using a VPN like RUSVPN.

What happened to the Pirate Bay?

  • TPB was created over 16 years ago and it’s still here! If you are having trouble accessing it, try using a VPN and/or a TPB proxy or mirror site. If none of this works, you can always use one of our alternative torrent sites.

How to download from the Pirate Bay?

  • The very first step is to set up a VPN to hide your identity. Then you will need to install a good BitTorrent client (such as μTorrent or qBittorrent). Next, go to thepiratebay.org (or equivalent) and click on the magnet “Download this torrent using magnet”. This will open a pop-up in your BitTorrent client.

How To: Delete Snapchat Account

Delete Snapchat

Delete Snapchat

How to Delete Your Snapchat Account Permanently

When the user is tired of using Snapchat, it is important to permanently remove the account whether it has 2018 or 2019 content. Media, videos and stories can accumulate on the account. A hardware VPN can assist with ensuring privacy for the user and protecting internet usage through anonymity. After deleting the Snapchat account, the individual can download and install the virtual private network on the computer to protect the network, home computer, iPhone and data. Security is crucial to keep information from 2016 and image, business and friends safe from exposure.

How to Delete Snapchat Account on Your Desktop

Delete Snapchat through three easy steps on the computer. Delete Snapchat account by first entering this in the browser:  https://accounts.snapchat.com After access, the person will have the correct account to delete. After logging on, and by clicking on delete my account, the individual just needs to continue and will remove Snapchat. Then, after 30 days, the account will delete. These commands through the google start page help the user remove snaps and Snapchat’s features from the desktop.

How to Delete Snapchat Account on Your iPhone or Android

By accessing the phone, the user will learn how to delete Snapchat account. This starts with the application, login and tapping the avatar in the top left corner of the phone. Apple and Android mobile phones tend to have similar formats. The user should tap the gear icon, choose the help center and tab the help center. The next step is to go to My Account and Security, then Account Information, then Delete my Account. In the My Account section, tap the Accounts Portal section and follow the next steps. This is the delete how to delete Snapchat command.


How to delete snapchat account


How to Deactivate Account on Snapchat

By learning how to deactivate Snapchat permanently, the user can delete my Snapchat account completely. This will eradicate access to filters, snap, compilations stored, social access, chat and national shared information. Any purchased items through the store are no longer available. Titled pictures are gone as well as verge images or filters. The easy way to accomplish this is by not logging in for a consecutive 30 days. This leads to Snapchat deactivate steps on other electronics and how to delete or deactivate Snapchat on similar devices.

Snapchat’s Privacy Policy

Once the user deactivates or deletes the account, the Snapchat privacy guidelines kick in by retaining some user data. The owners will retain all information the user provided while using the app and info from the device to include logs and location. Third party details are also stored with the app. The user can revoke permissions at the expenses of functionality. Other important retained data include the personal details for legal, security and business reasons and the accepted terms or service.

How To Remove Google Chrome Extensions Manually in 2019

How To Remove Google Chrome Extensions Manually

How To Remove Google Chrome Extensions Manually

How to uninstall Chrome Extensions Manually

With too many Chrome extensions, the user can experience internet and page lag. To remove Chrome extensions manually, it is important to follow some simple steps. Before accomplishing this feat, the user should check which ones he or she wants for spell checking, password saving and other conditions on pages to make browsing easier. Some extensions in the browser that users select can help with virus issues, windows management, security and help with Google. Extensions require download through the menu on the page and some may support internet usage. Check what extension to uninstall before following the steps. RusVPN can also help with privacy in Chrome.

RusVPN can help with privacy in Chrome

Uninstall Google Extension Using Customize and Control

Remove extensions from Chrome through the easy menu and options in the top of the browser. In this section, several programs and extensions are visible, and the user can learn how to remove an extension from chrome. This is slightly different from Firefox with button options in different places. However, by going to tools and extensions, the individual can see the extensions available for uninstall. There are also guides online that explain these settings and image captures for the computer. Removal in these windows is a simple point and click action.

Remove Google Extensions That Don’t Show

Another way to remove google extensions is to open Chrome browser and type “chrome://extensions” and press enter. This option will redirect the user to the page in Chrome with all available extensions visible. Then, by a reset of the page, the extensions will disappear. This gives the user the ability to delete chrome extensions another way.

Remove Google Extensions

A Quicker Way to Remove Chrome Extensions Manually

A much faster way to uninstall chrome extensions manually is by using the Chrome toolbar. The user can right-click the icon and then select Remove from Chrome. This is how to remove extensions on chrome without using the menu or the browser address bar. If the user encounters adware, malware, ransomware and needs support, removing extensions can help. However, for Safari, Explorer or other Microsoft programs information is available in different guides. Microsoft has pages that are open to the public which are for specific applications.

faster way to uninstall chrome extensions manually

Protect Your Internet Privacy

As the user is learning how to remove chrome extensions manually, how to delete chrome extensions manually and how to better protect internet privacy, it is important to consider a VPN. Chrome remove extensions options can protect the person to a degree depending on how each extension affects the browser. However, a virtual private network service such as RUSVPN can ensure anonymous internet activity. These services can prevent from collecting the data that the user accumulates when browsing the internet. RusVPN can hide online activity and what the user is doing online as well as each website viewed.

With fast connections, servers in multiple locations and anonymous activity, the user can ensure privacy and internet protection with the VPN services. The platform is easy to use and is accessible through a quick download and install from nearly any location.

How To: Uninstall & Remove WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, with approximately 1.5 billion active users in 180 countries all around the world. However, more and more people are unsatisfied with its privacy policy and overall performance. Follow our step-by-step guide if you want to delete WhatsApp messenger from:

  • PC (Windows)
  • Android devices
  • iPhone

In the last section of this article, we will tell you more about the application’s privacy policy and share tips on how to protect your personal information.

How to remove WhatsApp Desktop from Windows

Commonly, many people delete WhatsApp from their PC because the PC version doesn’t work if your smartphone is not connected to the Internet. This means that to use the application on your computer you have to install it on both your smartphone and  Windows based PC, Linux or MacOS, log into your account and then connect your smartphone to the Internet. Without Internet connection on your smartphone, the PC application will not work. This is not only very impractical, it’s also just plain annoying.

How to Delete Whatsapp 1

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to uninstall WhatsApp messenger on your PC (Windows 10):

  1. Open the Settings application then press the Windows logo + I on the keyboard. Or click on the “Settings” logo on the left side of the Start
  2. Click on the System icon, then Apps and Features. You will see all the applications installed.
  3. Find WhatsApp, click on its icon, then click on the Uninstall button.
  4. Click again to confirm.

How to Delete Whatsapp 2


Here is another example of how to delete WhatsApp:

  1. In the Start menu, open the Control Panel and change the view to Small icons for better observation.
  2. Choose Programs and Features.
  3. Click on WhatsApp image and select Uninstall.

If you run into some errors while uninstalling WhatsApp, free software like CC Cleaner can be used to erase the application completely.

How to remove WhatsApp Messenger on Android

If you have installed WhatsApp messenger for Android and now want to delete it, follow the below instructions:

  1. Long tap on the application icon on Home screen until it starts wriggling.
  2. Press on the X icon.

This is the simplest way; however, some Android users report that they cannot get rid of the application.

How to Delete Whatsapp 3


If you have trouble and can’t uninstall WhatsApp, try this:

  1. Open the Settings menu and choose Apps.
  2. You will see all the applications that were installed on your smartphone or tablet. Tap on the WhatsApp icon.
  3. Tap on Uninstall then tap OK to confirm your intentions, as shown on the image above.


How to Delete Whatsapp 4

The third way to remove WhatsApp:

  1. Search for the application in the Play Store.
  2. In the listing page, choose the app icon and select Uninstall like shown on the picture above. Confirm by tapping OK.

How to delete WhatsApp Messenger on iPhone

To remove the application from iPhone or iPad use the Home screen:

  1. Press the messenger icon, when it jiggles tap on X in the upper left corner like it is shown on the above image.
  2. Tap on Delete and you will uninstall the app.

How to Delete Whatsapp 5

Conclusion: your privacy

WhatsApp, like other Facebook family services, is often accused of selling their users’ personal information. Even if you delete the application your data can still be used for commercial purposes. No matter what service you use, or will use, you are responsible for your own privacy as many companies not only suffer from data leakage but even organizes it.

Always stay vigilant when chatting with your friends and family members and use RusVPN for additional security. The service has no ads, an affordable price and many available locations. With RusVPN your data will be encrypted, your personal information remains anonymous and the Internet speed will still be super-fast.

Hardware VPN: What is It For?

Hardware VPN can encrypt internet traffic, protect all devices connected and ensure anonymity with browsing. It is a piece of hardware for the home or business, but it can also provide security, support the network, ensure various services are running and connect routers by request. These devices are often too expensive for home users, but they can give dedicated IP addresses, additional VPN tunnels and remote access or Wi-Fi to the internet. Navigation is available online as well as networking multiple device connections such as the desktop and a home VPN appliance. Home users may find RUSVPN a better option where businesses may prefer the hardware virtual private network instead.

VPN for Businesses: Hardware vs. Software

When considering if the hardware or software option is better, the user may need to review the choices. Some items to consider with software include downloads, support for glitches, navigation through the application, if a guide is available, what steps to take and how the program interacts with the network. Other details include super fast or slow speeds, the best hardware VPN for the physical item and what VPN hardware device to purchase for the business.


The hardware VPN solution is often faster with more reliable speeds. However, with better computers and cell phones, the user no longer needs switches, less than gigabit connections and a certain model of the device. Higher speeds are available in each country with true access in 2019. There is little need to consider only purchasing hardware VPN for home.


It is less difficult to achieve stability with speeds and a constant connection even with a hardware VPN router that may limit speeds or cause instability. However, with a single touch, the user can correct issues. Choosing a different server location or by restarting the hardware, the user can restore stability.

Software VPN access is generally easier for home and small business users. It offers support and help for the first-time usage. However, the hardware option is often the better choice for the larger business or even home users that know how to use items such as Kodi for media access and more complex technical devices and software.

Remote Access

When considering the hardware VPN vs software VPN options, the individual can usually acquire remote access through the device or with the browser. Either through company intranet and internet away from the office or when accessing the VPN away from home, the user can keep a stable connection. Not all virtual private networks do provide this access, but RUSVPN does. A dedicated IP service can help create a system that also gives the user this same functionality. The VPN hardware can retain the IP address of the user in a White list reporting to the company or to the home device. A college can accomplish this as well.


For consideration with VPN hardware vs software, the business should understand if the application or hardware can upgrade based on the needs of the company. With the hardware, the VPN tunnels have limits. With fast-growing businesses, this is a restriction. Then, there is the need to invest in a new device. It is normally more cost-effective to purchase VPN software and only purchase a new account for additional employees that start working. The home user may not need to consider this feature.

Maintenance and Updates

Maintenance for the VPN hardware for home use may require updates, tweaks to settings and additional hardware to provide access to multiple users. Software options are often simple with installation complete in a mere few minutes. This option also comes with support where the hardware may require a call to a third party. The device may also demand someone with technical expertise. There is no interface accessible without manual configuration. Remove access is not as easy. Software updates are often simple with a click or by accessing a link. Additional features are often available through browser extensions for the home or business user.


The physical device can cost anywhere from $50 to $1000 or more depending on the brand and features. The software alternative is usually only a few dollars each month or for each user. With a larger corporation, the hardware is not a serious consideration unless the software is more scalable and is easier for everyone.

For the home user, RusVPN applications and features are available to better understand the VPN connection. Hardware connections are more complex and require a more technical background. With $4.99 monthly fees and round the clock support, the user can continue accessing nearly anything all the time.


How To Watch Porn in the UK after Porn Block

How To Watch Porn in the UK after Porn Block

The best way to watch pornographic content after the UK porn block takes effect is through the user of a VPN service. A virtual private network with servers outside of the country can help bypass these restrictions for users that want to lessen worry about security leaks and needing to verify personal details that remain stored in a central database. There is no need to acquire a porn pass or undergo limits on sharing videos, accessing email or social media websites or even bog down tech devices. The AgeID verification is no longer something to stress over with a VPN.

How To Watch Porn in the UK


The access to free online content and to see porn blocked by the UK restrictions is possible through a VPN. With the British porn ban effective in mid-July, citizens in the country can still bypass this regulation with a server attached to a virtual private network that is outside the country. While this digital bypass does provide access to children and or an adult alike, the individual must give personal credit card details to sign up. Additional benefits exist with the service for all users. It does not matter the sexual preferences of the user or why the individual wants to make internet traffic invisible.

Adults can work through the installation at home through free time rather than when interacting with a business. The technology provides an easy way to get access to unblocked porn sites, to subscribe and view pornography without using a card or porn authorization such as an AgeID check. The VPN can remove government porn limitations. There are multiple ways to access content to include mirror sites, the VPN servers, using a proxy and anonymous IP or with a Tor.

Use VPN Services to watch porn in the UK

VPN Services

A VPN such as RUSVPN can remove tracking of internet access, which sites around the world the person views and the ability to restrict content such as through UK internet censorship. The benefits of purchasing a low-cost VPN are important to bypass these censorship laws. However, UK porn laws still restrict pornography from those under the age of eighteen. The services that a VPN can provide give the user a way to unblock content and sites that a government entity could lockdown. The data and connection remain encrypted while the VPN connection remains active. The user can stay anonymous and even access the following with this linking:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Websites with politics
  • Sport pages
  • Insider content

How to watch porn in the UK? Porn that the government will block can remain accessible with a VPN. It is up to each citizen if he or she wants to employ one and bypass blocked sites.

Proxy? Why Not

A proxy can unblock porn UK content. These services provide users with a hidden location by showing the person in a different area or country. The proxy is available through websites or as an extension to the current web browser. These items can remove restrictions but, they often slow the internet connection through buffering of sites and all available content. Additional disadvantages exist in the unavailability of privacy that the VPN gives. Because of this, both the internet service provider to the household and the UK government can see what the person is viewing, such as pornographic sites, and then later block access. People using a proxy can share videos, send emails and look at inappropriate images, but the authorities can see this.

Anonymous IP

There are different ways to make an IP address anonymous. One is through a Tor browser such as onion. These can help the user access pornography online without payment. The Tor browser provides anonymity through switching the person’s details around with nodes that mask the individual. When the need to stream content arises, the Tor is at a serious disadvantage because it bogs down connection speeds significantly. Other anonymous IP services are either detectable without the privacy that RUSVPN gives or costs more than the person is willing to pay.

Anonymous IP can help you to watch adult content

Mirror sites

Generally, mirror sites are full and complete replicas of the original site which will give a user total access to the same materials. However, with the censorship that bans this access without verification, many of these mirror sites will only give fake content. Many videos or streaming services will break or have broken links. The design of the mirror site is to spread the traffic of users across different or multiple URL addresses. Many mirrors are accessible through VPN services if the member wants to double precautions.

Most pornographic website owners agreed to enforce the new restrictions in the UK because they could face fines with non-adherence. Unfortunately, many mirror sites may only work for a time with the limits in place because the ISP will often see them and then place blocks if there is no porn verification system in place on these alternative addresses. It is crucial to look for secure sites that have an HTTPS in the address window to prevent browsing to mirror sites created or maintained by hackers. Someone that builds a mirror site could also embed spyware, malware or adware and then exploit the page with users. The individual should notice certain signs of tampering or fake mirror sites by content or suspicious internet connection to the page such as warnings popping up asking if the person wants to bypass security protocols.

Use RUSVPN to Bypass the UK Porn Block

RUSVPN provides users with secure access to any websites. It allows you to play Fortnite unblocked and other games that have been blocked. When using servers outside of the country, access to porn is easier with complete anonymity. The connection helps maintain a much faster speed than most alternatives.  All users can see the advantages through faster speeds, stable connections, maintained privacy and invisible traffic and encryption technology that undergoes research and development to stay ahead of other providers.

RUSVPN supports any electronic device without the need to proceed through a porn ID check. The services provide access at a low price, without any ads and access points in many different locations. It is only $4.99 a month and there are often special offers for new users during sign up.

UK porn block delayed or canceled?

The controversial UK porn law has made a lot of noise over the past couple of years. The UK porn block has been delayed several times, first set to take place in May 2018, it was delayed until May 2019 and then July 2019. And now…it is officially canceled! No AgeID or identification will be required to access porn sites. They are however still planning to find a way to protect children online, which nobody ever argued against. Of course, children should be protected, but not at the price of everyone else’s right to privacy.

Top questions on safely watching porn

How to watch porn online in the UK?

  • With the UK porn law canceled, it remains vital to stay private and safe when you surf the web. Hiding your IP address, for example, is essential if you don’t want your ISP, Google or even the government to know the sites you are browsing. For that, you’ll need to setup a VPN. The people at RUSVPN offer a free version that let’s you easily access blocked websites and keep your browsing fully private.

How many people in the UK watch porn?

  • 2 out of 3 people in the UK have watched porn before and 1 in 3 watch porn once a month at least.

When does the UK porn block start?

  • Never! The porn block has officially been canceled on October 16th, 2019.

How to bypass the UK porn block?

  • The answer is a VPN. And even though the block has been canceled, you still one if you enjoy privacy and free and safe access to any website.

Is it illegal to watch porn?

  • It is only illegal to watch porn in the UK if you are under 18. Note that it is also illegal to watch child pornography.

How to watch porn when blocked?

  • You might have heard of web proxies (such as a proxy site or a proxy server). While they do often work, they won’t help protect your identity and privacy. If you want to forget about blocked websites and surf freely, securely and privately, there is an all-in-one solution: use a VPN. It can unblock websites, whether it is photos and videos or torrents. So install RUSVPN and enjoy access to unblocked porn ;).

How to Determine If Your Laptop Camera Has Been Hacked?

hacked webcams

You are seated in the comfort of your house or room and suddenly a thought occurs to you; someone is watching you through your computer! It is not the best feeling in the world, especially because one wouldn’t expect to be spied on using their own devices.

hacked webcams

Yet, this is not an entirely new phenomenon. It is easy to hack into anyone’s webcam and spy on them. Most people do not even realize it until it is too late. How then can one determine whether their laptop’s webcam has been hacked and what can you do about hacked webcams?

Has Your Webcam Been Hacked Check This

There are a number of things that would determine whether your webcam has been hacked. Here is how to tell if your laptop camera is hacked.

Webcam Indicator Light

One of the most straightforward ways to tell whether you have been hacked is to check the webcam light. Usually, this is a green, blue, or white light that comes on whenever you are using your webcam. It only comes on when the webcam is recording video and is a great indicator that someone else is on your computer.

Storage Files

At times, the hacker might create files in your computer to store their footage after spying on you. Usually, this is hard to notice because no one expects it. It is, therefore, important to keep an eye on any new files in your storage area, especially of footage you do not recall making. This could indicate a breach in your security and confirm whether you have been hacked.

Check for Unknown Applications

Sometimes, a laptop cam hack could involve other applications. It is important to check any applications which you do not recognize as they could be the instruments of the hack. You could also check the number of applications that are using your webcam through the process explorer of your windows. This will help you remove any and all applications which you suspect are using your webcam to spy on you.

Webcam Process is running

Your computer can tell you all the processes that are running by simply looking at the task manager. Once you open your task manager, you will see the list of processes running on your computer under the processes tab.

If your webcam is among them, you can always restart your computer device and observe whether the webcam will appear on the taskbar again. A simple search for “test my webcam” on Google will also reveal hundreds of ways to determine whether your camera is working properly.


Check Webcam Application Restrictions

Are you experiencing any restrictions when using your webcam? This could happen if you try to perform a webcam check.

Naturally, it is hard to use your laptop camera with two applications so if you get a restriction message telling you that your webcam is being used by another application, it could be that t is really being used by another application or that you have been hacked.

Run a Malware Scan

Checking whether there is a malware on your computer can reveal a webcam hack. It is an easy process which will only take a few minutes. All you have to do is run a malware scan on your computer.

Observe the Camera Behaving Abnormally

Thanks to massive technology advancements, webcams have advanced to include actions such as adjusting of position or lenses in real time to capture better video. During a computer camera hack, these processes might be affected making the webcam behave abnormally. If you notice off behavior or your laptop camera not working, chances are that you have been hacked.

How to Protect Yourself from Spying

Many people are not happy with the idea of hacked webcams. Such a breach in personal space is uncomfortable and scary and you might not always notice it. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from spying.

To protect your data from cybercrimes and keep your anonymity safe – use RusVPN on your devices now!

How To: Create and Use VPN Connections in Windows 7

windows7 vpn setup

As we move further into the 21st century, more and more people are starting to understand the necessity of protecting their digital identity and information. VPNs have been taking digital devices by storm because people are becoming more and more aware of the not so distant threat of cyber attacks that can be aimed at them and their data. In this tech guide we will be describing how to configure vpn in a Windows 7 PC/laptop, since we often have people asking us “My VPN will not connect to Windows 7, how do i fix this?”

windows7 vpn setup

How to connect to your VPN server in Windows 7

Step-by-Step Easy VPN Setup Guide (Windows 7)

1. Click on the start button, and in the search bar type in “VPN”. Select “Set Up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection.”

win7 vpn

2. Enter the domain name or IP address of the server to which you would want to connect to. Note: If you are trying to do so via a computer where you have do not have the role of the admin, you may need to resolve that first.

new vpn connection windows 7

3. Once filled out, you will see a “Do not connect now” option. That is for those of you out there who only use the VPN when browsing certain options, and do not wish to have the VPN working all the time. If not, just click next.

4. Once this screen opens, you will see the options to enter your username and password. You can also leave it blank, but it will request to do so once again when you will want to connect to the internet via the Vpn on Windows 7.

connect vpn win 7

5. To finally get a secure Windows 7 VPN server up and running, click on the windows network logo on in the lower right side of the tab, and then select ‘Connect” under “VPN Connection”

choose vpn connection

6. Enter your domain and login information and click “connect”

connect to vpn

If you are still experiencing issues when trying to connect VPN to Windows 7, the issue may be due to to server configurations in your providers settings. Check with your provider to see which type of servers are in use, and ask them which they recommend to use when making a VPN connection (windows 7). You can double check by first of all writing down your original local IP, via IPleak.net. Then, once properly finishing the setup of your Virtual Private Network (Windows 7), check again via the website listed in the previous sentence.

RusVPN may be fairly new on the market, but it has definitely take it by storm. Besides RusVPN being affordable with high speed servers in every corner of the globe, it also well known for being extremely user friendly! A lot of providers only focus on certain internet extensions and perhaps apps when it comes to outstanding user experience, but they very often forget about other aspects from which their clientele could be using their VPN. Unlike others, RusVPN has thought about every single aspect to maximize customer satisfaction. Either a direct download, a chrome extension, or App.

RusVPN is extremely easy to download and start using. If potentially you may be experiencing a hard time in trying to understand how to properly set everything up, do not hesitate to contact our amazing customer support team that can easily answer any questions you may have. Also, do not forget to look through our blog section, since there you can find the most common questions our team gets, and your question may already be answered there.

How To: Prevent WebRTC IP Leak

what is webrtc

To understand how to prevent a WebRTC Leak, it is first important to understand what does WebRTC stand for, and how it works. Web Real Time Communication is a collection of tech that has been standardized, and allows web browsers to exchange all sorts of info in real time. Voice recordings, video, and all sorts of other data is transferred. The perks of using WebRTC are superior browsing speeds as well as less lag when exchanging files and live streaming via the internet. The biggest negative factor is that when using WebRTC, it allows third party websites to detect your real IP address, which in the end leads to your true identity and location. Any unauthorized leak of your personal data, such as your IP address can quickly lead to third parties threatening your privacy.

what is webrtc

How To Understand You Have a Leak

If you are a constant web surfer, then having a VPN is an absolute most if you want to avoid exposing your private information to third parties. The best way to check if you do have a leak, is to do the following.

  • Disconnect from any VPN you maybe be currently using, and open this page up again.
  • Note, which IP address is being indicated when checking your IP
  • Close your internet browser via which you opened the page
  • Open up the browser, connect to your VPN and reopen this page
  • If the IP address you are seeing now is the same one you had before enabling your VPN, then you have a WebRTC leak.

Browsers Vulnerable to WebRTC leaks

Sadly, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and even Opera, all have WebRTC enabled by default. The most effective way to fight leaks in such situations is to just browse the web with a constantly active VPN service that will keep your data secure 24/7.

How To Manually Disable WebRTC in Chrome

Besides having a VPN, there are two certain chrome extensions that are well known to successfully block WebRTC Leaks.

  1. UBlock Origin
  2. WebRTC NetWork Limiter

How To Manually Disable WebRTC in Safari

Out of all of the web browsers listed above, Safari is the only one that has strict info permissions policy that does not allow any information leak to happen. The only really case in which safari could potentially leak your information is if you grant any third party website permission to use audio and video capture. Only then could you be exposing your data.

safari webrtc

How To Manually Disable WebRTC In Firefox

Firefox disabling of WebRTC is a bit tougher when compared to other browsers. The first step you must take is in the address bar, type in about:config . You will see an “I accept the risk!” button. Do not worry, and click on it. The browser just doesn’t want you changing anything that it had planned for your data! Your next step will be to type in media.peerconnection.enabled in the search bar, and double click to change the value to false!

firefox webrtc

How Does A VPN Keep Me Safe?

RusVPN is one of the few VPN providers out there that has the capabilities to properly block any potential leaks that could lead to your personal data getting into the wrong hands. The RusVPN extension for both Chrome and Mozilla solve any leakage problems you may be facing by completely disabling WebRTC, which ensures that all your information stays put, without any danger of third parties getting their hands on your information.

RusVPN is all about fast browsing speeds, and top notch encryption to protect any users data from getting into harmful third party hands! With RusVPN you enjoy fast streaming speeds with over 150 servers to choose from. No ads, no spam email marketing campaigns, nothing that could potentially get you frustrated. Browse the internet safely with RusVPN – the provider that protects! If you have any more questions as to how to disable WebRTC for other less commonly used browsers, feel free to get in contact with our customer support team.


What is a NAT Firewall and How Does It Work?

What is a NAT Firewall

If you have been looking for a complete guide on what is a NAT firewall, then this article is exactly what you have been looking for! Technical subjects tend to get confusing when someone from a non-technical background tries to get an in-depth understanding of a certain topic. We will explain what is NAT, how to edit NAT firewall settings, and last but not least, what is the purpose of NAT, and what does NAT means.

What is a NAT Firewall

NAT, also known as Network Address Translation, is the process in which your IP information is modified into IP packets, that are then transferred to the required site. These IP packets are bundles of your information that are transferred via the internet. NAT is most commonly used in typical WI-FI routers for a number of devices that connect from one WI-FI connection to access the internet using one external IP. Since these IP packets (simply speaking bundles of personal information) are vulnerable and could be accessed by harmful third parties, the NAT process acts as a so-called firewall, blocking any non sanctioned incoming traffic.

Network Address Translation firewalls are extremely important when it comes to your cybersecurity. If you are thinking of stepping up your cybersecurity, your best choice would be to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that has a built-in NAT Firewall. Your VPN will encrypt all of your IP packets, making it close to impossible for any third parties to get your location or any private data that could potentially be located in those packets.

Now you must be wondering if a NAT Firewall is a so-called data guardian, why do I need a VPN with a built-in NAT Firewall? Simple. When a Nat firewall stands alone, it’s simply not enough to protect your data from any serious third party dangers. Firewalls are technically fairly simple tool that is not 100% reliable when it comes to ensuring your data security. For the maximum security of your data, it is highly recommended that you use a VPN that has an in house Nat Firewall. Such firewalls are usually way more sophisticated than basic NAT and have more functions to protect your data.

RusVPN is an outstanding VPN service with secure and fast servers for an affordable price! Even though it is fairly new on the market, it has managed to take it by storm!

We here at RusVPN care for our user’s cybersecurity. We offer the best servers with the most secure connections out there. Quick and secure speeds at an extremely affordable price. Besides VPNS being your data guardian online, it is also a great way to save money when booking flights and hotels!

Have you ever noticed how when you look at tickets on Expedia or any other online booking service, each time you look at your desired flight or hotel again, the price increases? That is because that website is monitoring your actions, and seeing what flights or hotels are of interest to you. By constantly raising the price each time you check again, they are hoping to push you to purchase quicker! Avoid overpaying when booking something online! Download RusVPN, connect to a third world country and via incognito mode start browsing! The IP of a third world country almost guarantees a lower price!

Protect yourself from cybercrimes and keep your data safe – use RusVPN on your iOS devices and Android devices!

How To: Setup VPN on Windows 8

If you are looking on how to set up windows 8 vpn client, then this article is what you have been looking for! The setup process on windows 8 for a vpn is fairly simple, and will take no longer then a few minutes if following PPTP protocol. Having windows 8 vpn is a necessity if your cyber security if of any interest to you. The vpn setup windows 8.1 process is exactly the same if you have updated your windows. There are many reasons as to why your cyber security should be of the utmost interest to you, but we will get to that once you read about what you actually came here for! This step-by-step manual will get your VPN up and running on your PC in no time!

Windows 8 Vpn Setup – Windows 8.1 Vpn Setup step-by-step manual

  1. Make sure your network connection is active and that you can properly connect to the internet to set up setup vpn windows 8.1.
  2. Select your search bar and search for VPN.
  3. Once the results load, click on Manage Virtual Private Networks
  4. When the drop down menu appears, click on +Add a VPN Connection
  5. Insert your VPN server address, which your vpn network security provider should have informed you about.
  6. Open VPN and access the internet for safe browsing!

To make sure your vpn is working properly, check your IP address by simply googling “what is my IP”! Before checking, clarify that you are aware of what your original IP address is, since your server IP address and name can vary once you connect to the global web via VPN! We recommend you write down your original IP down somewhere so that in the long run there are no misunderstandings between a VPN IP and your own personal IP.

Now that we have resolved on how to connect to your VPN server in Windows 8, you should understand why it is important to have a VPN connected to your devices. Microsoft, android, and IOS devices, and even on your routers – a VPN is needed on them all for maximum security! No matter how top notch you may think your security settings are, nothing protects you better from cyber threats then a reliable VPN service. Bests VPN websites protecting you in the cyber world, it also helps you get through to websites that may or may not be blocked in your region. A great example can be Chinese residence who want to use google as their search engine, but cannot due to Chinese laws prohibiting the use of google in China! Another great reason can be for all of you out there who like to gamble on online casinos! Most online casinos are banned in Western countries, and users do not have access to them. That is easy to bypass with a VPN client,

Why Download a VPN client

Most users tend to have VPN extensions on their browsers, and not on their devices. The difference is radical when it comes to your own cyber security! Besides most VPN clients being extremely cheap, they protect your WHOLE device from third party threats, not just your browsers. Your logins, passwords, names, files- all of it, under total VPN lockdown! As humanity moves further into the 21st century, cyber security has grown from being a prioriy of governments and corporations, to being a priority to individuals who actually care about their personal information!

Do not wait till your information gets compromised, think ahead! Use a VPN client before you have any extremely unpleasant third party guests steal your personal information!

Best Browser For Internet Privacy

In the modern day world there are dozens of different of web browsers to choose from when it comes to internet browsing. Have you ever wondered what is the most secure web browser? Which one has strong privacy stools, a built in ad blocker, or maybe even perhaps a search engine with a built in VPN? Then this article is exactly what you have been searching for! Be prepared to have all of your search engine related questions answered in just a few paragraphs.

Most Secure Internet Browser

Mozilla Firefox is known as one of the safest web browsers went it comes to internet privacy. The search engine itself is extremely fast, and light on system resources. Firefox has recently released its biggest update which has managed to propel itself to the top of almost every single respectable browser ranking website. Firefox experienced hard times before the update due to the fact that it was lagging behind other browsers in terms of speed and security. Everything changed after Firefox released its latest update, Firefox Quantom. It was a total game changer for the company due to the search engines code base, and speeds that could easily outperform even Google Chrome. Overall, Firefox is known as the most private browser.

Firefox is also the headliner when it comes to the best browsers for privacy. Since Mozilla is a non-profit, they do not have the same temptation as other search engines to sell your data to third parties. The search engine also constantly works on updates to protect its users privacy, unlike other companies that are understand constant scrutiny due to the fact that they sell out their clients data to third party companies/organizations. Firefox is one of the only search engines that care that much about their users privacy to the extent where they don’t sell out.

Pros Cons
+ Quickly navigates the web – No live support
+ Reliably blocks malware – Hard to find

Fastest Browser Out There

Google chrome is known as a incredibly stable, and brilliantly presented browser that is always in the top of any rankings when it comes to search engines. Chrome has a wide range of easily accessible extensions, which also have a wide range of settings that can help you optimize the performance of them for maximum efficiency. Besides Chrome being a wildly successful browser, it also has its downsides. Chrome is the heaviest out of all search engines, and it takes a lot of effort for devices with little RAM to perform its functions at usual speeds. Because Chrome is Google’s product, there is little trust to the privacy of the search engine. A lot of the browsers users are uncomfortable with how their browsing data is being used by Google for its ad campaigns. Have you ever noticed how you google something, and then all of a sudden you have all sorts of ads related to what you googled appear on other websites that you use such as Facebook? Well, thats google stalking you and your data!

Pros Cons
+ Sync settings available on all your devices – No phone support
+ Compatible with all platforms and devices – Not trustworthy

The Most Underrated Browser

Opera is by far the most underrated browser on the market. The browser is well known for having an integrated ad-blocker, as well as excellent turbo mode. The turbo feature compresses web traffic, routing it through specific servers, which in return boosts the browsing speed.Even though Opera only holds 1% of the search engine market, it is without a doubt a high quality browser. The only real negative aspect of this search engine is that it has a limit on plugins which you could use, so Opera is without a doubt not a good choice for those of you who constantly use all sort of plugins for work related projects.

Pros Cons
+ Integrated Ad blocker – Not recognized by older websites

The Default Browser Experience

Microsoft Internet Explorer used to be a dominant player on the browser market, but it has drastically fell behind its two closest competitors (Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome). Internet Explorer has released its latest update, Internet Explorer 11 which has a clean design, a frugal use of resources, and consumes less RAM and CPU than its competitors. The last couple of years the browser has really been working on itself to improve the public’s image of the search engine, due to many years of poor quality speed, and overall support of the browser. It seems that they are doing a good job, and may be back in the browser domination race soon!

Pros Cons
+ Has telephone support – Capability Issues

The Mac Lord

Safari is without a doubt the best choice for a Mac or IOS device, since the browser was specifically designed to work with them. It is lighting fast when it gets to connecting to websites, and tends to load full websites in under 3 seconds. Safari is extremely easy to use, and if you have any questions, they offer telephone support to their users. Unlike other browser communities, safari users are very active on all sorts of tech forums, so you could easily find an answer to your question that is related to the browser on any related technical forum.

Pros Cons
+ Loads websites quickly – Isn’t compatible with Windows and Android systems
+ Offers phone support – Can’t customize toolbars

Other Security Browsers

Besides the search engines listed above, there are less popular choices that are each unique in their own way. Vivaldi for example is extremely customizable with very creative interface features. All of this comes with one down side. It is definitely not the fastest browser out there. We also have the Tor Browser, which is generally used mostly buy constant visitors of the “dark” web. Tor users use the search engine because it is extremely hard to track traffic, thus, making you close to untrackable when using it. You will definitely have to change the way you are used to using search engines to ensure that you don’t reveal your identity.


Internet safety is without a doubt the next big thing internet users should start worrying about. There is no better way to protect yourself than to use browsers with a VPN. Rus VPN stands out amongst other VPN providers due to the fact that it has next generation encryption codes and servers, which give zero chances to any third parties to get your personal information.

Since there are no reliable VPN web search engines (browsers that have an integrated VPN), the safest choice would be to download Rus VPN on your computer or search engine. Search the web with ease knowing that Rus VPN has your back! Rus VPN is affordable, reliable, and most importantly- SECURE! Don’t gamble with your privacy, play it safe.

Tips to Fix Slow VPN Connection

The question of how to increase VPN speed is a common one if you are a consistent VPN user. In the modern day world, it is an absolute must to take care of your cyber identity and security. To do so, you must understand how to speed up your vpn when it starts loading longer than usual! Make your VPN connection faster by performing these simple, yet effective steps to boost your vpn speed!

Restart Your Device

In most cases, your VPN speed may be acting up simply because the device you are using is working at maximum speed for a long period of time. All it could really need is a simple restart! This is a very simple, yet in most cases, effective way to improve your signal  and get you back on track to fast and secure internet browsing.

Wifi or Wired Connection   

A weak wifi connection is a VPNs worst nightmare. Wifi connections may be fast when you are browsing the web without a VPN, but when you have a weak Wifi connection with a VPN working, that tends to be a nerve wrecking experience. The main issue with a Wifi connection is that it uses a shared channel that disperses its internet to any devices that are in range, and that have been previously connected. That could be up to 10 devices! We highly recommend that if you have the chance, choose a wired connection to enjoy the fastest  speeds possible! Of course, none of this applies to you if you have a premium package with your internet provider with exceptional Wifi speeds.

Encryption Level Adjustments

The tighter the encryption level settings, the higher your internet connection speed must be for it to not affect your connection when on a VPN. We recommend this way of increasing your speed only if you use a VPN for accessing geo-restricted content, rather than protecting your cyber identity and information. If you are connected to a public hotspot, we highly recommend that under no circumstance must you weaken your encryption level. Only take into consideration if you are at home.

Change Server Location

Depending on your geographical location, the further the server you decide to connect to, it may affect your  loading and processing speed. Private internet access could be slow if you decided to connect to a Japanese server from the UK. Play around with different server locations to choose the best speed that fits your needs.

Change Your Protocol Settings

Your protocol settings depend on your internet provider (IKEv2, L2TP, PPTP and etc.). Try switching up between your options and try to understand which one works best for you and your VPN!

Check Your Internet Speed

Your internet speed is one of the main factors that directly affects your VPN connection. If your connection is slow from the start, you will definitely have a hard time loading anything. We recommend before even starting your VPN, to check your internet signal without a VPN connection. This way you will be able to tell right from the beginning if there is problem with the VPN, or, if it’s just your weak internet connection.

Restart Your Modem/Router

It is becoming a trend for well informed and active internet users to install VPNs to their modems and routers. If you are experiencing lag when browsing the web via your VPN, you should restart it. Also, do not forget to take into consideration the fact that a VPN connection via a router is generally slower than connecting directly from a device. If whatever you are doing needs a fast connection, we recommend you use the VPN directly on your device, not via a router.

These are simple ways of how you can fix issues if you often ask yourself “why is my vpn connection so slow?” Unlike most services, Rus Vpn is unique because of multiple reasons, and high speed connections is one of them! A vast majority of high speed servers located in every corner of the globe is what Rus VPN is well known for in the tech community. Besides being extremely affordable, as well as secure, Rus VPN has one of the most high-tech encryption codes amongst its competitors. When it comes to cyber security, Rus VPN does not play around.      

The fastest Rus VPN server will be the one that is closest to your real geographical location, but rest assured, all server signals are quick in comparison to other similar service providers.. With cyber security of companies and corporations being tested on a daily basis, how soon is it till average people such as yourself will have to be worried for your own data? Play it safe, and start taking care of your cyber identity today with Rus VPN! Reliable. Unlimited. Secure.